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The 77 Knights of Scratamantalis



  • @Dragonnskull I would be honored to aid in our great kings burial
  • If we must climb to the possible 39th floor of the tower of Ulitmate Wizardry and collect our lord this could prove to be a challenge, If I remember correctly the tower shall be in a different order. We may find the King on the 1st floor or the last. @Kingedyou and @Razer I believe we should climb the tower and ask of assistance from the dragon aspect Quintara Lotus for this matter, she may be able to help in our endeavour. I think this is acceptable don't you @Dragonnskull. 

  • I very much agree @Badzee except for two detail thats a lot of effort and it could take years upon years what if by the time we get there our kings bones have disintegrated? 
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    @Badzee I was born in the tower, and I have no issue returning to it in service of the king. I agree
  • After rewatching The Skeleton King I believe it was confirmed that if you wait too long you can not turn someone already dead ageless @Dragonnskull it may be too late for our king.
  • I believe it would be far more viable to turn back time to before our king died and teach Harlin Hardbody greaterlayonhands as he will most definitely use it to revive our king as soon as he were to die
  • Well Kingedyou, Razer_of_Scratamantia taking a look at things it looks like Sir Razer is rather prepared to climb the tower...almost way too prepared. I believe if we ask Quintara Lotus we will get the answer to this problem.
  • Now there's an idea, get Quintara Lotus to revive King Scratamanalis! Though that is a difficult task, much more difficult that just reclaiming the corpse. So, I appoint Razer and any who wish to go with him to climb to the top of the tower for our king, and potentially personal reasons if you so choose.
  • Shall we postpone the designing and building of a fortress-crypt-temple then?
  • @ofalo I would say that it should no longer be a tomb, but instead a great palace! Maybe with catacombs beneath because you never know.
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    @Dragonnskull I suggest perhaps an Atlantean style place submerged in water also if we are going to Quintara Lotus could we not revive all the carps?
  • make sure there is a throne for King Scratamanalis and for Queen Azimadalia (his wife that was mentioned once)
  • I propose on the way up the tower we search for invisible elevators!

  • @mychest88 I'll do my invisible elevator search roll 
  • my fellow knights, the almighty harlin hardbody avatar is now available!

  • @brandon I would get it if it was available to buy...
  • @Dragonnskull It should be available once season three finishes so save up!
  • I know there are already..two(?) discords related to URealms, but is there one in the works for our boys in Kingfisher Cloth? (huh, i just realized how offensive to Scratamantalis that armor is :\)
  • @PoppyrusRose ;
    well I would suppose that depends on what kingfisher cloth is exactly.  Is it made of the feathers of a kingfisher?  If so I don't think that's so bad, sorta like wearing the skin of your enemies.  Kinda metal.
  • Oh come on you can trust in me to make the king into ageless *start singing Tust in Me from the jungle book 
  • @Pufflemore 17? that's some damn good singing I trust him.
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    i dont easely trust people that sing a song about trust.

    Rolling for trust:

    Edit: welp i dont trust it

    Another edit: apparantly editing breaks the roll. it was a 5 for those who also cant see it.

  • I, the 59th knight would gladly contribute to the mission of climbing the tower.
  • for the trust of the first knight

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    @Pufflemore you seem like a worthy necromancer, if plan A fails, you're plan B

    Though you will need to prove your worth. you shall be tasked with slaying a monkeyfish, of the clan that murdered King Scratamantalis's family, and resurrect it infront of me (so we can promptly kill it again)
  • @Dragonnskull I would like to decapitate it once it's revived
  • @Dragonnskull it whuold be a honnor *do a bow and give a evil smile 
  • I DID IT I BELIEVE I'VE RECOVERED THE BONES OF OUR KING @Razer @Badzee our long quest is finally over roll to see if you survived here's mine 
  • I am mightly proud of Sir.Kingedyou and his results. I can only hope Razer and I had an enjoyable experience ourselves.

  • @Badzee It seems we've both returned unscathed.
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