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Kobold Genitalia Thread: Race to the final page

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I'm not exactly sure how taboo it is to talk about kobold dicks here, but this topic has been top priority in the Urealms Hell shitposting discord. We sent an ask to Deadbones via tumblr about it but not even he knew the answer to the question keeping many of us up at night: Kobold dicks, Knotted or not? All of us on the shitposting discord agree, after literal months of discussion, that Kobolds should have knots. Perhaps there should be like a community poll or something? I dunno, we just need answers on how kobold dicks work, so if anyone finds any mention of them in a past campaign, or if Rawb ever mentioned anything about them, let us know! 

- Angoman, representing the shitposting discord that cares faaaaaaaar too much about kobold penises


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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and say that it's the same sort of a thing as a dog's, or maybe a human's. 
    (Also, do we really need answers?)
    [Edit: Why did I ever say anything]
  • I'm gonna go ahead say that we definitely do need answers.
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    @Maesquin ;
    of course we need an answer. this is the most important lore Urealms has to offer, just look at porcs for an example 

  • Thats exactly what we want to know, do kobolds have human-esc dicks or canine-esc dicks. And yes, this kind of information is vital to the lore of urealms, and is of the utmost importance (actually we just want to make more shitposts)
  • Tbh I kinda need to know for my fanfics. How else am I supposed to write Romulus/Neena smut?
  • @Qu33nAce I agree whole-heartedly
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    It has been answered already. It is a human dick. Sorry doggo pals.

    Source: (let me find one quick, but I'm 100% sure it is mentioned in Murder Bros unsurprisingly)
  • @Angoman Just so you know, for future reference, it's normally spelt esque. It comes from French :wow: 

    Anyways, I don't really care how you spell it, but knowledge is awesome.
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  • I always assumed knotted, but my bigger question was always weather or not they could mate with other species.
  • skimmed through the fisrt episodes of Murder Bros and it seems they only mention erect penises, so the jury is still out and I may be a dirty liar
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    @runegod20 While I still don't know what kind of dicks they have I can tell you that pretty much all of the races can do the nasty with each other, we have a list of which ones can crossbreed and what comes from it. Kobolds not being one of them, no halfbolds currently s'always subject to change though.
  • @DeadBones if a groundbold is put into a porc pit what about then? Would that work at all?
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    @DeadBones can you tell us if we will get to see this list in season 3.  hype?
  • @Galeden I have no idea.That's a Rob question.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Nope, s'an internal thing just so we know, s'not super important unless it comes up in a campaign
  • I've watched through episode 1 of murder bros as well. 11:31-11:40 Rawb is talking about Empussa and kobolds being naked. If kobolds wearing no pants is comon they'd probably need their cocks to retract into a sheeth or something like dogs or whatever because otherwise they'd be flopping around like Bearo.
  • @Deadbones How do you feel having half the things you said on the forums related to Kobold genitalia and breeding?
  • Seems like this is a dilemma only the world creators can solve.
  • @Timedagger100 I somehow knew it would come to this eventually.
  • The next step I guess is color, fur or no fur, and what is the average size.
  • @Galeden This is how we become FATAL
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    @Dorian No.... tis not falling, but instead a birth of a new era, forbidden knowledge can be shared. come brothers and sisters of the kobold let us carve the way into the future!
  • Well I know for sure that Kobolds can interbreed with other races. So I would assume that their anatomy can't be too different. 
  • Still waiting for that comic making fun of the community overthinking things while rob and db make jokes about switching gnollls and kobolds.
  • @Jalku Will this mean Gnolls have what we expected kobolds to have?
  • @Galeden no its just the aesthetics of them are reversed in the urealms universe. Normally Gnolls are hyena like creatures mean while kobolds are normally lizard people.
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