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What Was Your First Campaign?

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What was the first campaign you watched that got you into Urealms. did you start at the beginning with band of thieves, or latter on?
was it live?

my first campaign was the Nuran campaign. 
The first live campaign I watched was band of thieves. 


  • My first campaign was The Blood Snake Queen. (I showed up as that one was being uploaded) It wasn't even finished before I watched all of Band of Thieves.

    First live campaign was Woodcarvers.
  • I watched the Sunswords first right as Unseen Rogues was coming out. My first live campaign was Kobold Headhunters.
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    I have, technically, been around since nuran. than when urealms begin, i started to watch it on and off, but i just got in to watching it fully this season, so i'm going to say azveltara z was the first, as up 'til then i would rarely sit and watch though a whole campaign.

    first live campaign was dingo isle, i think?
  • The Nuren Campaign was the first I watched live and i've seen every other campaign live since.

  • Azveltara Z. Yeah, I know, I'm a scrub. I went back to watch the rest later.
  • Unseen Rogues, Rob told me about the show and I watched it live then binged the rest.
  • @Maris wait so you watched all the rest already?

    My first was The Cobblers. Right now I'm watching Unseen Rogues as I try to slowly get through Season 1
  • I have been here since Nuren, and have watched every show since then. 
  • I've been here since nuren. Still exited for another Arin campain. DON'T THINK I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT THAT TWITTER TEASE!
  • I had kind of stopped watching rob's videos for sometime until one day youtube suggested the Nuren campaign video, I decided to watch it and then saw that it was good ol' rawb. I watched all of Nuren and, lucky me, a few days later Roamin's Band of Thieves streamed and I've seen every single campaign live since then.
  • My first campaign that i watched on youtube was the Gobo's of Pat and the first campaign i saw live was the Unseen Rogues
  • Nuren was my first campaign, I loved it!
  • Been here since Nuren. First live campaign though was Azveltara Z.
  • Pork Hunters! So much nostalgia.
  • Nuren was the first I watched. I didn't start watching until later on and had a lot to catch up on, so GPO was my first live.
  • First i watched live was Roamins band of thieves.
  • Been here since the days of Roamins Band of Thieves (now known as Band of Thieves)!
  • My first watched campaign was roamins band of thieves and my first live one was the woodcarvers
  • Nuren / Band o' Thieves,
    Like most people here

  • Also first campaign was my first campaign live. I've seen them all live; haven't been able to donate ever, though.
  • Been around since Nuren. the only campaign i missed live was The Jewel of Dingo Isles  
  • Drunks and Dragons 1
  • My first campaign was Band of Thieves. Due to time difference problems and other more personal stuff, my first live campaign was The Grand Paladin Order.
  • I've been hooked since before Unforgotten Realms was live, BEFORE WE, THE OLD GODS, WERE  GODS!!!! *ahem* I was hooked by his Minceraft Roleplay DnD thing on his channel (pretty old, sort vids on the BW channel by oldest, its after some DvZ vids).

    If that doesn't count Drunks and Dragons 1, which i can only remember the first 1 hour or so...
  • Nuren, have watched every other one live since then.
  • Watched Nuren live and don't remember exactly which campaigns I didn't watch live but I had to have watched atleast 2/3 of them live.
  • I found urealms live due to Coe's Quest, I loved the original show but had lost what Rob was up to in more recent times, then I binged S1 and found out blood snake was coming around, didn't see it live until Den of Devils but since then I've donated to all S3 ones.
  • I've been on and off since Nuren, after a while Six and Coe got me intrigued on what Rawb was doing and eventually i came around to watching the entire show over the course of the 3 months, I still rewatch some of the campaigns here and there Silvermine Mountains is what fully convinced me to stick watch it all through.
    The first campaign I watched live from beginning to end was The Purge.
  • First live campaign was Nuren
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