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The Aftermarket (+custom Legendaries!)

Welcome, my friends, to the unveiling of the Aftermarket: a bustling locale situated in the eastern reaches of the Realms, and a melting pot for many new and exotic weapons, services, and specializations. I invite you to take a look around and see if you come across anything that might suit you!

As you might be able to tell from a glance at this deck, technology is slowly but surely making its journey throughout the Realms, and soon enough innovative Gnomes everywhere will be putting pieces together, picking up where the Beenu were forcibly left off. Seems they've made some reasonable progress so far!

You can expect to find a variety pack of guns both mechanical and magical here, along with a decent assortment of melee weapons and a custom shop in the inner market that creates Legendaries that are sure to suit anyone's tastes.
In addition, there are three unique Classes that have emerged from the East: the Bladestringer, the Spadewarden, and the Ghoststrider!

Go ahead! Start scrolling down, and take in all the sights!

Legendaries: Just for the hell of it

Legendaries: Player Requested
Empty, for now. But you know the deal, friends.
If I decide I'm in the mood to make something interesting, you might be able to see it up here. Just make sure to put the link to your character's inventory, their backstory, combat/roleplay style, and any preference of inventory slot you have for the Legendary. Then, you'll just have to wait it out...

Zriarcha Sovereign
Once proud to stand with the Conflagration, the bustling town of Zriarcha has been taken aback at some of the drastic changes the nation has made as of late. It's a daunting task, but if they are successful in breaking away from the Conflagarate they may stand a chance at gaining some momentum against their military.
Conflagarate Military
A venerable militaristic nation situated in the Eastern regions of the Realms, the Conflagration claims to have the fiery passion of Vlarunga flowing through them, and it can be seen through their explosive tactics in battle. They haven't had any kind of war for some time, and everyone's anxious to see if they have any conquests planned in the future.
The Aftermarket
If you know your weapons well, you'll most likely have heard of the Aftermarket, a roving band of gun runners and engineers who spend part of their day discovering and refining advanced weaponry. You'll probably see them selling that weaponry during the better part of their day.
Beenu Remnants
Upon discovering the soon-to-be fate of their race, many Beenu went into a downward spiral of madness and depression, resolving to count their remaining days rather than continue their quest for technological advancement. Those few who escaped from their hole were merely junkies and addicts with a mindset for revenge. At least, that's what history tells us...
Platinum Spade
Represented by a shovel with an ace of spades at the head, Platinum Spade is a small, private guild of morally impaired mercenaries who stand for financial gain, regardless of whether or not they're paid to dispatch a small army or start a revolution. If you've got the gold, then you can consider the mission already complete once you've handed it over.
Missing Traces
Few organizations in the Realms can claim to be as adept in stealth as the Ghoststriders are... and fewer still can even claim to have heard of such a group. After all, subtlety is part of their job description.

I'm dying for some feedback. I'm prepared to make more cards in the future, but for the time being I'd love to see what everyone's thoughts are on this huge cache of cards I've managed to create so far. So, what are you waiting for?
Here, have some free gun porn!


  • woah, thats a lot of stuff.
  • edited November 2017
    Yep. And more will be on the way. I just wanted to wait until after H'ween and Muertos Day to pass before I considered posting or throwing more cards in here. Perhaps, after some time, this will end up being its own expansion of sorts!

    I have a lot more cards planned on being added to my deck of cool cards soon, and occasionally leave the finished ones in my profile. Probably during the weekend will I have something reasonable to add, but for now there are two things I'd be happy to see: feedback on classes (perhaps Ghoststrider, considering the dead days aren't quite gone yet), and requests of custom legendary card to keep me from going rusty. For now, though, back to business!

  • the Ghoststrider class is pretty good, well balanced. combine Ghoststrider / Zipstride (custom)
    Ghoststrider / Shadowlace (custom) if you blink instead of waking you would already ignore ruff terrain. you can keep the price at 50 as there are already things that do similar things to that in the same price range. the Ghoststrider / Enigma (custom) could be a bit problematic as thers not really a stealth mechanic in the game. but if you have a GM that goes over how he/she will treat and interpret stealth, and are willing to step in when you make a non stealthy action or just roll bad on stealthy actions . then it should be fin.   
  • edited January 2018
    @LexderMob - Nice. I'll probably try to either combine the two or make some kind of major improvement to Shadowlace (either that or I gotta think of a different passive... perhaps an Emerald/Ruby equivalent for stealth rolls, or a card to ignore one/two stealth rolls per combat?). As for Enigma, I think stealth would just work as it's always been, avoid line of sight by the enemies and roll when you reach a point where they could be able to spot you. Hopefully whoever purchases this class doesn't also have something like invisibility.
    I'm also pretty sure I want to make the Wraith ability Limited - there's no question about that one.

    If I ever have the mindset or the inspiration again, I may potentially add more cards here, this time featuring New Porc City and three more classes - though that's far from a promise. However, I do have several cards made for two of the classes (Consigliere and Hustler) on display at the bottom of my profile description if you're interested in looking.
    (i don't need feedback yet it's just if you want to glance)
  • sure can do that tomorrow. i start the night shift in a hour. so don´t have the time right now. 
  • @knguy is the bladestringer class specific to Remnant?
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 - yeah i just decided to do two words for each section instead of straight up the class name. So the Bladestringer class and Beenu thing are all under Beenu Remnants as well as the paragraph of information I put under it. The links in the section titles are just to music.
  • @knguy okey thanks for the clarification 
  • are you takeing legendary requestes (the charature is from a fourm rp with some definite lore to the main cannon so heads up) 
  • edited January 2018
    Yep gimme that character and all the details and I'll set 'em up @Pufflemore
  • @knguy ; may or may not all ready got one made....i got board  :(
  • @knguy but quick question how did you made/found the hidden card? hiddencard
  • @knguy attcally is this blanaced i add a effect to it so custom card (Credit to @Sweatingdwarf123 ;
    for makeing the first part of it i love it but i wanted to have some more hp to it )
    (and backstory just in case)
    She was born to a very loving Sunsword family in *Sunsword capital city mention at the end of Bucktroons*  wend the old Paldain Order was still a thing. She went on a archaeological trip to a beenu ruin in wtich she feel into some short of beenu warmachiend assembly line and well when more elfs would die from that she somehow survived it and gain some mechanical arms and her amour she was wearing at the time got infused onto her skin *aka ironskin*. She was at Ged's when the new grand paladin show up and to resorted honor to the Sunswords after one of them betray the old order she join up and was task to spread the word of the new order. 

  • @Pufflemore - actually yeah that is a pretty hard Legendary to top, let's list the goods:
    - fits attribute, cornerstone, and backstory in two sentences, no problem
    - raises your Stamina from 53 (down in 3 hits... ouch dude) to 113 (that's more like it)
    - all Light spells are a doubled effect... so this means some of them do double damage and some of them you cast twice, because double the arms means double the spells?
    - gain a bonus action when you gain this legendary so you can immediately test your new power out

    I haven't made Legendaries in a while, clearly I need to be taking some notes or something.
  • edited January 2018
    @knguy Yes double arms means double spells and double the flavor
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