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One character you want dead... and I’m mean like slaughtered

There are a lot of fun characters in URealms, but then there are some that you just despise and want to be gone. Me? I despise Phineas. Hate him. He was a joke who killed skelephelks. When Rob decided to make some random kid super powerful that pissed me off. (pardon my abracadab). You have no idea how happy I was when Virgo pimp slapped him. Also the donation for him to not be ageless, I was sad, really was. The stupid little prick was able to convince the skeleton king to do what skeleton kings do. See? I hate him so much I went off on a tangent. Tell me the characters you can go on a rant for a while on. 


  • @luigiguy098 I wouldn't really say Rob decided to make Phineas super powerful, but that the rolls and fandom did.
    A character I want to see dead is a tough one, since I feel like all of them play their parts well. If I really had to pick, I'd go for Heathera just so Alessa truly does go on a rampage.
  • Ooh, tough one... as far as characters I want dead... none right now, really, but if I could chose when I'd go with Galen during Buckaroos (because yes, I am still in denial about the ending of Buckaroos, Murder Bros for life!)
  • The entire 'Law' lineup. Because I am still rooting for the Murder Bros.
  • Bopen was the first person I could think of, and... Yeah, I want him to die. Mainly because he keeps cheating death, partially because he's not very interesting right now and has way too much power and influence.
  • I want nothing more than for Gwyneth Sunsword to die she's interesting and I want her story told but I want it to end with a bloody death.
  • I'd like Luca to die because he ruined Ghostblade's character. Hopefully the Sandbolds can reverse the effect of that tea.
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    i want to see everyone but the Barringsters dead, bopen kalisto, gwyneth, lyn, k4, ghostblade, everyone dead, but the Barringsters

    i want the barringsters to win the Game of Urealms
  • I gotta agree with Kingedyou on this I want to see Gwenyth die though my reasoning is more I just never liked her character theres always been something off with her and I've just want her to die in a pathetic way like some random dude just stabbing her not some super intense heroes death just a stupid death
  • I would actualy love to see Phineas dead. One because I would love to see chats reaction, and two because...

  • Lyn. She has it coming. Ideally at the hands of ghost blade after we show her that he could have been her son.
  • Roamins maid lady from the GPO campaign.
    She did my good boy Mikael to damn dirty to deserve a gracefull death.
  • @Shuckle That's what I think would've happened if we kept Visions as purely canon, and not as just illusions we use to confuse and trick the characters.
  • Really any Beenu character ;)

    But really I hated Lola Van Dryke, she’s like the stuck up prick everyone hates and deadbones did a good job making her hateable
  • I always hated Rufio for killing Gwyneth's baby. I was mad when he didn't die in the silvermine mountains.

    On a side note I'm very surprised at the hate for two fan favs Gwyneth and Phinaes.
  • Going with frisky, not a fan of Bopen, currently. 
    *He says this with a Bopen hoodie acting as a decoration for the desk chair he is currently sitting in* 
    Granted not for the exact same reasons but Im not a fan of his current character or what we were told about future plans with him getting a "tragic backstory". Like almost every other villain/big bad, kinda lessens my interest in him...
    All the guy has done is use violence to get what he wants, with little to no effort or immediate negative consequences. I actually voted no violence during senate in the hopes that he would have a tantrum or something which would actually show he did not have as much control/power we originally perceived. 
    Also he broke the Virgo skull without a care, immediately lessens the impact of the s2 finale, at least for me. ;_;
  • I want fucking Morton to die in a fire, he did in my boy Lance. WAIT NO, I want LANCE to rip his skull off and slam dunk it into his ribcage...
  • @Nickzilla I mean, Morton wasn't exactly a saint or anything close to it but it was either kill or be killed in that fight with Lance. The man was not pulling any punches.

    Anyway, I personally would have to go with Lyn. I can't feel a whole lot of sympathy for an individual who commits mass genocide when their only reason was that they wanted to get pregnant. 
  • I would honestly really love to see Lunk die.
    Don't get me wrong, Lunk is definitely top 3 of my favorite characters, right behind Harlin and Borracho. Yes, I know, all Coe, but whatever. He is great.

    I really want to see him die in a show of strength he can't do, and suddenly, DRAGONFLIES. Out of the face, a half-dozen parasitic lizard bugs rip out. It's the ultimate revenge against whatever foe he couldn't take down!
  • i wanna see bruce willaker's final moments and subsequent death. i think thatd be cool.

    theres just so little content of him in the urealms live show and i feel like just showing his end would be enough to tide me over, even if the whole character is kinda meant to be side-lines bound fan service.
  • @Bevan ; Oh no, I also hate Lyn with a passion

  • I'm not a fan of Lyn.
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    I don't feel like I hate any of these characters. All these characters have amazing depth, realistic flaws, and great personalities.

    Lyn is just a selfish individual who wanted a child and thinks of those who aren't Elves as lesser beings, as many Elves do. Is she a good character? No. But she's still interesting as a character.
    Phineas is the underdog chaotic evil who isn't too relevant to the main plot but is that side character who you are always rooting for. He's fun, loveable, funny, and just has limitless possibilities of growth in the future.
    Bopen is the mysterious main baddie, or perhaps righteous villain depending on how you look at it, and his presence and army will cause great war and events to occur and shatter the Realms, changing history forever. How could that not be interesting to see?
    Lance is now an Ageless, and could either defect to the Ageless, stay with the Living in secret, or bridge the gap between the two later on in the future. He gives me some Tokyo Ghoul vibes, and I am particularly interested in his outcome and how he will now play into the main plot of Ageless vs. Living. Maybe he will be the head of a peace conglomerate, with Vitali as well.

    But if I really had to choose, I would go with Gwyneth. Now, not anytime soon, mind you, but I would love for her tale to be tragic, ending with her realizing the error of her ways after losing everything and either forcing the Grand Paladins to end with her, or passing the helm on to someone she knows more capable than her at ruling peacefully. Would be a great ending to her character.
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    @friskyBrisky Yeah but if we show she COULD have had him as a son, it would just rub in the fact that she can't have kids, making it worse.
    @ZombieMonkey7 I love it.
  • @friskyBrisky @Shuckle Ghostblade can still be Lyn's son, all the DD did was make it so not all visions are true. (That still means there are visions that are true, we're just not sure which they are).
  • I would say Are' Ani... purely to see how Bopen would react and see how most characters are going to react when there freed from the entire mind control circle. like for example what will bob do when he's freed after being forced to become ageless and a mind slave.

  • Bopen, I really dislike him, I just find him boring, like all he is currently is a stupid plot device
  • @UnluckyBimi Yeah but then after the final vision it showed that the baby died. 
  • @Shuckle No, it didn't. Rob has stated that the photo was purely for an ending, and not relevant to the visions. The photo has no effect. Mentioning the photo like it's 100% canon is like the elven-script books being known by the party-members in-game.
  • Aside from the obvious (ahem Lyn ahem), I would say future Reginald Barringster. If it turns out that slimy worm survived beyond Virgo, I will flip out.
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