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Was Lyn Azveltara's baby kidnapped?

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Hey guys, Emperor here, and today I'm going to present my theory on why Lyn Azveltara's Baby was kidnapped. My hypothesis here is that Aryu Maeda (Spiff's character from Azveltara Z) kidnapped Lyn's baby in a fit of insanity. I say this for multiple reasons:
  1. Aryu Maeda is a person who loves Lyn Azveltara to an obsessive level. He always fawned over Lyn's every step, and when he got the opportunity to wash her back, he did it in a heartbeat, and loved every second of it.
  2. However, Aryu Maeda was often chosen last for refreshing the bonds, and was even accosted by Lyn because Aryu accidentally refreshed the bonds with Kohai instead of Lyn. Lyn also stated how their bond was the weakest out of all of her assassins.
  3. Aryu Maeda and Bei Mei X'hirt are rivals. Aryu Maeda and Bei Mei X'hirt battled for Lyn's love in Azveltara Z, and Bei was rewarded heavily for killing the most Bennu in the Great Hall. This on top of the fact that Bei Mei beat Aryu Meada in the Fighting Power 8 torunament (and the fact that Aryu holds grudges) points to the fact that they are rivals for Lyn's love.
  4. Aryu is also a Schizophrenic (as seen by her Cornerstone), and throughout the Azveltara Z campaign, she had both outbursts of happiness and anger towards Kohai Chan on numerous occasions. 
  5. On top of all those reasons, the biggest insult to Aryu was that she wasn't given a chance to father a child with Lyn, she just gave the opportunity to Bei Mei X'hirt, her rival, and winner of Fighting Power 8.
So that's my theory! I believe that in a Schizophrenic outburst, Aryu Maeda successfully sneaked by Lyn and Bei, and stole their child, and ran off. Now, what Aryu would do with the baby is completely up in the air. Aryu could train the baby (which may or may not be nicknamed Ghostblade), and train it to be a cold hearted killer like Lyn, and put it on a quest to kill Bei Mei X'hirt, Aryu's rival and enemy. 

So what do you think of this little theory that I got? Anyways, y'all have a good day!

~ Emp :D


  • well, now we have 2 yandere assassins
  • @Emperor That is definitely another interpretation of the ending of Gaiden. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with it. Makes perfect sense, to me at least.
  • That's really REALLY anime and it's perfect.
  • Yeah it makes good sense.
  • Well, the only other real kidnapping we've had so far has been Ghostblade in Skeleton King. It'd be pretty fitting if he was kidnapped twice.

    (Sure, we have things like Phineas and Bopen, but they don't feel like true kidnappings to me...)
  • I bet Aryu Maede was like "Are you mad now, lyn?" Ill be here all week!
  • @Gterra2 ... If Spiff's first Character's name was just to make that joke, I'd give mad props to her for coming up with it well in advance.
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    @friskyBrisky Now that i think about it I dont remember anyone else ever pointing that pun out... Did seriously noone else notice that pun?! The only reason I noticed that pun was because of the spelling when it was first released. I just thought noone was impressed by it and the joke got swept under the rug...

    edit: looked through the forums search thing, noone has pointed it out @_@ I discovered something? WOOT!
  • I didn't even notice, but u right.
  • wow that also makes sense because of that one line
    "This is MY story."
    Aryu took away Bei's happiness for his own
  • If lyns child was taken, the culprit would have been

  • edited November 2017
    if some took the baby i think it would be for a bigger reason, like king Rohbear Leomaris ordering for the baby to be taken from Lyn as punishment for disobeying his orders and killing the Bennu. Aryu just don't act as a kidnapper and shows a bit to much loyalty towards Lyn. he just never acted out in a way that pointed towards him being able or likely to do that in my eyes at least.
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    @Gterra2 ;
    in the campaign both Rob and Justin both made the "are you" joke with aryu
  • @LexderMob ;
    I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here, but don't you think Aryu's loyalty towards Lyn would be hurt a little bit because of the events of Azveltara Z? Think about it, Bei Mei, who was Aryu's rival (to an extent) was given the honor to birth a baby with Lyn. That, coupled with the schizophrenia, might make Aryu go a little bonkers, but that's just me.
  • Also, I wonder how Kohai-Chan would react to a potential Aryu betrayal? Would he side with his Boss and ex-Lover and reveal Aryu's thievery, or would he side with his friend and Love Interest and potentially even help Aryu do it?
  • @Emperor ; one she doesn't necessary have schizophrenia, many characters have attributes and cornerstones that they don't end up not integrate with the character, Percy Bast and Quartermaster Clott to give an example. two all the player was each others rivals. but there's no indication they would go crazy and betray someone they have dedicated their life to over that. it is more likely they would be happy for Lyn than angry. tree Aryu haven acted in any way that point to him being that type of person, so would be a pretty unlikely jump in character to force a narrative that could come much more natural in other ways
  • @Emperor & @LexderMob ;
    Indeed. It took me a while to realize this, but schizophrenic is definitely intended for those fringe cases where you get two Attributes that just don't pair together well, are way different personality-wise, or are even the polar opposite of each other. When this happens, then the multi-personality part can shine in full force.

    I mean, Perky and Prudish is a doable combination without needing to do that.
  • @LexderMob ;
    You're assuming that people don't go crazy over loving someone? Look at Rufio from Sunswords. The dude was madly in love with Gwyneth Sunsword, and devoted to her (kinda like how Aryu is devoted to Lyn in a way). The dude ended up killing Gwyneth's child in a psychotic outburst, so saying that it wouldn't happen is kinda flawed in my opinion.

    Also, Aryu has acted in a schizophrenic way multiple times in the campaign itself. Look at the numerous times when he and Kohai have be talking as "friends" one moment Aryu is extremely happy with Kohai, then the next, he's talking behind his back and then hating him because he is Lyn's favorite.
  • @Emperor Love is a strong emotion, but Aryu Maeda will get over whatever feelings he had for Lyn. I mean, the big Az was getting it on with everybody, so I don't think these guys are liable to throw a tantrum if they don't get her in the end, and especially not in the insane breakdown Rufio had. The plan was just to learn the cool skills of a ninja assassin and then apply those skills to the wide world outside.

    I don't personally think there was schizo though, more like a case of "work partners but not friends" where Aryu is putting on a facade for Kohai, but behind his back voices disapproval for that guy's antics. Of course, Aryu has to keep Kohai safe because they're fellow assassins and Lyn would be quite unhappy if any of them were killed.

    People talk shit behind each other's backs all the time, that's just the way of life. It don't mean they're mental.
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    @Emperor ;  having shifting emotions is not the same as schizophrenic!? you are severely exaggerating how Aryu acted as a character! many peoples talk behind the bake off the people they hate, beside Aryu was acting friendly torts Kohai not being friendly. Rufio was also very clearly hinted at being unstable before he did what he did, what you are proposing is that a character would do a 180 just because they could, in the end Black wind being a emotional edge lord is just as likely in your line of thinking to do that. they both are emotional and could be jealous and that's the problem, its a stretch. spiff was clearly not playing a schizophrenic character but instead decided to interpret her attributes differently. and without the schizophrenic your theory becomes a bit of a stretch. 
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