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Meet the Mathemancer

Have you ever played a campaign and just thought "There isn't enough math in this game"? Probably not, but the custom card class is here for the weird few of us who like math.

To start off your mathemancer journey, you might want something to help with your calculations (Your GM probably will). To cover that we have the custom card and the custom card. Not great weapons on their own, but each can provide powerful sustaining effects on critical hits.

What's a mage without any magic? 
custom card provides some basic, if unreliable damage for a mathemancer's arsenal. While it may seem weak alone, it can combo with some of the mathemancer's other abilities for a higher damage output.

custom card allows mathemancers to heal their allies, though again is slightly random. Mathemancy is still a developing art after all.

custom card is great for keeping a target in place for your allies to attack, and deals a small amount of damage. 

custom card is great for manipulating allies and enemy's positions on the battlefield. 

custom card allows mathemancers to gain information about their target, which will be useful for other abilities later on.

custom card is useful for party decision making, but leaves the mathemancer vulnerable while calculating. Remember, plans on the battlefield are only good until the first spear is raised, so don't rely on this skill too much.

custom card is possibly the strongest spell in a mathemancer's arsenal. Guaranteeing a critical will proc your weapon's passive, and can be used to score a high heal or damage with Simple Addition or Subtraction, or can move a target right where you want them with Vector Adjustment. I may adjust this spell after testing it out in a campaign.

Those spells may be interesting, but there isn't much math involved in them. 
custom card changes that. Using Experimental Analysis to determine whether to divide or use another damage spell will be key to using this spell well. 

custom card allows for obscene damage on a single spell. This can be used to amplify Simple Subtraction to up to 480 damage on a single cast, or multiplying an allied wizard's pyroblast to remove a target from the game.

custom card is the peak of a mathemancer's art, allowing their seemingly feeble spells to hit multiple targets. Played right a Simple addition can provide healing for the entire party, or an applied root can freeze an enemy army in it's tracks. Vector adjustment all of a sudden can move all targets on the battlefield. This can be used with other class spells too, for example using icesculpture to surround yourself in rings of ice as protection against an advancing enemy.  Calculating what multiplier and what condition to use will be crucial in determining if your spell will kill an ally or an enemy, so be sure to take your time and think. Note: 'Distance' is a radius around the caster, so for a multiplier of 5 the spell will target all characters 5,10,15 etc tiles away from the caster, but will miss targets who are 4 or 6 tiles away.


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