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Campaign Thread: Lyn Azveltara Gaiden

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    That trailer was probably the best yet for info on what to expect from the campaign but you left us with a lot of questions regarding this and the next seasons.Do you have anything you know within reasonable doubt yet about whats going to happen next year?
    On second thought that's best left for another thread. .Awesome trailer Rob.
  • Alright, let me start the bandwagon. ELVES.
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    also, HUMAN baby. So not elf dwarf gnome or anything else. HUMAN. Humans cannon?

    also, rob said elves three times, three pcs gonna be elves?
  • im digging the new slogan...teeshirt?
  • Clickbait!!! Boobs in the Thumbnail!!!!!!!
  • I’m so glad there is a campaign this weekend as I broke my knuckles and can’t do much anyway thanks rob and the rest of you.
  • Woot! S3 being pushed into next year! Hell yeah!
  • I'm gonna just assume the 4 armed woman is Quintara Lotus. Can't wait to find out more.
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    @blockington99 Im pretty sure its Quintara lotus in her "human" form. Given the claws and purpley feeling skin.
    Edit: And quintara lotus symbols in here hands...
  • Well now I'm confused, are we doing the other 5 campaigns next year? Will it still be season 3? What's going to happen with the Order of Chaos campaign we donated for? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! Where in the timeline is this? Phineas, how, why, and when are you climbing the tower of ultimate wizardry with Lyn? Who's the father(Of Lyn's baby, of course)? WTF is a human baby? Who the hell decided to pray to Golestandt, Dragon Aspect of Darkness, the Ageless One, and God of Miscarraiges? Am I going to make a 'find out next time on dragonball Azveltara Z!' joke at the end of this post? Does Rohbear show up in multiple rooms(since I doubt we're going over the same rooms and he already showed up)? Will the blood golems have names? Will one of them be Astora(that would be a really cool way to do it BTW)? Why did the animation budget for this preview get cut so badly? Can we get an accolade? Seriously, when the hell is this? Is Lyn's last name Gaiden? Why does that sound familiar? Wait, Lumberjacks? When did woodcarvers happen in this? Sins?! SINS?! WHO THE HELL DECIDED TO BRING PEOPLE BACK TO LIFE THIS TIME? Ice skating? sick. Ytts! Yay they're canon now(since a lot of S1 stuff got scrapped we were waiting for the inevitable 'Ytts never happened)! Who decided to play a freaking DREAMWEAVER in a TOUW campaign?! Was it Roamin? I bet it was Roamin. And I bet he's blaming Gaary for it.

    Will any of these questions be answered? Will I actually make this terrible joke? Will making this joke render one of my questions true? (Yes, yes it will). 


  • Hmmmmm... I think this is the campaign where we are really going to see the repercussions of our actions. And when I say our, I mean our Old God decisions, like the donation events and divine decisions. Because if you actually look at what we've done, even only including this season, it's pretty fucked up.
    Campaign 1
    -Tore open the fabric of reality to rain spells down on the GPO during an ageless invasion
    -Summoned a blood/ice cream golem to attack the GPO
    - Chose the Grand Paladin that would insure that there would be a bloody conflict with the ageless

    Campaign 2
    - Put Phineas on a dark path by allowing him to go to Deadlantis with Bopin.
    - Killed all the player character's families.
    - Allowed Bopin to lead the ageless into a war.

    Campaign Z
    - Literally everything about the 3rd encounter
    - Rewarded Lyn with a kid instead of making her barren.

    Campaign 4
    - Doomed Lance
    - Allowed Bopin even more recruits.

    So... I think this might be the week where the consequences of our actions are rubbed in our face a little. 
  • @ShepardCom ;
    I don't think so, this campaign clearly happens before all of the other season 3 campaigns, I do believe that we'll have it all shoved back in our faces, but I don't think it'll be this campaign. I think this campaign will make one more thing Rob will throw back at us at some point, with that last donation event.
  • Lumberjacks?! Complicated Questions About Sexuality?!! GUILT!! Wow this campaign has everything, can't wait for Saturday!

  • I know Rob addressed the fact that the next Tower of ultimate wizardry campaigns will not continue where the first one left off, and that'd still be extremely fun, but I do hope that onr day we'll get to revisit the story of the characters of the first campaign, and continue their adventures.
    After all, we've donated for them to progress many floors, 
    which doesn't actually do anything besides making the tower sound more impressive ;)
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    It would be really ironic if one of the pcs were beenu.
  • We might make it to that top of the tower this campaign. this is a very early campaign, so the tower wouldn't be as tall. 
  • If we make it to the top of the tower, then Deadbones is going to be the one playing Lyn, if she's a PC, otherwise she's an NPC. Since Deadbones would be trusted with knowing what Lyn would wish for, and not messing it up.
  • @Ozoner "Phineas Barringster Master Cabalist* is set to make an appearance so I doubt it will all happen in the past... :|
  • @ShadowPoow But this happens before Azveltara Z, which kicked off the Beenu genocide, and the Beenu have been dead for a long time in the main timestream location, so it kinda has to happen in the past. unless... OH GOD PHINEAS IS IN THE VISION!
  • @KaeawynShifter Shit! So there are two options, multiple times like The Senate of Deadlantis or a vision!
  • @ShadowPoow ;
    @KaeawynShifter ;
    Or the tower exists outside of normal time and space, allowing a Phineas climbing the tower at somepoint between porc hunters and new crew to climb at the same time as a pre-beenu purge Lyn Azveltara
  • Whoo! Can't wait for the next campaign. Tricks. Sins. Freaky Friday's. Old Gods Blood Golems. Guilt. This campaign is going to be so good.

    Seems like it's going to be one of those campaigns where we may be jumping from the past, present and future. 

    I would like to point out that we might meet a Dragon Aspect. I wonder how Dragon Aspect treat sinners. Do they know about us, the Old Gods? Or do they have no idea about the greater power above them?
  • Perfect way to relax after having to take 6 tests in two weeks and several writing assignments. how do you always manage to release them right when I need them?
  • So if the season is going to continue next year, does that mean we are back to having 10 campaigns this season? (not including the craft an old god campaign)

    also when will you have time to make season 4 if you continue season 3 after New Years?
  • @kreeperkiller63 there are gonna be 10 campaigns like normal, yeah
  • @kreeperkiller63 The fourth season will probably be 2019 then, or maybe really late 2018 start depending on when the third season ends.
  • hopefully it is a fitting halfway mark to take a break on until the next episode the coming year. gonna be hard to wait but i know it is gonna be worth it. i still trying to make sense of the human baby thing.
  • I would love to see some yuri between lyn and lotus(first name too hard to spell) :dank: 
  • The only way phineas can be in this campaign, is through the dream vision. Unless rob is hinting that phineas is a secret time traveller?
  • @ShadowPoow @UnluckyBimi Nah, 4th will most definitely run in 2018, probably during the summer.
    @pechum Trying to make sense of all the clues, I think Phineas will be the child of Lyn, and will be human because he was born into the realm by us.
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