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What Was Your First Campaign?



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    First campaign was their drunks and dragons stream with the turtle king.
  • My first campaign was The Senate of Deadlantis. I was subscribed to Rob for Hearthstone memes and the video popped up in my subscriptions. The episode I saw was in the middle of the political debate and I fell in love. I later learned that Rob created Unforgotten Realms also, which I saw a few episodes of when I was a teenager; so that was pretty cool. Actually haven't seen a live show or donated yet.
  • dog my first was the original cartoon when rob made his lumberjack class, ( also the urealms logo is Nalo's staff on shmoopies "shield"
  • I started watching the show like many others have since Nuren (live).

    Bit off topic, but I ended up deciding to watch it live due to having followed rob on his BruceWillakers channel since the days of DvZ with Pause and the mindcrack crew. Rob’s personality is awesome and it was a project I was ecstatic to see. I have watched every show live since.
  • I started watching from the Nuren Campaign, and watched live since Jewel of the Dingo Isles, I think? Can't remember if I watched something before that.

    Where can I find the Drunks and Dragons? They sound like a great remedy for the Urealms thirst between a campaign and the next
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    I noticed urealms this summer, and started watching from Band of thieves.
    First live campaign was The Purge (technically it was Azveltara Z, but i dropped in th beginning minutes because of bad internet.)
  • Death of Virgo, I saw it after rewatching the original series
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