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Is the baby officially dead?

I wanted to hear everyone's thought about the end of this weeks campaign. The consensus seems to be that the baby was dead and that was my interpretation as well. But there was no confirmation at the end so I was just curious what everyone thought.


  • I thought the baby is't Confirmed dead, but it isn't confirmed born yet and Lyn does have a history of miscarriages, so it likely won't survive. It's just not set in stone, or cannon, because we haven't seen it happen. 
  • I dunno, she was looking pretty upset in the last image, facing away from the crib, I'm pretty sure the baby didn't survive.
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    it could just be that the baby isn't healthy or suffers from a birth defect and Lyn can't accept that her only child is like this
  • Or, after hearing her reasoning, Rohbear Leomaris decides that the punishment for her actions is that her child is taken away, hidden and raised by someone else.
  • I have a running theory:

    Imagine this - Lyn Azveltara cherished the thought of having a child. Even committed genocide under the promise that the Old Gods would deliver her a child...and we did. There is nothing to suggest that the child is dead or kidnapped. No, what if the miracle child, born of spilt blood, was deformed? Say their face was severally disfigured?

    Now fast forward down the timeline: We where introduced to a master assassin, revered by only his name. And he also had a fucked up face...his name? Ghostblade

    So the theory really goes like this: Lyn DID get a baby. The baby was disfigured, a blight, a cursed miracle. But she and Bei trained him to be a deadly assassin, expert in killing. And he grew up to be Ghostblade.

  • Well, the picture at the end wasn't part of any vision. - I took it as a glimpse into her past, to one of the many times her and her lover tried to have kids yet failed (Lyn crying, him trying to console her and an empty crib) which led to her solidly believing in the Old Gods' visions and thus culling the Beenu. - I feel like people are missing one major thing about the end-picture: Her lover's in it.
  • @UnluckyBimi uh... that's bei mei xshirt.
  • @Darnokthemage Wait. Yeah, it is. Whoops. Lemme change a bit from my previous: - Okay, not her lover of past but her new one... sorta. Maybe she's sad for what she had to do to finally have a child, and that she had to cause a sin that would never be forgotten (since the Sin-mark is in the photo) in order to get what she'd always wanted.
  • @IronClark I like that theory best. I really wanted Ghostblade to be an Azveltara.
  • @Awesomeagle23 I that theory too, it means that Ghostblade's real name is Tree Azveltara.
  • Okay just watched the end again since its on youtube now and I have a few new things to try to wrap my mind around.

    So Lyn had a vision that she would get a child if she killed the Beenu. That vision was given to her by us and it turns out it's a false vision. However the divine decision in Azveltara Z decided that she would become pregnant and have a child, do both campaigns refer to the same child? My theory says no, let me explain.

    In Azveltara Z we decided that she would have a child AFTER she killed the Beenu. This would lead me to believe that shortly after the Beenu massacre the has yet ANOTHER miscarriage (as we see in the final drawing) but because of the divine decision in Azveltara Z she will eventually have another child, preferably one named Ghostblade.

    Anyway I feel like either I'm dead wrong, or I'm right but everyone else has already figured it out. Lol.
  • "it turns out it's a false vision". That's not true. The vision turned out to be true, it's just that not all visions come true (this one did). - The Divine Decision in Azveltara Z was "She will get pregnant" or "Will she become infertile", to which "She will get pregnant" was chosen so she couldn't have been pregnant shortly after the Beenu massacre since that decision came during the hot-springs area and thus due to it being "she will" that means she will end up pregnant (after or during the hotsprings) in the future (plus she didn't seem sad in any way, as to suggest a miscarriage, nor in a "lover" type deal in the hotsprings unlike the vision of her and Bei Mei).
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