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The Many Tricks & Treats of the Realms

Welcome, fellow trick-or-treaters, to Halloween in the Realms!

Ever wondered what kind of exotic treats you would get from knocking on someone's door, or what you might expect to see at a traditional costume party somewhere in the world? Have you also wondered if this was just an excuse for me to post some of the legacy cards from the past two seasons of this show?
Well, say no more. You need only answer this one question:

or Treat?

If you have any other fun ideas for URealms candy or costume props, post your suggestions and cards down below! I doubt Halloween matters as much to the Realms as it does to the Old Gods, but if it was a holiday there then think of all the possibilities of what to expect! What kind of candy will a Sandbold give you, and what is a party in Deadlantis like?


  • thats a very cute idea :drunk: 
  • And it's a damned tasty one too. Man, if only we had some more chefs in this community...

    ...just think about what that candy would taste like. Hell, they might even look as good as they taste!
  • I came up with a couple candies for the denizens of the Realm to enjoy. Probably, anyway...

    Lots of strange things that might be considered candy, but could be fun for roleplay related rambling.
  • No tricks only treats
  • @Ninjathis So for those Shadow Slurps, the darkvision it gives you, is it 'classic fantasy darkvision' that lets you see in the dark, or is it URealms darkvision, a spell that lets you see everything as BOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS
  • @Ninjathis ;
    Salmon Suckers? Yeah, I wanna know how this bear's making that stuff, 'cause now that Halloween's over it sounds like something I could get blown off of.

    What you've got here, though, that's the kind of stuff that'll give anyone's sweet tooth the pleasure. Loving these!
  • @knguy
    ... uh, Salmo, as in highbear for anything that isn't a highbear. I feel like I'm either not getting the joke or just being mean. I mean, knguy, you're smart, so I have no idea how this is a joke, but I hope it is.
  • Well, a salmon is still a salmo isn't it? I'm willing to bet salmon is a thing where the High Bears live.

    Anyway, it was just an autocorrect, I doubt I'd really like salmo suckers if they tasted like salmon. I just likened it to a Swammie because of the rush you get from it. I mean, it literally makes you feel like a High Bear.
  • Got it, knew it was something silly like that, sorry for wasting your time with auto-correct
  • @KaeawynShifter I imagined it being BOOOONE vision.  :) I like to think that the mites they are made of have some strange magic properties, and some Paladins became aware of them, and learned of some process to turn it into some spell.

    @knguy I thought of Salmo Suckers as a sort of native plant to the Highbear mountain, Ursazoll I believe? Anyway, the plant is poisonous to the Bears, but mortals love them for their sweet juice. Kinda like a weird form of magic cactus. The high bear selling these enjoys the laughter and smiles of the people who buy these stupid plants, and at the same time he is cleaning his home of what he believes are weeds.
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