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The 77 Knights of Scratamantalis



  • All hail the King!
  • Sign me up!
  • I am sorry Bluberry1, but you just cant be trusted. I would much rather have the holy warrior @ofalo ; take up arms in Scratamantalis' name. As for everyone after him, I am sorry but there are only slots for seventy-seven knights, but you all can be squires if you so choose!
  • I would love to take on a squire or two in the name of our king.
  • @Emperor As the tenth Knight of Scratamantalis I'd love to have you as a squire

  • Thank you brave @Dragonnskull I shall bring glory and light to our fine order!  Hail Scratamantalis, honor to his name!
  • I'm confused so I guess I'll join the cult 
  • We need an official list so we actually know who's in it
  • Why wasn't i added? I would have been knight 69... My life would have been complete
  • As the 59th knight of King Scratamantalis I believe we should create a discord for the great fish who serve under our king to gather in!
  • I am sorry @Ceerol , but you wear the face of the enemy, the wicked assassin to the king that you claim to praise!
  • edited November 2017
    As the Knight 25th of Scratamantalis the Grand,
    I Hereby wish for a Squire's Hand
    To carry out my Duty to the King
    And for all that He stands!

    —Signed, Sir Eiyrnas of Scratamantalis' Band

  • @Dragoonnskull what form would soothe the king? i have 16k gold
  • edited November 2017
    I would be honored to take up a role as the Queen. Or sucubus ya know?
    Im pretty qualified..... ive had sex with 86 fish.
  • @Crash That's uhh impressive?
  • So we gonna take over a small country or defeat an evil warlock or destroy overfishing or what.
  • Long live King Scratamantilis, the true king of all that is partly fish. May he both swim and walk for thousands of years more. May he lead his people to the true promise land one day. And may he bring peace to his family, cut down so early by.... that warlock!
  • @Ceerol , any face but that one will do, although all of the slots for knightship have been taken. You can still be squire for the 69th knight @Badzee though, if he will accept you!

    as for @Crash , you must change your avatar if you want to be accepted here! (though you seem pretty qualified)

  • edited November 2017
    Soooooo am i just a Queen or Sucubus now? or both!!!

    because you have no proof that im not accualy a fish queen?
  • OH! Can i be a scratamantilian smith? I'll forge all kinds of armor for the knights
  • @Ceerol The real question is can you make armor for the carp?
  • Oh man I the third knight am one that is cared about  :D  this is a great honour and I shall take it in noble stride as I serve the king!
  •   wait, The King cares about me? the 20th knight? Such a great great honor! Hail the King!  :)
  • It does feel good to be cared about. My fellow Knights we can rejoice  >:)
  • I am honoured.
  • one day a new king will come, and he will be the blood of King Scratamantalis and he will once again unite the carp tribes!
  • @GuestD578 ;
    Aye, until then, we 77 shall defend his throne and bring glory and honor to his name, hail Scratamantalis!
  • I’ve noticed that there are seven of us higher Knights, we have the perfect numbers in order for each to lead a valiant squadron of ten knights in honour of his excellency. If so would that mean that the seven are a higher order with one council for us all to meet at and each possessing their own sub council of ten loyal warriors. (Just some food for thought) LONG LIVE THE KING!
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