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A question for rob

@Rob Ive been reading alot of roman history because i was bored  and i was wondering is there a urealms equivalent to the romans? like some ancient order or something that had most of the land before falling apart, sorry if this seems stupid its just a thought that came across my mind


  • @flamingrubys Questions directed at Rawb or the Crew as a whole should go in the URealms FAQ section of the forums, there is an option to change which catagory the topic is in when you edit it, I'd suggest switching this to the FAQ so that it will actually be genuinely considered, however I'm pretty sure that Rawb's response will be the following:

    Anything I say on the forums is noncanon until it is shown in the show, so even if there was me telling you on the forums would only cause more confusion as to the lore of the show, and that isn't something I want to do.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
     WHOOPS did NOT mean to put that in general
  • even if there was, I don't confirm lore outside of the show my man. there is no point because it's never official canon till it happens in the show. talking about it outside the show would just be very confusing as people would get things I have said mixed up with things that have happened.
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