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Krungor's Head and Implications of all Campaigns

In The Skeleton King, Krungor got a head decapitated by Bopen. In the Senate of Deadlantis he had his head reborn as a floating ageless skull. The thing to note was the head that was decapitated. Originally Rob said it was the "Dumb" head, but then it was revealed that it was the smart head, leading to his dumb head getting smarter. 
Ordinarily it wouldn't be such an important detail but it does leave something to be aware of. What Rob says that isn't seen in canon is veto-able.
By such I must relate to the Philippe situation where he was proclaimed dead in Roamin's Band of Thieves. If i recall correctly Rob later stated in a Behind the Scenes video that he wished he hadn't said that as that isn't what they do at the Silvermine Mountains which is why the choice for the season finale of season 1 gave the old gods the option to kill Philippe and therefore make it so there was a reason behind it, but due to it not occurring and Virgo not killing him, it lead to the scenario we are in where we only listen to what Rob told us.
After this weeks divine decision it makes me think that not only are the visions that we see may be fables but maybe what we don't see such as what Rob states at the end of campaigns. 
A recent example of this is Minecraft water physics are a thing when Rob said that only as far as Deadbones' character is concerned worked.
The issue with these scenarios are that the inconsistencies make for an interesting narrative in which the narrator is classed as unreliable to us, and the story we are being told is not the full truth.
This is already partly confirmed in the sake of every campaign, in where whoever we are following are the heroes, when there is no right or wrong in this realm. Every divine decision has good and bad to each side, each hero is a villain in another's eyes. In campaign 1 they are a band of thieves, but we liked and followed the characters so when Gracias was shown in Den of Devils as sadistic for his hugs it broadens your view onto this
This isn't a dig at Rob for making small mistakes but rather a query to see what the rest of the old gods believe. I personally find it interesting not knowing 100% of the story while being told it, not being lied too but rather interpreted in a different way.
What i think happened with Krungor is the narrator thought the smart head was the dumb head and vice versa but when it was killed and the story ended. But as the narrator grabbed his papers ready to go home he then overhead the voice of the dumb head show remorse for loosing "Gor". Guilt filled the narrator hoping not to have lied to his audience so in his next story he emphasised the accuracy of the franchise.
With Philippe, accidents happen and someone could've smuggled a blade in (as we all did see every prisoner character from s1 c10 could have an item, Justin's has a hammer for crying out loud) and stabbed him and that's how he died.
And finally with the water physics, nothings wrong with it, it probably was true but becuase Coe rolled a 1 we never saw it.
I'd really enjoy some feedback into this theory ;)
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