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So which story is sadder; the Royals of Dundinborough or the Royal Carp? *Spoilers*

In the most recent Campaign, we were introduced to the royal carp family. Their story was truly tragic. So who do you guys think had the sadder story and fate, the Dundinborough Royal family or the Royal Carp family?


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    Carp, as the tower slowly took their lives until there was one, and then none. 
    We all knew the D. Family was doomed so I didn't really care, especially with what little time there was with them, didnt really help make some sort of connection or willingness to care about them. 
  • Honestly the carp. Coe made me care about them so much he did a phenomenal job this campaign and I wanted nothing more in that moment then the king to get a sin and survive. Where as Dundinboroughs family and really the whole campaign was possibly the most forgettable campaign for me the only things I can even remember from it is Milbee the swimmer drowned and the highbear quotes, Lance was introduced and Bopen had some sword rebirth or something like that I don't even remember the king and queens name if they were even given one
  • Mm. King Scratamantilis' death was extra sad when I heard Coe's "Noooooooooooooooooooooo-"

    Bopen appears. He shoots Jeanie Jaredson... eh. Sorry, Deadbones. You tried.
  • That shows you the power Coe wields as a player, he can make us care more about fish rather than a child and his parents.
  • Good point all Bopen did during that Dundinborough campaign was kill a player character and made three other guys die off screen
    He's just a childhood story in a sword, nothing we haven't seen before right guys? Guys?

    And then we have King Scratamantilis, one of the most significant story arcs ever witnessed in URealms, though it was limited to only a single campaign. We...
    watched the desperate struggle of a kingdom-
    gazed in stark horror at their unexpected destruction-
    cheered for his survival, against all odds-
    and wept when at last he fell.
    Oh, did we Old Gods weep at his downfall.
  • I mean, I didn't ACTUALLY care about the fish more than the royals, but seeing Harlan so distraught over their deaths was truly sad.
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