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The Flesh Room With The Egg And Talon

I was watching the campaign and I had a thought. The blood coming out of the egg is blood of the old gods, right? I'm curious what every one else thinks.


  • Honestly, I thought it was to represent Lyn's inability to have children. Fleshy room, bleeding egg, the beenu claw.
  • That kind of makes sense, but why did the curse of the old gods mark react with it?
  • I think it is suppose to be the egg of the divine we will create this season.
  • @Valia It might have just been an open wound of sorts. That the blood monsters just came out of it, and since no one else had an open wound, they just sort of came through all of the other characters skin
  • Why would it be in the tower of ultimate wizardry?
  • Never mind, I sent that and immediately remembered that it's the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and nothing there makes sense.
  • @Valia Well, you got to remember, it is the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.

    1) Previous victors of said tower get to build their own floor

    2) Since when does this tower ever make sense?

    3) Maybe Rob just wanted something symbolic for Lyn

  • While I prefer the whole Lyn Azveltara Baby symbolism theory more. Originally I thought it was Trandon's Legendary Dragon Egg from the last ToUW and it being cracked and bleeding being Robs way of saying "Hey you know how we were going to continue the ToUW campaigns with the same character so one of their legendary was only going to activate after a long passing of time? Yeah that egg's dead now."
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    @TheWizard Maybe. Guess we just wait and hope for a behind the scenes where he explains it.
  • In the preview video he said the campaign would include "old god blood golems"

    Whatever the hell that means. Lol
  • I initially thought the Talon in the Egg was supposed to symbolize the illusion that the Beenu killed Phanto and that Lyn's removal of it (well, one of her party but luckily it actually was Lyn this time) was even more symbolism that she'd end up executing the Beenu as a ripple-effect of said Beenu-kill-Phanto illusion.
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