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Grit your Teeth, Fellow Old Gods.

As some of our tears fall for the Lynn I cannot help but wonder why this great sadness pervades our ranks, for this is the fate we have chosen. Our cruelty and perversion has brought nothing but pain and suffering to those we so dearly love. Our actions over the last three years have said more of our kind than words ever could. Deliberately, we tormented Gwyneth, took her child, took her father, and took her benevolence, sending her down a dark path of violence and extermination. Now we do the same to Lynn, and there are those within our ranks that dare to weep for her. We hold the ultimate power over this realm, we are the ones who decide who lives and who dies, who rejoices and who weeps. Our depraved nature has brought endless suffering to the denizens of this realm, and there is nothing we can do to repent for these sins. 

But look up. Your downtrodden eyes and pained expression do nothing to compensate for the pain we have caused. Even those who voted against this most recent act of depravity are not free of our collective sin. I am not free of our collective sin. But there is something we can do. We can be better. We can aspire to be greater than the gods of our own realm. We can create a realm of joy and peace, not one of war and suffering. Or, we can continue to throw this realm into chaos. The choice is yours fellow Old Gods. I know what I have decided. 


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    I don't like assumptions being made about me. I have never once supported violence lest it be for the greater good.

    Lynn Azveltera is a misguided fool who acted out of selfishness and false understanding. She believed the Old Gods told her to do what she did but this was not the case. I scarcely find one person here who wished for the demise of the Bennu.

    WE did not take Gwenyth's father, that was Bopen's doing. We did not influence his coming into the realm, it was destined to take place. We did take her child, but if you recall we did not know what the outcome of the event would be. We did not take her benevolence, she took it from herself. The two outcomes for Grand Paladin would have sent the world into chaos, at least Gwenyth as a Grand Paladin could possibly destroy Bopen and end this war. Lance Willakers could bridge the divide between the two factions as well and forge an understanding.

    Not all Old Gods are warmongers friend. Some of us find more interest in the happy ending rather than the death and destruction others crave. Even then, however, this is no reason to condemn them. While we may have our disagreements we are all equals and should not judge one another for their choices.
  • You seem to forget friend, we were responsible for the taking of Grand Paladin Virgo. We decided that Bopen should win the day, casting ballots that went heavily in favor of Bopen's victory. We also knew we would be inflicting devastating pain, just not specifically onto Gwyneth, as the Grand Old One informed us, and here I quote our collection of knowledge  "Something terrible happens to the group that changes the entire course of history! You would not donate to this event if you knew what it did.We are still responsible. I mean not to insult you personally, merely compel those among us who inflict this pointless violence to perhaps consider the repercussions of their actions more fully. 
  • @ahnowic @Loveland For once I agree with the peaceful type(s). We don't always decide who lives or dies, we didn't cause Virgo's death. Gwyneth's child was an unknown that we can be blamed for, but it was not deliberate (for most of us). - Our "depraved" nature has also brought a bounty of happiness to many, opened up new possibilities where there were none. - A world just of joy and peace is a terrible dream, as it wouldn't truly be "alive", but one you can aspire for as long as you don't attempt to force it upon those against it. - Our very existence is that of Chaos, but what you do with it is your own choice and not every one of us Old Gods are to blame for the bad that happens. (I'm definitely to blame for a bunch of the bad, as I've supported them directly).
  • @ahnowic Bopen would've won either way, we merely betted on the outcome.
  • @ahnowic You lump every single one of us together, sure there are some who wish for annihilation, but I for one know of many who wish only happiness and understanding amongst the realm. I'm not very good at writing long arguements, and everything has been said already, those of us who wish only for peace may join me in the Æturnum Vale. I will see you all later, monster or not.
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    I let these people die because I want new ones to be born in their place 
  • I vote that we keep doing bad things to the realms. Except if it's bad for Phineas. He's the only character I couldn't bear to see bad things happen to.
  • I group us together because without cohesion, we cannot hope for order, and our will will be scattered and unaligned. If but one of us casts a ballot for an action that spells ruin, there is a chance it will come to pass. We must unify, not stratify ourselves. 
  • The Grand Old God knows that we are divided, and should the story proceed as it is going, we will end up the villains, regardless of what ballot you have cast. The mortals will not understand that we do not act as one, and they will hate us all. 
  • @ahnowic "We" won't end up the villains. There are no villains. Just because the mortals don't know that we're not a single doesn't make us all to blame. The only ones to blame are the ones who support an action that causes harm, but those against such actions aren't to blame. - We're not all one, and shouldn't be. We're not all to blame, and shouldn't be.
  • @UnluckyBimi Didn't you realize that all the donation, all the divine decisions this season are leading to one only thing : antagonizing us. Rob present us choices that bring more chaos and violence to the Realm.

    We will end up villains if we don't stop assuming that all Old Gods like the blood of the inhabitant of the Realm. Some killed Phanto, some made Lyn crazy by marking her and showing her vision. Some supported Bopen, other the GPO. But not every Old Gods. We should stop using the "we" because the Old Gods are different, and act for different reasons. But for the inhabitant of the Realm, we seem to influence this world only by pain and violence.

    We are slowly, but surely, becoming the true antagonist of this story, because we put the character we love in a world of pain and conflict.

  • Thank you! I've never recieved a better complement!

  • @Dalard "We will end up villains if we don't stop assuming that all Old Gods like the blood of the inhabitant of the Realm". "We" won't end up villains. "We" influence this world positively too at times, sure at the moment it's more negative.
  • @UnluckyBimi We don't influence enough positively to make a difference, I wish there was more decision/donation to influence it positively... But why I say we will end up kind of villain is because the inhabitant of the Realm can't see all of what we are doing, they will trace a general picture of the Old Gods and it will be mostly negative. Remember the Beenu machine how it talked about us, it's mostly negative... I think it will be the same for the rest of the world.
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    I think one thing about everyone being different is that there's a good and bad side to everything. The people who chose to impregnate Lyn showed mercy, despite her actions. The people who put Gwyneth as the Grand Paladin wanted the GPO to have a stronger and more connected leader. This last DD gave people who saw terrible things a second chance (And made Lyn birthing Ghostblade possibly non-canon damnit). For deciding on Lance and the Ageless going to war, that's down to deeper opinions, but as long as they are led and influenced by Bopen, the ageless are a menace, so while peace seems better, in the long run we're possibly eliminating a hostile race. 
    Everyone does what they do for their own reasons, but we shouldn't assume it's for the negative ones.
  • @Dalard Us being perceived as villains doesn't make us villains. The Beenu machine, a single being, perceiving us as negative beings doesn't speak for everything. Look at Empussa (I can't remember the spelling), she appeared to be able to perceive us yet we didn't seem negative to her.
  • @UnluckyBimi Your totally right, we can be perceived as villains but it doesn't mean we are. Although some of the Old Gods like to think that they are tyrant... And your right with Empussa, but look at Maelstrom, I fear he might dislike us because we didn't choose too help the Murder Bros. I like both Beenu and the Order of Chaos and I hoped we wouldn't have been perceived negatively by those two organisaiton.
  • @Dalard We cause the Order of Chaos, so they most likely like us and I don't get why you're being a negative nancy (I've always wanted to use that phrase) when it comes to the mortals. Maelstrom's never shown any disdain towards us, nor have the actual Beenu or any Order of Chaos members.
  • @UnluckyBimi ; Maelstrom sended us a warning didn't he ? Saying we are "brutality" and saying we picked a story over him ? I always had the feeling the Order of Chaos were ennemy of the Old Gods because of Maelstrom message and because they killed the sandbolds... but I can easly be wrong.
    And I don't even know what is a negative nancy :) (English isn't my first language...)
  • @Dalard Maelstrom, a single entity, saying we're "brutality" truly means little in the big picture. We picked Law over him. We are creating a "Divine of Chaos" (or something along those lines) in Campaign 11.
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