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Spooky Asset Dump

Hi guys! I wanted to finish the map @DrMcGoodTimes suggested before Halloween but it doesn't look like I will be able to, BUT thanks to @Aptmage 's spooky stream today I've decided to share some old and some new map assets with you guy that I feel would be great for a spoopy map.

Lets start off strong with some new stuff: 

Empty Cabin

WIP Cabin (still not creepy enough for me)


It's not much, but I'm really trying to increase the quality. 

And now for the older assets!
Crystal set

Camp set

Dungeon set

Temple/Rubble set

Temple/Rubbe set 2

Tree set

Happy Halloween! 

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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