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World map and Continent

More so a question to rob but a World map of the realm? we know there are many climates and sea's mountain ranges and valleys. but in the GPO during the party on the table was a map. what do you think it is? the realm or maybe the sun sword island?

(p.s remember lore building week? what do you think will make it in the show)


  • It might of been a map of the area, Rob has said he will never release a canon map to Urealms because of it causing all of the lore to be locked in there and stops expansion of the lore.
  • We don't even know weather or not the realm is a sphere/planet.
  • Too early to make a map. Once you make a map, you just restrict what you can add to the world.
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    There is a way to make a map without closing the potential for new regions. A map that only shows the areas we've seen with clouds cover up the rest of the world, that fills up as we see knew areas. Kind of how Pokemon Explorers of Sky handles its map.
  • @NamelessMayor ;
    This makes adding a bunch of cool shit between already discovered areas quite difficult.
    Like imagine assuming there are two points of interest that are only ten minute's carrage from each other and saying so on a map. Suddenly there's a campaign taking place in the huge-ass foresty mountain range between these two points, that is discovered to be the home of some Raskum or something, takes two goddamn days to cross that thing. I dunno if that's a good example or not but I feel like it works somewhat.
  • With how the show is right now I doubt there'll be a map for a good while. Campaigns exist all throughout the timeline, beginning perhaps to the end. Also there are several beings that can alter the world with ease, for example: Silvermine Mountains into the Silver Flats, also all the towns and villages that get destroyed... (damn Ageless Cult probably put all current maps at that time out of date). So There would have to be several World Maps for canon even if we cover ALL realms, kingdoms, towns, caves, secret underwater cities, etc. So basically, we'll get a World Map in Season 34 Campaign 4 Act 3 as a donation event that'll be destroyed because Rob/Roamin will roll a 1 when they bring the map(s) out.
  • I don't really think a canonical map is required yet, but having a loose map with empty spots would be nice. Having any form of map can make the world feel more tangible by more directly connecting events that have occurred. Sort of how there isn't an exact timeline but we know the temporal relations between specific campaign. 

    @knguy ;
    The map doesn't need to have measurements, just a general sense of where every that has occurred. Also in the case of the 10 minutes carriage ride, a path through the mountain could not have existed when the characters where there, or perhaps the characters weren't aware of the quicker path through the area. Either way, the type of map I suggested shouldn't be very specific, just showing the land masses that are know to exist and where they are in relation to each other.
  • Rob
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    @NamelessMayor That still limits what we can do. You are deciding where everything ultimately is even if you leave out stuff with clouds and such. Not worth it considering it adds literally NOTHING of value to the show. Sure some fans would enjoy nerding out at a map, but like I said, it's still way too early to make a map. I have a spreadsheet that controls world population and until I have pretty much gone through and named all the blank cities in that document and established a base history for all my core races, I'm not gonna bother building a world map because again, that just limits what I can do. The second you make a map, you can't add anything to it unless you start adding more and more islands and that's just stupid and lame. I hate, for example, that world of warcraft just keeps adding more and more and more islands and portals to other islands. It doesn't feel like a world anymore like back when it was just two big bodies of land and the placing of things in those lands was thought out. I get why world of warcraft had to have a map and why they now can really only add islands, but I don't need a map (a public one anyone) and so it doesn't make sense to make a map until I am done making stuff and can start connecting it.

  • @Rob ;     i agree, i would treat my places the same way
  • Space space i wanna go to space. spaaaaaace.  Even though the world has a ceiling or something like that
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    Three points I would like to clarify:
    • I don't expect any world map to come out anytime soon, as it would eat up a lot of time to plan out a world map and, as Rob said, a world map is not needed. I never said I wanted a world map was necessary in anyway just that it would make the world easier to understand spatially and could add nuance to the world. 
    • I still would like there to be a non-canonical world map but as the first point suggested, I don't expect one. 
    • I never said that a world map wouldn't limited what was possible with the world, just suggested ways to try and allow for new regions to be added when a map is eventually released (if one  ever is released). 
    TLDR: A world map would be cool, but it is unnecessary.
  • Don't worry guys by like season 53 we'll have a world map
  • Yeah, fan-made world maps are non-canon, but it'd be cool.
  • Would be neat to have a fan-made map of reference to where everything took place // known locations etc. Just to nerd out over for the time being.
  • The only reason I made a map for my campaign storylines is to give me inspiration for campaign ideas and cus I was bored. If I don't have any good ideas for a campaign I go to my map and randomly pick a spot and develop story around it. I don't usually share my map with my players either.
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