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The 77 Knights of Scratamantalis



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    @Kingedyou Huzzah

    After Roll: It appears the quest went well my friends!
  • @Kingedyou , Congradulations! Now I still have many questions:
     do you plan to progress to the top of the tower or return and rely on the powers of @Pufflemore ? 
     did you get his relatives bones from the monkey fish?
     do we have a monkeyfish corpse?
     Is the palace for Scratamantalis compete @ofalo ?
    We need updates!
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    @Dragonnskull I think our safest plan is for one of us to return with the bones as a backup plan while the other two progress to the top to make the wish to revive our king as for the bones I did search for them and I also searched for the corpse of the monkey fish so we can revive it and re-kill it 

    edit: It seems I've found the monkey fish but was not able to get the rest of the carps just our king
  • The Spell hits the monkeyfish all nearby undead with a dark aura...
    The monkeyfish slowly raises up, and Scratamantalis begins to flop, though their eyes seem to stare out blankly. They soon stop moving, not by a lack of life, but a lack of motivation. They seem very... hollow.
  • for other undead in the area.

  • Oh... well it seems that Scratamantalis' family was washed away, never to be seen again.
    Although something did rise out of the water. A horde of undead monkeyfish rise and attack the group!
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    Huh....... well I am carrying our king so I believe it is quite appropriate for me to just dip SEEYA *exits through portal 
  • @Dragonnskull @Kingedyou ; then a ship burst through and fires cannons on said monkey fish  *Caribean theme plays*   "Wrong thred guys wrong thread... plot course for Pirate rp...This time use a whoopsidoodle..."
  • that ship broke through the fourth wall

  • I've got this brothers! *Pulls out the Scratamantian Trident* tridentofsuperiority KNEEL BEFORE THE KING
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    I've made it out of the tower and am now heading to the site where our kings palace is being constructed but do I know where that is? 
    Edit: forgot i'm a kobold 
    Edit to my edit: It appears I only know the general direction time to head west as the misadventures of Flapjack heavily advised against
  • @Dragonnskull ; Its called the  Dimension Fucker
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    @Kingedyou ;

    I have found the holy river lands of our king.  Behold, the mighty river of Carplandia!

  • I am protecting da fish in the lake by shooting da kitties
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    @ofalo Alright then I am on my way  
  • @Razer lifts his trident, but its powers don't seem to effect the monkeyfish. the monkeyfish swarm Razer
  • They 10 damage and knock him to the ground immobilized!
    Meanwhile, @Kingedyou heads off in the general direction of the holy land, making his way there slowly.
  • I think I'm here this looks like the river shall I release our king?
  • I'm a little lost on the details, is our king ageless now?  Is he trying to attack you?  Is he really our king or just some mindless ageless thrall? 

    Either way, construction has begun on the palace of Scratamantalis in the bounds between the river and the mountains, but we've reached a builder's dispute as naturally I want to dig into the mountain, but some surface dwelling knights have voiced concerns about my choice in classical dwarven architecture.
  • @ofalo Just give them our whole speel about the great lord Scratamantalis the same thing we say when we go door to door preaching about our king.
  • @ofalo Unfortunately, Scratamanalis is just a thrall. so we shall hope that Quintara Lotus can restore his life and honor. As for the palace, I believe that we should have a vote on what style of palace we should have:
  • @Dragonnskull I voted for other as I believe it is quite obvious that our king must live in a place made to look like a giant statue in his likeness.
  • Hahaha, there is only like three people active in this thread. I guess straw poles don't work very  well...
    Anyways I think do a mix of Dwarven architecture with a lot of  carp imagery.
  • fair enough, that was the plan originally, but I was concerned for our non subterranean friends
  • @ofalo Welp while you get to work I'll keep our king and a glass tank.
  • Now that we have a plan for restoring our king, should we start planning a party for when the king becomes unaglessthrally?
  • Just letting everyone know, for my Forum Games, I've added the Great Carp to my Game as Companions. So King Scratamantalis can live on in my RP's! :)

    custom card
  • @mychest88
    Yes, yes we should
  • I am sorry for mine absence fellow knights. I was searching the ancient texts of ex-ham at one of those gnomish universities for a cure and I spent a very large portion of my days studying hence I couldn’t dispatch my trusty Raven with news.
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