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Custom legendaries for your characters

Hey people! Tell me about your character and link me their character sheet and I'll make you a custom legendary!


  • Mes_Maejik heres a character I made for a Forum Roleplay game, got a 20 on my gold roll.

    She already has a legendary ( Companion / Greater Mimic (custom) ) but shes going to get a new one soon, so Ill just leave this here
  • Just a char I threw together~.
    Quinly Harlot is a Gnome in her teens that was raised by a Kobold claiming to be her father. He suddenly disappeared one day, and she decided to go out to try find him and been doing so for the last five years.
    She is not the most stable of people, and might "accidently" slam her mallet into someone's face if aggrivated.
    This is a character I made for a Danganronpa style campaign. He has the uncanny ability to look or sound like anyone using the powers of his fleshweaver golem. I'm thinking maybe an armor that could change how others perceive him or an object that can be given to other players if he is killed. Thanks.
  • Hayden
    Hayden is the former Sheriff of the town of Dubalt until he was disgraced and forced to retire after his drug addiction became common knowledge. Angry at the town for forcing his retirement he sunk even further into his addiction. Zial his alchemist companion is of course his drug dealer. His main strategy in combat is to use a mix of his exp and adrenaline to grant him large amounts of bonus actions (and to constantly risk his life death rolling) to lawsoo people close and hogtie them while Zial constantly brews potions looking for more exp.
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