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Missing Tiles

So I've noticed that certain enemies don't have their tiles in the mod? Like Whelplings, or Elemechs, or even Beenu War Machines, doesn't this make releasing the Unexpected Discovery map kind of pointless? Maybe Rob plans to add the tiles after a rework or maybe not at all.... just thought it was odd. And yes I know you could plan other encounters but the Unexpected Discovery campaign already had some pretty good ones.


  • Use other tiles? I released unexpected discovery just so people would have a reference of how a campaign would work. You are asking for things that simply don't exist yet. There literally is no "dragon tile". Do we have artwork that could be used to make one? Sure, but you could also google the word dragon and slap the art on a tile yourself as well. I don't have unlimited time to dump into creating free assets for the community, but I have given the community the tools to create said assets.
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