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If you roll a critical fail on fireball?

Me and a group of friends rolled a one on a fireball does it count as a fireball with 50 damage to self/ally or does it become a pyroblast with 99 damage because of the description?


  • No you do 25 to yourself or a party member
  • I thought critical fails still triggered effects like that, but I can't really recall anytime it did off hand.  
  • Seeing as the fireball spell ( saids "Critical Hits cause this spell to transform into Pyroblast..." the critical fail should hit either the caster or a ally in range with the damage & ability of a Pyroblast.
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    This is definitely a DMs choice. Personally i'm vindictive and would totally make them pyroblast themselves.
  • Yeah up to the DM, I would make them Pyroblast themself or an Ally if they're a very strong party and are winning. If they've had trouble throughout the campaign and are fairly low-power, I'd just make it a 50 or 25 damage fireball.
  • IMO it'd depend on the player's "fire-mage level" (aka, how well their fire spells have been doing and back-story). Medium and higher would be a pyroblast like the others said, but if they're a shoddy mage it'd just be a 50 damage fireball.
  • I actually think @RugsketerDave hit the nail on the head here. There's an essential terminology difference between "critical" and "critical hit" in the text, so in this case, it would still act as a fireball, Rules As Written.
    But, like with everything else, ultimately it's up to the GM.
  • Critical Successes/Hits are not the same as Critical Fails. If you threw a pyroblast at yourself or allies everytime you rolled a 1, it would be a garbage ability. A fail on fireball would be you either blowing yourself up for the damage or hitting an ally. 
  • Thank you @Rob I remember that btw can't wait to see the next show
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