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What'd you choose and why?



  • I voted no because I thought it would cause Lyn more suffering, looks like I was right.
  • I voted yes because it keeps the lore all nice and tidy!
  • I said no for two reasons. 
    One: Now the visions don't have to be what happens. I like that.
    Two: I don't like Lyn. The 'person' not the 'character'.  She needed to be punished in my eyes.
  • Voted no because it gives Rawb and the guys more room to work with the storytelling. Chat killing more babies is just a bonus. 
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    I voted no:
    Lyn planned and committed a genocide. This was a way to punish what we should have punished back then.
    In addition, you have to think about the good of the realm. Bopen has been relying on Dreamweaver visions to direct his actions and strategies and this will cause Bopen to make strategic mistakes in the war based on false visions.
    I voted for short term darkness in order to create an opportunity for light to ultimately prevail.

    Besides, Lyn's last vision had her talking about hearing the voices of the Old Gods which if true would guarantee that Lyn get a Sin of the Unforgotten or create a paradox which would be a lose/lose situation for everyone.
  • I chose no because I think it'll give Rob more chances to screw with us and the players. I enjoy twists more (especially painful ones  >_<).
  • I voted no because I just wanted things shook up a bit

  • Said yes but immediately wanted to change to no

    Mainly because upon reflection, I find the aspect of us teasing these mortals with visions that may or may not come true to be an interesting one
  • I voted yes, there were visions in the cobblers, and the skeleton king campaigns that haven't been resolved, we have no idea where the neena/rommulas, Nader/rohbear, bopens sword, and divine child, plots are going now.
  • I voted no because I thought that characters should be able to decide for themselves if the visions they saw were true, and also I thought it would make Lyn suffer for what she has done, and it might or might not have happened that way.
  • Yes because I thought it could mean rob wasn't tied down by the visions and could change things around... I have never felt such regret before
  • I voted no to the visions being true because I don't like the story being too predictable. Plus on top of that I voted no to Lyn having a child in the other divine decision, so now us no child voters have gotten justice!
  • I went ahead with no because I don't want every outcome to be predicted off of visions. Keep in mind that some visions will come true. I want the surprise of "woah that did happen?" or "woah I thought for sure that would've happened." Keeps ya guessing.
  • The amount of people who think that the vote going to no will make a worse story, allow for retcon, or even thinking that all visions(past included) are false now is astounding. What it means is that we as the old gods are now manipulating with visions, instead of showing promise. This was even stated in the two choices if you took the time to read them. As for a better story or not i personally see a better story with the no option, and as such i voted no.
  • I voted no because it is so much crueler, in my mind, to set a characters future in the stone of the "destiny" that we set for it. Also on the whole baby dying thing, if rob really wanted to, he could have still killed the baby with all true dreams. We never actually saw the baby, so that baby's future wasn't decided in that vision. #NoGuilt
  • I voted no. if you watch shows where people get visions of the future a lot of them have episodes where they wouldnt have made the vision come true if they hadnt seen the vision. Also I was betting on the fact that since Roamins character Borus Cobblers Vision about the barringster backstabbing and that vision coming true that most of these visions come true from the characters actions. Rob knows his lore before he makes these big decisions for us So I figured that it be better if not all visions came true but there was a chance they might. What most people dont get is that the decision said that no not all decisions come true. this doesnt mean they wont. it just means they might not. its a shame that Lyn lost that child I was hoping that even though not all of them came true that the vision she had of a child  would have.
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    I voted no because i had the idea it was tied in with the baby and i still wanted to punish her for killing off my precious Beanu. I was right on that and i don't regret my decision.

    I also voted no on her being fertile in the azveltarian campaign but i lost that vote. But this was a better punishment.

    Yes i'm a harsh old god.
  • I voted no. I regret that now. I want the future to not be set in stone, but Lyn didn't deserve that. If I had known that would be the out come I would have voted yes. 
  • I voted no, why you might ask? Lyn was awarded for killing/poisoning the Beenu by becoming pregnant. This is fact, that decision didn't guarantee that the baby would live. I think we made some very questionable DD choices (in my opinion). So this new one still shows how sadistic and powerful we are (we killed phanto and caused the birth of magic.

    Plus Only Lyn knows not to trust visions; so if a future character trusts visions and it takes a different route then what they thought was fate, I feel it makes a bigger impact
  • I voted yes, because the one thing that makes Dreamweavers cool at all (seeing visions of the past and the future) is now ruined (why bother getting it if the visions you see may be lies?).

    I didn't care if that meant Lyn was the Co(e)-Mother of Ghostblade; if anything, I thought it would just mean Ghostblade would eventually kill Lyn himself (in a sort of cosmic 'be careful what you wish for' way). This way actually makes me feel slightly sorry for her; she only killed the Beenu off because (according to her) we 'promised' her a child this way. We couldn't even keep our end of the bargain. I don't know how Lyn could live with herself after all of this...
  • Great. Now we have one less source for canon.
  • I voted no. I like the idea of characters being able to fight their destiny. I figured the last donation was going to be a vision of Rohbear killing Lyn or her son, which would lead to her trying to prevent this in the future. I was basically hoping we'd get this cool story line where Lyn Azveltara kills king Rohbear Leomaris, because I figured that would be cool if she managed to pull it off. I also figured it would be pretty sad if there was a big reveal before Rohbear dies where he reveals he wasn't going to whatever caused her to kill him in the first place. But, that didn't happen, sooooo....
    It's fine though, cause I feel that if Lyn's baby isn't born(like it was pretty much confirmed at the end), she will be properly punished for committing genocide on the Beenu. I honestly felt like I made the wrong choice when voting for the Azveltara Z Divine Decision when I voted for her to get pregnant. All in all, I feel pretty good with the choice that was made.
  • I voted yes, less for Lyn, but for Boris and Are'ani.
  • Arguably no is the better choice because we can then manipulate people as much as we want. >_<

    But i voted yes because i like Lyn :3
  • I voted yes due to the fact that it limits the impact and awe of the Divine Decision as well as some Donation Events going forward. I can't imagine how Qazerquoi feels, having his decision be revoked by this one and any future DDs being revocable (unless it impacts the campaign it is in). But that's just me.
  • Tell me, fellow Old Gods, did you comprehend the consequences of our decision, even a fraction, when you made your choice? I, for one, had. Lyn Azveltara will not be guaranteed the child we had sown within her, and she will not receive the reward she was to reap for following our visions for her destiny.

    This is why I voted no.

    The mortals of the Realms must be held accountable for their own sins, and it is our duty to test them, to drown the weak in a sea of their own dismay. Lyn Azveltara followed the visions we granted her, and has shown herself a useful pawn in our game.

    And that is why she is unworthy.

    The weak succumb to our will, to our influence. But those who resist we Old Gods are strong. Thus far we have sown chaos randomly. We must do so no longer. Instead, let us spread chaos across the realm deliberately, with a singular purpose; to separate the weak from the strong, to allow the rise of worthy Champions within the Realms.

    May these Champions prove worthy adversaries to our Divine.

    Their Vision, our gift, their Body, our skins.
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    I voted no.

    The idea of the old gods manipulating the characters is more interesting than giving them absolute promises. It is dangerous gamble - and I think that Lyn's story is more appealing if there is uncertainty in the visions. Selling your soul to get what you want is tempting. Selling your soul for a chance to get what you want - whether you know it or not - now that is something only a truly desperate person would do. That adds a lot to Lyn's character.

    Plus its hilarious.
  • I voted no for a few reasons:

    1. It makes it so visions can't just ruin the scenarios some Old Gods would want to see, as they may not necessarily be true.

    2. It gives a bit more variety to the characters in Urealms. Yes, anyone could choose to not follow a vision in their mind, but if they were all true that would be obviously foolish. Now with visions maybe being true and maybe not, it gives more reason for some characters to trust them and others not.

    3. It gives the Old Gods more power to pervert the minds of people, and give them visions to bend them to our will, and punish those that reject us.

    4. I wanted to punish Lyn, and that's the reason that made me change my choice to no instead of yes.
  • Voted yes but that's just because I like Ghostblades' character. He's just a guy that says he killed a bunch of Dwarven kings, which none of the klils areconfirmed, then he turns into a dummy and follows a skeleton around. Just so happens he is one of the most skilled killers in the universe.

    I know he still is a character but I just thought this backstory suited him. Plus Lyn seems to be a decent enough person to a pint where if her son was a mass murderer she would be, let's say, disappointed.

    Also the idea EVERY vision characters get from donations is 100% true sounds fun, since it could change whole plot arcs and characters. Remenber that Divine Decisions shape the universe, not the campaign.
  • I did no. Unbreakable prophecies were tools used in Greek storytelling too, and while they could be misleading I do not like the idea of putting an impending and unbreakable doom in a vision. While yes this makes the lore harder and more convoluted I genuinely think that the speculation of visions and the twisting will be more healthy for the community than pre-determined outcomes. Not only that, but as time goes on Rob would have more pressure to make sure campaigns are cannon and would be a possible harmful thing in his story telling.
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