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  • Ehh I don't think the Item Gem can go with the Consumable Gem, except for the Spellnade but I haven't found anything else.
  • @Razgrey why not? It's a item that you have that can only be used once. Before and after use it'll still be a torch just after use it won't be able to be lit again because it's charred
  • @Razgrey item gem can literally go with almost any gem, except one of the companion types. an item gem being paired with a consumable kinda means that it can be passed between characters, also its a torch.
  • Heheh... this item has the potential to be really awkward.

    "I cast carbonite at Jimmy, freezing him in time!"
    "Nah, I got a torch."

    " >_< MUAHAHAHA JIMMY! I have finally caught you!"
    "Sorry Bopen, I have a torch."
  • @Gterra2 ;
    Who's to say I cant have an Item gem with a Companion gem, what about my pet rocks?
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card

  • @Ninja_Goose That's an impressive pet rock you have there, very... intimidating... lol
  • Rob
    edited November 2017
    You don't put an Item Gem and a Consumable Gem together because then it makes the Item Deck and cards that refer to items a lot weaker. I mean, potions already are "Items" in their own way and are used up when used anyway, so any of the logic behind also being an item doesn't really add much to the card, but in terms of how you would add it to your decks, you wouldn't want it on the card or else it makes races like dwelf really suck because you get weak consumables as cards.
  • Ah, yes, the random Item deck. I've always been fascinated with how that gem has been implemented in the game, and how none of the cards in that deck overlap with the ones on the random Spell deck. Makes being a Bard or a Dwelf that much more fun, especially when their choices aren't diluted by shitty Consumables.

    Don't get me wrong, I honestly feel that Spell Scrolls, Potions, and the classes that use them are all very underrated options (as Consumables can be used without an action and as an interrupt) but if half the Item deck was one-users it definitely wouldn't be fun times for anyone angling for the real goods in that deck.

    The only thing that really confuses me, however, is how certain cards like Diplomat, Righteous, and Enchantments (Supplies cards) are in the deck, seeing as they definitely aren't physical items. Very strange...
  • @knguy Well, that can be explained. For instance, Enchantments are a thing that you put on another item, so imagine a scroll that you slap onto your weapon to give it double damage. Diplomat is easy, the item you get is a diploma of diplomacy, which is what allows you to actually stop combat for your diplomacy effect, anyone can just start talking in combat and trying to resolve the issue. Righteous usually means you're a member of some lawful group, so the item is an insignia of that group that you show to your defeated enemies and they surrender because they know you aren't about to kill them.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    One of the reasons I wonder about this is if someone fishes items from my pockets or I got killed and looted. Enchantments, sure it makes sense if you take the weapon or reverse-engineer the enchantment. But of course, you can't become a certified diplomat by taking some papers from someone, and you aren't going to learn to hold back just from taking an insignia from a dead guy.

    That's the other way I like to view what comes out of the Item deck, anything inside that deck can be looted from your dead body, but those cards can't just be taken like that.
  • @knguy Well, the way it is, having Diplomat only gives you the ability to stop combat to explain how you want it resolved peacefully, anyone can talk in combat to the enemies and try to reason with them, you may even stop combat if you aren't attacking them and just keep talking. Enchantments is less easy to loot, but if it's a thing you attach to a weapon, like a small scroll or whatnot, you can take it. Righteous isn't about holding back, it's about making your enemies surrender, if they think you aren't going to hurt them they will be just as likely to surrender whether they are right or not.
  • Welp this got big
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