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What Was Your First Campaign?



  • my first one was the drunks and dragons stream they did before nuren campaign with pause and steve
  • Been here since Nuren and prob the same for most of us, long befire that as well.

  • First campaign was I think Band of thieves surprisingly for watching live first was Skeleton king I think

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    Dank Dungeons and Dragons or Nuren, depending on what you want to count as the first use of the system.  Dank DnD was pretty much the prototype of the prototype used in Nuren including the classes and basic structure.
  • I've been here since nuren.
    I have watched every campaign live except for The Purge
  • First I ever heard of URealms Live and its content creators was randomly stumbling upon a live stream of the Murder Bros, during the end of the carrage fight. I thought it was pretty interesting, and eventually randomly showed up again to watch segments of the second half of The Cobblers. Some time after that I went onto Youtube to watch the campaign in full, solidifying my interest in URealms and ensuring I would be around to watch the entirety of the ToUW live, and all other future campaigns. Man, is it good to be in this community.
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    I actually don't remember but I have made sure to watch EVERY campaign live in season 3
  • 2014 drunks and dragons. I got to band of thieves an hour late so I waited for it to come out. That's what happens with a majority of them because they start basically when I'm getting out of bed. 
  • Started with Band of theives but my first live was Buckeroos and that was a hell of a ride live.
  • First was Blood Snake Queen, First Live was Woodcarvers
  • I watched the skeleton king shortly after it came out. Then I went back and watched every campaign in order.

    My first live campaign was the purge.
  • I've been here since buren, but the first time I was able to get time to see the whole show live was Skeleton King.
  • I've been here since nuren, but the first time I managed to show up to the live show was either kobold headhunters or silvermine mountains (cant remember wich)

  • Been around since Nuren, first live show was Band of Thieves. Watched every show live except for Senate of Deadlantis :frown: 
  • First saw rawbs channel the day romains banf of theives character creation came out and watched the show live.
  • First campaign and live one as well was Band of Thieves. Been following Rob for quite a bit at the time and wasn't really interested in the Nuren Campaign, but I watched Band of Thieves just to see if I'd like it.

    yes, I did end up watching Nuren later on.
  • I watched the first half of the pilot the Nuren campaign live. That night, every single grain of sand in the Sand Dunes laid still, and the kingdom was in silence... Except where people nervously hopped around on blocks as they watched the stream.
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  • The first thing I watched was character creation for The Guild of Explorers, but Rob said if you haven't watched before don't watch this, so I went to Band of Thieves and had DAYS of content to binge :)
    My first show live though was Azveltara Z, I watched like as they came out all through season 2, but I never got to a show live
  • Started with Band of Thieves, can't stop won't stop. Haven't been able to watch everything live, but that's okay
  • Started with Guild of Explorers, got really confused, went back and watched all S1 in about 1.5 weeks
  • my first campaign was nuren first live was band of theives
  • I watched Nuren on Youtube the day it came out and then have followed closely ever since, watching some live and some not, but all this season live so far.
  • Nuren was my first campaign that I watched, but I wasn't ever free when the streams were going on until this last year. There were a couple live campaigns before that where I was able to pop in and watch for a bit, but never an entire campaign.
  • Been around since it was born. I remember watching the entire concept Christmas stream for the Nuren stuff being made and all the Drunks and Dragons before it. All so much fun!
  • I was around for the Nuren Campaign, and have watched the streams since. I don't always make it live because of my horrible sleep schedule/prior commitments, but I watch 'em all.
  • I was here since nuren, and I watched live occasionally. Only now in season three have I started watching every campaign live.
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    Been around since Band of thieves, which I watched live
  • First live was Nuren :D
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    Nuren or whatever we consider "the first campaign"
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