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So I made a list of campaign run times.

So after being curious how long each of the individual campaign lengths are and what not I decided to add up all the video times and what not so here's a link to the Google Docs with all the info:

2 things right quick, firstly ignore my total watch time. It's extremely outdated since I haven't changed it since January. Secondly I completely forgot to do the Sidequests (Sorry @DeadBones but they were still some of my favorites ;) ) so if anyone wants to do that I'd appreciate it.

Cheers ~_~


  • It's awesome to think how much content rob has given us at such high quality, hopefully we get much more because when another livestream drops it's basically my life for the next couple days
  • It might be easier for you to use Google Spreadsheet instead of documents, i think you can calculate with time in spreadsheet but i'm not sure.
  • @knopaatre You're probably right and that's something I look into doing, however at the time I wasn't even planning to do it. I just wanted the time of one campaign and then it just turned into this.
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