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Something I noticed

Every time there is a female x female relationship in this show, it always ends in tragedy.

Exhibit A: The death of Zanaria's wife, Trisha, and her dog during the Birth of Magic, causing her to be borderline suicidal.

Exhibit B: The death of Nylys's wife and her indoctrination into Bopen's crew.

and finally, the miscarriage (or death) of Lyn's son with Bei.

Coincidence? I think NOT.... (or maybe it is)


  • I think it's more so that most relationships we have shown don't work out to well haha. Also this was not up to me this week as it was a Divine Decision that controlled it!
  • Yknow nobody gets a successful relationship in urealms
    A.Gwyneth and Xavius.
    Xavius gets crushed by a rock
    B.Vitali and Wanda
    Wanda has to be put down by Vitali as she became an Ageless.
    C.Thea and Whatever his name was
    Got married, and then the groom immediately died 
    holy shit this list just goes on and on
    i dont feel like typing m o r e
    so bleh
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