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Some Custom Classes I Guess

So I Had gotten a few idea for class before hand but this is the first time i have tried to gather my thoughts and make some classes. I haven't had as much game exp as i would like so feedback is welcomed

Soul Reaper / (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soul Scythe (custom)
Soul Reaper / Sweep (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soul Slice (custom)
Soul Reaper / Sacrificial Flame (custom) 
Soul Reaper / Soulflame Brand (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soulflame Burst (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soulflame Explosion (custom)
Soul Reaper / SoulFlame Mastery (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soul Stream (custom)
Soul Reaper / Servants of the dead (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soul Mail (custom)
Soul Reaper / Soul Renewal (custom)

After making that class I realize it took me awhile so for now the name of this thread will be a lie but what ever i plan to do more and i'll porb just post them in here so... ya


  • From my personal experience keeping track of effects and all abilities is hard, let alone how many times a target is hit. The concept is good, just needs an easier way of management. Maybe like a three step combo. First hit inflicts poison. If the scythe hits a poisoned target it changes to burning. If it hits a burning target change it to silenced. If the scythe hits a silenced target and high rolls it’s soul is stolen. That might be more complex, but all i got. 
  • @Raynicorn That does improve it, and gives a better way to keep track of its' stage (it also means stages can be skipped through alternate combos/teamwork).
  • @Raynicorn I like the idea but the main problem I see with that is if the target recovers from the status effect it resets your progress. the main way i though of keeping track was changing the tint of the tile so something dark and darker until they loss their soul, and for keeping track of the souls just a tally off to the side. but i see where you are coming from.
  • @Cyberis The interruption is what I found pretty cool, since it's a decent enough con to the pro of being able to skip the first 3 attacks with the scythe if it somehow becomes silenced. (Also, darkening the tile would be even harder to keep track of).
  • @UnluckyBimi The biggest concurn I had was that a couple of my other ideas had way to silence a group of targets at once. But giving it more thougt I'm coming around to the idea, it encourages teamwork and that can never realy be a bad thing.
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