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The ultimate question

100 Scrooge sized Elephelks, or 1 Elephelk sized Scrooge. Which would you rather be forced to fight?


  •  1 Elephelk sized Scrooge
  • 1 Elephelk sized Scrooge, what's the worst he can do, Ice ray me? I'd rather not have to deal with a 100 Gores at once thank you very much.
  • I should probably say that the elephelks would be nerfed and the scrooge buffed. Maybe by 10 respectively. Plus all of the elephelks cannot attack you at the same time. However the scrooge cannot summon elephelk sized scrooge minions.
  • I'd say the 100 Elephelks, because on the card for Scrooges it states that they are intelligent, but Elephelks are just wild beasts.
  • ... so you're the guy who stole the shuckle name from under my nose :angrybold: 
  • edited May 2017
    How could I have stolen it? I've been using Shuckle for years now.  :|
    Still it's nice to see another Shuckle lover!  :)
  • I feel like elephelks that size wouldn't be aggressive so i'd just be nice to them and they wouldn't attack :)
  • Well I'd think that 100 Scrooge-sized Scrooges would probably be worse than 1 Elephelk-sized Elepehelk to begin with just due to the sheer number of them, especially when you consider they aren't just minions, they have more health.

    So yeah I'll take the singular Elephelk-sized Scrooge to begin with
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