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Tile making Tabletop Sim quality help please.

Hello! I've been using the official TileDesign file in Photoshop to make the season 3 tiles for my players and myself. However I've finally gotten annoyed because for some reason, every tile I make, when I import it into TTS, it is poor quality/artifacting. Take for example, the tile "Deathflame" I made for my Azveltarian Theif:

You'll notice some artifacting, especially in my glasses (You can see it clearer in the Imgur album at the end), that are missing in an official tile: 

Which is annoying because my image has just as good a resolution as this official tile (Mine is 1250x1410 32bit depth):

(Not complaining about the rough lines around mine, thats on me, working on cleaning up my base model)
And that I export the TileDesign file at the same size as the official

(The back is like that because im an Azveltarian)

So can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Im using the default setting is photoshop to export, and I'm exporting as a png.

(Here's the full imgur album of these images if you need it: ; You can see the artifacting better here)

I would love for my tiles to start looking better!

EDIT: Copy and paste the Imgur album link, for some reason it doesn't work linking straight from here.


  • My only best suggestion is use a larger brush size?

    If you contrast your character with the Urealms character if you first comparison. The biggest difference is the thickness of the line art. I'd say the official art is 50% to 100% line thickness of your own. As a test. Why not draw three smiley faces the same size as the tile art you are presenting. One with a much smaller brush of line art. One with the 50% larger size than the one you already used. And one that is double the size of your original.

    If that doesn't reduce or eliminate the artifacting. Perhaps you want to consider using line art throughout your tile art? It may be, the tool you used to make a "premade" shape isn't as smooth as one drawn by mouse or touchpad.

    Looking into the imgur album. I'm noticing artifacting with both tiles. However, your tile is more pronounced. Leading me to think a bigger brush might just do what you want it to.


    I'm just going to make some corrections to my idea here before I post this comment. I did some tinkering in the image manipulation tools I use. And there are a few things I want to point out. So you can get more out of your art.

    I drew some lines of different thicknesses at 75% hardness. The thicker lines didn't have as many issues with artifacting until I either zoomed in or out to an extreme scale. The lines I drew on the character's face are to point out the different line thicknesses. The illusion of depth seems to be what confuses the brain into "seeing less" jaggedness. Along with the "hardness" of the line art. I am not a digital artist, so I don't know how hardness effects the art. Or any of the other tricks digital artists know about.

    I'll link the photo I edited for reference. But I'm fairly certain if you make your lines thicker. You'll be in great shape. Especially if they are straight lines. It's also worth mentioning that even though the original URealms art was done with a drawing tablet that judges pen pressure. You can still make good art with a mouse. It just takes digital art tricks. Look at those tricks, I'll never be a digital artist.

    Really don't mean to be negatively critical, and if I was rude about something I said. That was not my intention, OP.
  • Thanks for the input! I'll definitely give that a shot when I get the chance later today! And no, you didn't come across as rude to me at all, just informational! I appreciate it! @CongenialVirus
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