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Who created the realm of holding and why?

This question has bothered me for a while, what character would be powerful enough to create the realm of holding, there's all of the dragon aspects but as I've mentioned in another forum all portal, time and reality magic is Arcane in some shape or form this would lean towards Quintara Lotus or one of her children being the creators of it, however since Quintara Lotus' children are unknown I can not give any reasoning for one of them making a demension to store items in, furthermore whilst Quintara certainly could create a pocket dimension why would she? The only conclusion I could come to is that someone who climbed to the top of the TOUW wished for it to be made, I'm not sure when this might have taken place but presumably after the birth of magic due to the fact that I cannot remember anyone using a bag of holding or mentioning it by name in the small amount of time we've seen befor the birth of magic. Please correct anything I've gotten wrong and give your own theories.


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