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Unforgive and Unforget: The Boss Shop

Hey, I know we all like having really cool boss fights in our campaigns, and sometimes coming up with good bosses is difficult. Not to steal @NeoReaperXIII 's customers with his awesome thread Project Nemesis, but I've had some ideas bouncing around my head for a while now, and NeoReaper isn't exactly the fastest. In addition to putting bosses here that I come up with, I will be taking suggestions, post an idea for a boss, or even a campaign you think needs a boss, and I'll come up with a good one for you(Or at least try to). The Boss Shop also has a money-back guarantee! If you don't like the boss or outcome of the fight, the boss is free! (No one point out all of these are free).

Here's the first one, can't think of a good place to put her other than maybe a Beenu Greathall or in the middle of a Gnomish city, but here's Avvi!

Name: Avvi
Title: Avatar Project: Class 'A', trial 11.
Race: Mechanical construct (Elf)
Class: Mechanical construct

Stamina: 500
Deathroll: 1 (Plus one for each previously failed deathroll)
Anytimes: 5 (Up to you how many she gets, scale it to your party.)
Basic Attack: 10 (metal fists)
custom card (General go-to action while in Green mode)
custom card (Should be used near the start of the encounter, alternatively she can 'forget' a target is healed by this if the party needs help)
custom card (Should be used near the start of the encounter, alternatively she can 'forget' a target is healed by this if the party needs help)
custom card (Use either at the start of combat to show that Avvi is a threat, or save for a finishing blow)
custom card (Avvi should either start in Green or Blue mode, depending on your players, if you want them to be able to talk their way out she should definately start in Blue mode)
custom card (Avvi should start in either Green or Blue mode, depending on your players, if you want this to devolve to combat she should definately start in Green mode)
custom card (Do NOT activate Red mode unless the players can handle it, no one wants a TPK because of Old God BS.)

Avvi is the eleventh, and only successful, trial model for the Artificial Avatar System, currently being tested by Maxwell Industries. She gained sentience at some point, and her 'mother' and 'father', the heads of the programming and engineering departments, repsectively, were killed to prevent this news from spreading. She went rogue after being confronted by a strange woman with red eyes and purple hair, with a single white streak in the bangs over her left eye.

Upon entering a new Mode, make sure to let the party know that the color of her eyes has changed, in Green Mode, her eyes are old computer terminal green, in Blue Mode, they are sky blue and full of compassion, in Red Mode they are blood red and full of hatred.

Physical Description(Because I am not good at art)
She looks like a seventeen year old girl (equivalent, obviously), however she is only clothed by a piece of plastic wrapping around her neck, down her spine, up her crotch, then splitting to her sides right below her navel, going up her sides and then coming in to barely cover her breasts(Don't blame me for this, she isn't even my character, also, blame the patriarchy.) She is wearing a golden heart-shaped locket around her neck, and if it is targeted will not hesitate to burn all of her anytimes to save it. It has a picture of her 'mom' and 'dad' in it.

So, I'm going to keep doing this because I'm bored and like making bosses, so feel free to leave constructive criticism or suggestions, and don't forget to check out Project Nemesis from NeoReaper!


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    Oh, and I completely forgot about this in the original post for Avvi, but if you want you can also have her be carrying custom card if you want that to be a thing.

    Next up I'm making Alyr Bloodstone, a vampire, bandit, and all-around bad&ss.

    Edit: Yes, for those of you who will wonder, the art on The Locket is Avvi.
  • The Daughter of Gorath Bloodstone, the vampire leader of the Bloodstone Fists, the largest banditry operation in the Realm, she'll probably be the final boss if the party decides to hunt them down in their main base of operations, Redhaven. (Keep your eyes peeled for when I finally get around to making a campaign out of that.)

    Name: Alyr Bloodstone
    Title: Lady Alyr / The new owner of all your stuff
    Race: Vampire (Probably elf, but given that the lore I'm taking her from has vampires as a seperate race, IDK, and yes, I mean the traditional blood-sucking vampires, so it's probably better to call her a Sanguinean.)
    Class: Sharpswords(wo)man

    Stamina: 1000
    Deathroll: N/A (turns to dust when hit while in Danger, a single drop of blood is enough to bring her back to life with full stamina though, so for maximum PC rage, add in a few fleshweavers to the encounter)
    Anytimes: 5 (This is probably what all my bosses will have, as always, it is variable based on party and GM preference)
    Basic Attack: 25 (Bloodthorn Rapier)
    custom card (She's a vampire, and a boss, so lets combine that for healing. She should only stop taunting people if you can't think of a good taunt or the party needs her to not heal to even have a chance at victory.)
    custom card (General go-to action, unless that's too difficult, or too easy)
    custom card (Use when she is under fire, or as a potential alternative to combat if the party is diplomatic.)
    custom card (Use at the start of combat if the party is melee-focused to make them start thinking about strategy more, or later if you want to show just how evil she is)
    custom card (Vampires have to have blood magic, right? Just remember that when she dies if even a single drop of blood touches her ashes she is returned to full health. Use with caution.)
    custom card (Here's the required Old God powerup, in case your players are just plain OP, I suggest not using it, however, since Alyr is already pretty powerful)

    Alyr Bloodstone is the daughter of Gorath Bloodstone, she has a contingent of bandits she takes around the Realm on 'merchant trips'. She is honorable, but won't hesitate to do anything to win. She recently spoke to a strange woman with red eyes and purple hair, with a single streak of white in the bangs over her left eye. This was followed by her allowing a paladin by the name of Maris to take shelter in Redhaven, and now she is thinking to kill her father and take over the Realm by force and beurocracy.

    None, really, just use good taunts, and be sure to describe the blood spewing everywhere from Wcked Wonderland.

    Physical Description:
    Alyr wears leather armor, which still has bloodstains on it, her hair is black and her eyes are red. She fights with a rapier, but is able to still block immensely powerful attacks with it.
  • Hell yeah! I never go into the fight mechanics for my guys so I hope you don't mind me taking notes. Already love the blood drop revival mechanic for Alyr; so wanna make a vampire now!
  • @NeoReaperXIII Of course not! You're my mentor when it comes to this, so feel free to make a vamp!

    Speaking of vampires, next is Kormac Bloodstone, nephew of Gorath Bloodstone, and having no relation to anyone from the Nuren campaign.
  • Name: Kormac Bloodstone
    Title: Lord Kormac / The Bulwark
    Race: Vampire (Same explaination as Alyr, just scroll up)
    Class: Warrior(?)

    Stamina: 100
    Deathroll: N/A (turns to dust when hit while in Danger, a single drop of blood is enough to bring her back to life with full stamina though, so for maximum PC rage, add in a few fleshweavers to the encounter)
    Anytimes: 20 (At least, this boss thrives on anytimes, so throw them everywhere, let the players screw themselves over by running out of steam)
    Basic Attack: 10 (
    custom card)
    custom card (General go-to action, even though it's a block, it is what he does)
    custom card (Use whenever a player tries to use a limited ability.)
    custom card (Only use when a player runs out of anytimes)

    Kormac Bloodstone is the nephew of Gorath Bloodstone, the leader of the Bloodstone Fists and the most notorious bandit leader in the Realm. Kormac has studied martial defense for hundreds of lifetimes, and has mastered it to the point where nothing can surprise him. He rarely leaves Redhaven, but whenever there is an attack he is the first to respond, holding off the attackers for as long as it takes. He even once managed to hold his own in a fight against Gorath for three days straight before he was defeated.

    His sword looks old and chipped, like it has seen many battles, it also has a 'D' inscribed on the pommel.

    Physical Description:
    Kormac wears aristocratic garb, even while fighting he manages to look fancy and not-at-all condescending. He is not afraid to surrender to those he deems honorable, and will invite them to stay at the palace in Redhaven as his guests, with absolutely no intention of allowing any harm to come to them.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    mind if i use some of these for my forum roleplay thread?
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    @Firelie Of course not! These are here for that kind of thing! (and they aren't actually my characters, I just got permission to make them into bosses to be used by the URealms community. My friend is a fan, but doesn't have an account, so I'll send her a PM to make sure, but the answer is yes.)

    Edit: Yeah, she's cool with it.
  • Astral and Amber, two champions of good, because we need evil campaigns too!

    Name: Astral
    Title: Shadow Paladin
    Race: Human Elf
    Class: Shadow Paladin

    Stamina: 250
    Deathroll: 1
    Anytimes: 3 (Normal 'Player')
    Basic Attack: 10 (Longsword)
    custom card (A decent skill to use if the players are trying to focus her down first)
    custom card (Use near the start of combat if there is a kobold in the party, otherwise use against the most powerful player)
    custom card (General go-to action, aim smartly)

    custom card (Don't use against the party unless absolutely nessecary, but this should be included in the loot)

    Name: Amber
    Title: Paladin of the Light
    Race: Human Elf
    Class: Paladin

    Stamina: 250
    Deathroll: 1
    Anytimes: 3 (Normal 'Player')
    Basic Attack: 10 (Longsword)
    custom card (General go-to heal)
    custom card (Use if the party is trying to focus her down)
    custom card (Use on the most dangerous/kobold target in the party uneffected by Astral's Leash)

    custom card (Use to ignore the first failed deathroll of combat for either Astral or Amber, then they flee)

    The shells are extra layers of armor made of light of the corresponding color.
    The Leashes should be obvious, as soon as one happens the party should know they should try to stop them.

    Physical Descriptions:
    Astral looks like the card art on The Shadow.
    Amber looks like the card art on The Light.

    Astral and Amber are lovers despite their opposing elements, and have crusaded together against evil for many years. They will fight to the death if nessecary, but will run away if possible as they value their lives.
  • Let's just get right into it, I got a post-game superboss equivalent for the story that follows Astral and Amber, so you better believe she's going to be the most difficult boss yet.

    Name: Marissa Sir Maris Annabeth
    Title: Squire Paladin Commander No title (anymore)
    Race: Human Elf
    Class: Knife-o-mancer (Of course that's a thing)

    Stamina: 5000 (Or more, because she is just that powerful)
    Deathroll: 1 (Will ignore first three failed deathrolls, then probably run)
    Anytimes: 5 (or really however many you want her to have, five is a minimum)
    Basic Attack: 50 (Bloody Knife)
    custom card (General go-to action)
    custom card (Use to cut off hallways and/or split the party)
    custom card (Use whenever a player or companion is in Danger)
    custom card (Use after she fails her first deathroll and ignores it)
    custom card (Use as a last-ditch effort to turn the battle around, then run unless the battle becomes an easy victory)

    custom card (activate at the start of combat if the party is hostile, also be sure to include this in the loot!)

    All of the knives she summons are covered in dried blood.

    Physical Description:
    Annabeth is the equivalent of a 20-year old girl, she has green eyes and brown hair, however when she activates Gift of Vengeance, her eyes turn red.

    Marissa was a squire to an abusive paladin named Lucan, when she was 15 a strange woman with red eyes and purple hair, except for a single white streak in the bangs over her left eye appeared in her dreams and told her to kill Lucan, and that she would help. The next day, while on a mission, Marissa threw a kitchen knife across the clearing they were staying in at Lucan, it went through his throat and instantly killed him. She grabbed the knife and ran away from the rest of the group, eventually Amber, who was also on that mission, caught up to her and calmed her down, taking her in as her own squire, and changing her name to the less-feminine Maris (because at that time females weren't allowed in the Paladin Order), Maris quickly rose in the ranks for her abilities summoning and controlling knives. Eventually a hostile entity named Heathen took over the Paladin Order and demanded all impure to be purged, (Maybe change that to a local section, since that would be too much of a shake-up for the world) Maris went along with this, becoming his right hand man and trying to save him from his insanity. She revealed her gender to the paladin order, which was followed by about a third of the paladins present also revealing they were women, so the order made it officially allowed for women to join. Unfortunately before she could make Heathen sane again, he was killed by a small boy named Claude, the only 'pure' person alive, along with Astral and Amber, who were unaware of Maris's plans. Maris ran away, fearing they would kill her too, and the strange woman appeared to her again, guiding her to the bandit town of Redhaven, where Alyr brought her in, and was visited by the strange woman as well. Maris then changed her name to Annabeth, and went back to the Paladin Order, taking charge of the local section and taking them on a crusade across the Wastes by force. This was followed by Alyr killing her father and taking over the kingdom of Deephollow with an army of demons, vampires and bandits. Maris returned from across the wastes five years later accompanied by Avvi and an army of robots, they planned to destroy Alyr's kingdom at the behest of the strange woman, but she had already been killed by the rebellion led by Astral and Amber. Annabeth, Avvi, and the strange woman fought Astral, Amber, and Thressa (coming next), as well as a little girl left out by all accounts of the battle. It ended with Avvi opening a hole in the space-time continuum and shoving the strange woman through, followed by her joining Astral and Amber. Annabeth ran away at this point and has not been heard from since.

    I realize now that Annabeth is probably the most central character to the overarching storyline of my friend's series, even though she isn't a main character at all.
  • Well, I guess I have nothing to do for the next hour, let's go!

    Name: Thressa
    Title: N/A
    Race: Succubus
    Class: Rouge

    Stamina: 250
    Deathroll: 5 (goes to the Shadow Realm for several months of torturous rage-gaming with her life upon death)
    Anytimes: 3

    Basic Attack: 10 (succubuswhipcustom card)
    custom card (Use a few times at the start of combat, don't go overboard though)
    custom card (General go-to action, whenever she has two or more anytimes she should burn them to attack more times until she only has one left to dodge with.)
    custom card (Use about halfway through the fight to turn the tide)
    custom card (Use if she is going to lose, and attempt to surrender/explain herself.))

    Be sure to constantly hint that Thressa doesn't want to fight, but is only doing so to defend herself. She will not attack any targets that are in Danger, and will use Disarming Smile if all the players are defeated.

    Physical Description:
    Thressa (Oh god, this is going to make me sound like a male chauvanist pig, even though it isn't my character...) wears a black, skin-tight, inch wide strap around her chest, which covers just the important parts, she also wears elastic-equivalent black undergarments which are clearly too small for her. She has a cloak which only covers her back, and keeps her gun and whip holstered on either side of her waist, kept there through magic.

    Thressa is a succubus who uses her powers for 'good', she must feed on others in order to survive, but she returns their souls to them when she is finished and has them get their affairs in order before she sells them to bloodthirsty monsters to keep those same monsters from committing murder. She hates that she does this, but believes it is best to reduce violence by any means available.
  • @KaeawynShifter these are all really good! one small thing about astral, isn't a shadow paladin a deathknight?
  • @scooter0427 no, death knights are former paladins and are focused on dark and ice magic, Shadow Paladins are basically a different type of paladin that does generally the same thing just with unholy energy instead of holy. Given that I am translating these over from a lore set that has nothing to do with URealms, I figured being more accurate would be better than conforming.
  • Well, I've got about an hour of free time, time for another boss! Actually, now that I think of it, she's less of a boss fight and more of a good guy, or maybe a boss for a Law campaign... Without further ado, I present:

    Name: Stayla A.K.A The Silent Phoenix
    Title: Princess of Theives
    Race: Human Elf
    Class: Thief

    Stamina: 350
    Deathroll: 1
    Anytimes: 6

    Basic attack: 25 (custom card)
    custom card (figured into stamina total already)
    custom card (Use on all spell-casters, unless they accidentally heal her)
    custom card (Use on an ally, or if she accidentally kills a player, because she isn't evil, she'll even call out that she can save them if she kills someone, and will rush over to use this, surrendering to the party if they are Law or resuming the fight if not)
    custom card (She is assumed to have this up in most cases, but will use it offensively if she gets a good opportunity)
    custom card (Apply at the start of combat, and don't tell the players it's knockout poison, watch them burn through their anti-deathroll stuff only to find out it just knocks them out when they fail)
    custom card (Use this at the start of combat)
    custom card (Enough said)
    custom card (Use if she needs to get away, or to set up a sneak attack)
    custom card (Use if one of her lackeys KOs a player and she needs healing, otherwise use if a player KOs one of her lackeys)

    Her blades generally don't glow, but if the fight is in the dark she'll have them do so.

    Physical Description:
    Be sure to describe that the party cannot see her face, and that she has a blindfold on over her mouth. She is wearing a green cloak and green leather armor. If the party takes off her hood she has pink eyes.

    Stayla is the heir of a large Elven family (Gm's descression as to which one), at night she goes out and becomes the vigilante/robin hood figure 'The Silent Phoenix' she frequently breaks into the houses of noble families, including her own, and heads to the slums of whatever town she is in to redistribute the wealth, never keeping any for herself. If the players attempt to reach a diplomatic solution with her she will be more than willing to not fight them, as she abhors bloodshed and death even more so. She never speaks when she is The Silent Phoenix, but in court when she is Stayla she is quite recognizable. Those who know of the local Law will know that The Silent Phoenix has never killed anyone, and has quite often saved guards from death in the places she steals from, those who know the local theives guilds will know her as the Princess of Thieves, as she occasionally walks into the shadier establishments in town and buys them, not reforming them in the slightest, but being treated with respect wherever she goes isn't a downside.
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    Phoenix down should have the classic "bringing characters back to life may cause unexpected consequences". (wow, so far the only things i have said in this discussion have been me critiquing your things... sorry that i seem like a ass)
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    @scooter0427 Don't worry about it, I'm happy someone is fixing my mistakes! (And even more happy that some else is actually reading this, and bothering to comment) I'll fix it up now, though I only really included it because Phoenix Down is still a thing in gaming.

    Edit: I'm thinking of putting in a crazy season-finale-type boss in next, one where you'll want about twenty characters to fight.
  • You mind if anyone else makes bosses? I love this kind of stuff and I'd make sure to write it in your format
  • If I ever get a campaign done I'll definitely borrow some of these mechanics.
  • @Loveland Of course! I'd love for this to become a community boss area(or whatever), and I'm glad you like the format! I kinda just amalgamated it from how Rawb writes up enemies for his campaigns (like Unexpected Discovery Redux) and how NeoReaper makes his for Project Nemesis, so I'm really happy people can understand it! I'm rambling now so I'll stop, but feel free to post any bosses you want!
  • Well, you wanted a season finale boss, (I know noone asked for it, but I just wanted to make her, okay?) so here's Zyra!

    Name: Zyra
    Title: Scion of the Old Gods
    Race: Kobold
    Class: Anime protagonist Shaman

    Phase 1: Wash the pain away
    Stamina: 2500
    Deathroll: N/A (enters phase 2 upon reaching 0 health)
    Anytimes: 3 (or more, but she's overkill enough already)

    Basic Attack: 5 (custom card) (She'll use it's ability on Spell Ripple constantly)
    hydroarmor (She's a water shaman, be sure to surround her with allies, maybe a bandito just to be annoying)
    hydrocrescentshield (Again, water shaman, she'll be healing her allies primarily, not herself)
    spellripple (Use every turn, because water shaman.)
    aquacannon (If any of her allies are killed she'll use this, followed by Tsunami and Aurora Borealis all focused on killing whoever killed her ally.)
    tsunami (Use only when in great danger or one of her allies is killed)
    auroraborealis (Use to kill enemies in retribution)

    Phase 2: A light in the darkness
    (When she's reduced to 0 health in phase 1 she falls unconscious, she enters phase 2 once all of her previous allies are dead or have left her side.)
    Phase 2 entrance text: "Zyra rises, a malicious light in her eyes as she surveys the crowd before her. A white raven with blue eyes lands on her shoulder, "Ah, Omen, just in time too." she smiles, baring her teeth as she begins levitating a feet feet off the ground"

    Stamina: 5000
    Deathroll: N/A (Enters phase 3 upon reaching 0 health)
    Anytimes: 3

    Basic Attack: 5 (custom card) (She'll use it's ability on Grand Raven's Gift constantly)
    custom card (Just keep this in mind during the fight)
    custom card (She's not fun in this form, is she?)
    custom card (Go-to action through Grand Raven's Gift, never cast as an action.)
    grandravensgift (Use every chance you get)

    Additionally she has a raven on her left shoulder, all attacks will phase through it, but she'll get angry and lose her sense of tactics as it is attacked.

    Phase 3: Soulestial Guardian
    (When she's reduced to 0 health in phase 2 she casts custom card and becomes untargetable until the guardian is dealt with, it's stats are below)
    Phase 3 entrance text: "Well played, I guess I'm going to have to actually try, Omen, a little help would be appreciated."

    Stamina: 1000
    Deathroll: N/A (Dies upon reaching 0 health, and Zyra enters stage 4)
    Anytimes: 5 (think of it as a dragon, because that is what it is)

    Basic Attack: 100 (custom card)
    custom card (Use at the start of the fight)
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card (Long story short these last six make it heal for all elemental damage it takes, so literally anything with an element attached to it will heal this thing)
    custom card (general go-to action)

    Phase 4: Vengeance Awakened
    (Upon the death of the Soulestial Guardian Zyra's eyes will turn violet and she will rush to attack the party, Omen will fly off of her shoulder and land a short ways away, if a player approaches him he will attack, his stats are below Zyra's)
    Phase 4 entrance text: "Well that's it, you've pissed off the wrong girl now."

    Stamina: 10000
    Deathroll: N/A (dies when reduced to 0 stamina)
    Anytimes: 5

    Basic Attack: 5 
    custom card (She'll use it's ability on Oblivion Void this time)
    custom card (General go-to action)
    custom card (Just in case the party thought knockback would work)
    custom card (use at the start of the phase to thin the herd a bit)

    Stamina: N/A (can take any hit without being damaged)
    Deathroll: N/A (Will never deathroll)
    Anytimes: N/A (Can use as many as he wants, but will try to keep it fun for his enemies and not just instantly kill them)

    custom card (General go-to action if in combat, but won't engage unless someone attacks him first)
    custom card (If a player has a fun or cool ability use this on them)
    custom card (Use if the party is wiping the floor with Zyra, but under no other circumstances. Omen is immune to the downsides of these spells)

    Once Zyra is defeated Omen will caw once and fly away, never to be seen again. At this point you should congratulate all of your players, even the ones who died, because they just won a nigh-impossible fight. 

    Where to even start? Uh, well, Phase 1 is basically fighting an annoying water shaman, so you don't need help there.
    Phase 2, ah, yes, though the soul shatter card covers the description pretty well...
    Phase 3, oh yeah, the giant golden dragon that looks like a miniature copy of Kallisto! the smaller ones look like tiny Phantos, and that's about all I can do to describe it.
    Phase 4 Zyra should be as crazy and unpredictable as possible, but will always try to kill the last person who attacked her. She'll be slowly turning the battlefield into a slice of swiss cheese though.
    Phase 4 Omen is a bird, and be sure to emphasize he is just a bird and that the party doesn't need to be afraid of him. Make sure fighting him is fun for whoever is doing it, too.

    Physical Description:
    Oh, well, actually I can fix that pretty easily. Omen is a white crow with blue eyes, and Zyra is right here:

     And if you actually read through this, congratulations!
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    So, here's my thoughts on zyra (as this seems to be my life now :peace: )

    First major problem, the soulestial guardian. you might have went i little over board with the immunity, i would cut back on some of it as it doesn't look fun, every turn would be "well... i guess i'm going to basic attack again...", the PC need a chance to use there spells and the cool combos they use them for.

    Second and last major problem, cataclysm barrage. the brutal death roll seems a little unfair, i suggest you either make it do multiple normal death rolls, or a season 2 death roll (4 or lower and you die).

    other than those, i think it's a great (as you put it) season end boss! might end up putting together my own boss using your format, would be interested to see your thoughts on it if i do!

    small nit-pick: why is shadowscrew light/dark (blood magic) and not pure dark when it seems to have nothing to do with blood?
  • @scooter0427 Well, allow me to answer your concerns:
    The soulestial guardian's immunity is a little bit too much, you're right, it's probably best to remove the ice and dark ones, but I'll leave that up to GMs. I had more been trying to switch focus to the more melee-based classes like berserkers and such, but I can definately see the concerns.

    cataclysm barrage, okay, fine, the deathroll is a little bit off, but it's soul-burning fire falling on everyone, which is why I made it incredibly easy to dodge. As always, GMs can change anything they want, but I feel like requiring your players to keep their anytimes is a good thing, so I kinda balanced it around that.

    I'd love to see a boss of yours, Scooter! I just wanted to make an OP boss no one has any chance of beating, and Zyra is kinda a personal favorite of mine...

    Shadowscrew is light/dark because all of the soulestial guardian's spells are part light since it is a being of pure solar energy, and because it's a dark-ish spell. It isn't intended to be blood magic, but I can see the confusion. The main reason is for continuation of player interruptability, some cards effect incoming spells of certain elements, so I wanted the soulestial guardian to be weak to that against light, and the dark part makes sense, right?

    Thanks for the constant feedback, Scooter! I'll be back to making 'normal' bosses soon. Next up is... uh... Sylva...? Sure, Sylva the Nymph. 
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    I said i might make a boss, so here we go, this could be good or really bad.

    Name: Tina Barrault
    Title: Baron Lucrèce's adopted daughter
    Race: Elf
    Class: Noble

    Stamina: 250
    Death Roll: 1
    Anytimes: 3

    Basic Attack: 15 (custom card)(use on stunned targets for easy bleed)
    custom card (how bleed works, called it a rule card so others can use for different encounters)
    custom card (basic ranged attack, use alot when vein burst is active)
    custom card (how you stun, use if surrounded)
    custom card (use to get bleed on the board or combo nearby bleeding targets)
    custom card (use when you start to get low on stamina)
    custom card (only use as a last ditch effort, you can survive a little longer with life leech)

    Tina is a young, if extremely sadist, child. To those who spend little time around her, she seems like a kind, lovable (approximately) 12 year old girl, but people who spend more time around her quickly learn just how twisted and tortuous she truly is...
  • Man I would be down to make a boss and get some feedback. I'll see if I can bring out the feedback tomorrow but if it's okay I'm gonna post a guy or two here sometime soon.
  • OH god, time for another one, I dug myself into a hole here with Sylva, but I'm doing it!

    Name: Sylva
    Title: Guardian of the Sylvan Forest
    Race: Nymph
    Class: Nymph

    Stamina: 250
    Deathroll: 1 (May run away if she can't do anything to the party, but just to get reinforcements)
    Anytimes: 5

    Basic attack: 10 (fists)
    custom card (Pretty good ability for her to use, remember how good it was in Kobold Headhunters?)
    custom card (Mobility and damage, use if nessecary)
    custom card (Use if someone has too high of a damage output)
    custom card (Use near the start of combat, or to cover her escape if you think the party is that powerful.)
    custom card (Use if she's about to go down, saving her from a deathroll, she looks like a giant spectral wolf with her floating inside it in this form.)
    custom card (General go-to action when in Totem Soul form)

    Ah, now for the wolf pack, let's start with the only one with different abilities from the rest:

    Name: Gloria
    Title: Sylvan Wolf Alpha
    Race: Woof-woof
    Class: Wolf

    Stamina: 100
    Deathroll: 4
    Anytimes: 5

    Basic Attack: 25 (bite)
    custom card (General go-to action)
    custom card (Use if no one is within lunging range)
    custom card (Use on whoever she can)
    custom card

    And now for the rest of the wolves:

    Number: 10-20
    Race: wolves.
    Class: Wolf

    Stamina: 25
    Deathroll: 10
    Anytimes: 1 per wolf, usable as a group (abuse the hell out of these, throw attacks at everyone and leave yourself with maybe two or three for defense, they'll all come back anyway)

    Basic Attack: 10 (bite)
    custom card (Use as soon as possible, it'll come back)
    custom card

    So there you have it, a difficult boss for a potential lumberjack campaign (because we all know how well Woodcarvers went!)

    I'm thinking of cutting this section, the cards all describe what they do pretty well, I'll use it if something needs extra clarification.

    Physical Description:
    Sylva is a nymph, which basically means she looks human, but has wolf fur covering her except her lower forearms, calves and feet, face and neck. She also has grey wolf ears sticking out of her hair, which contrasts her blonde hair. She has green eyes and physically cannot leave the forest, so will do anything to protect it. She also won't take any 'renewable lumberjacking' nonsense if the party tries to pull a Roamin.

    Actually, this section is getting cut too, I feel like a definite backstory for characters leaves too little room for the GM, though they can always ignore it.... fine, I'll do it this time and from then on on a case by case basis.
    Sylva is the guardian of the Sylvan Forest, it is unclear as to whether the forest got it's name from her or the other way around, but she is one of three Nymphs still alive, and was born before the Birth of Magic. (Oh god I just realized I need to make the other Nymphs into bosses, and Shadewing, who has serious lore-conflict problems... I'll just ignore it and let people BS through it, yeah, good idea me!) She fell in love with Shadewing, a Guardian (which is a race, don't ask, just be okay with it and wait for his post) who was obsessed with getting revenge for the genocide of his race, as well as that of the Nymphs, up until he killed Fiest, the incarnation of Evil, and then died rather soon after. (Good thing the players will never figure that out unless they look here, which is cheating if you are fighting a boss from here)

    Okay, yeah, next is definitely Shadewing. (lets see, I have Knife, Locket, Shadow, Light... yeah, the last minor trump is The Guardian, then I have to somehow make Fate and Vengeance bosses... yeesh)
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    @KaeawynShifter I see no major problems with sylva, entangle is a little weird, but that's it.

    on a semi-related note, i plan on posting a follow up boss to tina some time some-ish.
  • @scooter0427 Thanks! Entangle is wierd just because it needs to do so much stuff, not nearly as complicated as paralyze though, just due to the lack of Silence and Blind
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    Here is mine. I made no special gimmick for this boss, so it is just a tough guy with dangerously healthy attacks.

    Name: Vitaliscie 'Pumpkin'
    Title: Orange Dragon Aspect
    Race: Orange Dragon
    Class: Orange Dragon

    Stamina: 310
    Deathroll: -1 (Plus one for each previously failed deathroll)
    Anytimes: 3
    Basic Attack: 20 (Orange Claws)
    custom card (Used when there are many targets to hit)
    custom card (Randomly used.)
    custom card (Randomly used.)
    custom card (Used when there are multiple clustered targets in relatively good health.)
    custom card (Say goodbye to your companion!)
    custom card (Your precious monocles will not help you.)

    Physical Description: Like a dragon, but made of oranges. Appears to look very skeletal, with it's bones being made of 'vines'. It's head is an orange with two slits for eyes and a large row of pointy teeth. It has a tail made of spiky orange segments and it's feet are made of hardened orange peel. It also has large wings, which are made from some seethrough, light orange material. While this may not sound very threatening, this sort of stuff is unbreakable.
    He takes up a 3x3 area.

    Lore: Vitaliscie was just an orange seed before some dark magik happened on it, causing it to turn into an Orange Dragon. Through some even crazier magic, the dragon was warped into another dimension, because stuff like that is fun to do!
    While in this other dimension, he resigned himself to a cave where he caused the propagation of many other orange dragons, all of which were just a bunch of weaklings. Vitaliscie just sits in the cave all day, awaiting for challengers to attempt to fight it.
    After being defeated two times, Vitaliscie will flap his large wings, pushing everyone away. He will commend their strength, and drop a random legendary item. If anyone tries attacking him some more, he will use custom card on them.
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    Bored again, time for Shadewing!

    Name: Shadewing
    Title: The Last Guardian
    Race: Guardian (Wierd half-angel half-demon thing, I don't even understand it since they're not my character)
    Class: Guardian (Man I've been having a lot of race classes recently)

    Left half: (Because yes, they are divided in half vertically, the left half is a female angel and the right half is a male demon)
    Stamina: 1000 (Shared between both halves)
    Deathroll: 1 (Shared from both halves)
    Anytimes: 5 (left half only)

    Abilities: (Left and right half take seperate turns, either can make Shadewing move, however)
    Basic Attack: 10 (custom card)
    custom card (Because putting status effects on bosses isn't that fun.)
    custom card (General go-to attack)
    custom card (Good go-to action, don't overuse it if the party has no dark damage)
    custom card (Use a LOT, this is basically what she does.)

    Right Half: (The demon guy half, just making sure you remember)
    Stamina: 1000 (Shared between both halves)
    Deathroll: 1 (Shared from both halves)
    Anytimes: 5 (right half only)

    Basic Attack: 25 (custom card) (We don't want him destroying a PC's soul, now do we?)
    custom card (Classic demon thing, right?)
    custom card (General go-to attack, if he can't abuse one of his other abilities)
    custom card (Kinda confusing, basically if it hits you roll again and do what that die says)
    custom card (Use a lot, not really what he's known for, but it's a good ability, couples really well with Holy Shielding)

    And lastly they have this, but won't use it:
    custom card

    Already covered.

    Physical Description:
    Well, they look exactly like what is depicted on the Extrarealticular card, probably because it is them.

    (Me: OH god, this isn't going well... uh, lets skip the lore section today)
    (Also Me: Nah, it's cool, people have been excited about the lore for the rest of the people here, even Annabeth!)
    (Also Also Me: That's just because I messed with her lore a lot, in the original context she was in charge of the entire paladin order!)
    fine, I'll do it.
    *cracks knuckles*
    Shadewing is the last of the Guardians, an ancient race caused by the cross-breeding of demons and angels, unfortunately they were all brutally massacred by Fiest, the incarnation of Evil, this lead to Shadewing going partially insane from the want for vengeance. After Fiest was defeated the first time he retreated to his home on the moon (this is why I thought it wouldn't work for URealms) and came down approximately every hundred years to make sure Fiest really was dead, millenia passed and eventually Fiest got back up. This lead to him teaming up with Astral, Amber, and Helix (I know who's next... he isn't really boss material though...) to take down the incarnation of Evil for good(see what I did there?). This was shortly followed by the incarnation of Good, Heathen, awakening and being completely insane due to the torture he endured at the hands of Fiest. Heathen then proceeded to try to purify the world, he was stopped by Astral and Amber, but Shadewing sacrificed both of their souls to save them, and Heathen was unable to hurt them because of his sacrifice.
    (also also also me: See, that wasn't too bad!)
    (also also also also me: That's for Scooter to decide.)
  • Scooter, your verdict?
  • Always be wary of bosses that have fuck-all when it comes to Stamina.


    Title: Silver Regale
    Race: Ageless Elf
    Class: Vigilant

    Stamina: 80
    Death Roll: N/A (Dreamworld combat, you must defeat him 3 times to win)
    Anytimes: 3 (or 6)

    Genteel will always pass his turn.
    Basic Attack: 30 custom card
    custom card
    parry (this should be the only thing his Regular Action is used for)
    disarm (go-to Basic Attack ability, use as a counter-attack)
    lunge (go-to for increasing melee reach)
    bravado (when the Stamina's getting low)
    nearsight (when you just gotta Blind someone)
    blanketofdarkness (interrupt any Limited with this)
    windwake (when too many enemies get too close)

    Lore: An Elven swordsman who has been alive since the Hatching, he now lives under the alias Genteel. For most of his life post Birth of Magic, Genteel has yearned for an opportunity to experience the days of his youth again, when life was without violence or contempt. For now, however, he's just another Ageless Elf who relaxes at the Dreamer's Den, keeping distant from all the events of the real world.

    Description: Genteel only attacks in self-defense and that's really the end of it. The other two who fight alongside him can hold their own, but since this Elf has the lowest Stamina is always in the middle of the action he is likely to be targeted by his opponents. The strategy, simply enough, is to pass every turn and interrupt any damaging attack that comes at you. If there was a second phase it would pretty much involve more aggressive interrupts, especially against those who are most keen on stopping Genteel in his tracks.

    Physical Description: He's a pale and slim looking Elf, standing at average height. Check his head of black eyes, slicked-back black, and regal-looking short mustache/beard combo. Afterwards, you'll likely notice his style of clothing, a throwback to the times of the Hatching. He wears a short-sleeved black dress shirt with a dark red vest on top, though his black pants and heavy boots are of a more rugged leather design. Armor never really suited him well anyway.

    for best results, use this guy against players who have never heard of him before, as his Salutation passive will reveal the character of his opponents.

    Title: Silver Patron
    Race: Ageless Elf
    Class: Vigilant

    Stamina: 120
    Death Roll: 1 (increases to 5 after the first one)
    Regulars: 2
    Anytimes: 4 (or 8)

    Genteel will pass his turn most of the time, until being aggressive gives him the edge in combat.
    Basic Attack: 40 custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    parry (spend regulars on this all day until you're getting desperate)
    deathstrike (go-to Basic Attack ability, use as a counter-attack)
    disarm (go-to Basic Attack ability, use when they've caught on to deathstrike)
    counterspell (backfire a decent spell in the enemy's face)
    blanketofdarkness (interrupt a Limited with this)
    icewraith (interrupt a Limited with this, preferably a powerful one)
    absolutezero (use this when there's someone you really don't want standing)

    Lore: Genteel has little interest in anything in the world anymore, and simply wishes to live out the rest of his infinite lifetime in his hard-earned manor, often visited by friends from the nearby towns or slept in by passing travelers looking for a stop. He invites all who enter to sit down and enjoy his finest treats and trinkets, and offers a proposition for great adventurers who might one day wish to settle down or die awesome deaths: defeat him in combat to the death, and they shall inherit the manor. One day, he'll find a group with the skill and courage to put him to the sword. One day.

    Description: Genteel will try to hold back in the beginning, simply parrying attacks and preventing retaliation from the enemy, but after being he's defeated or critically hit once he becomes highly aggressive. With his worldly knowledge of abilities and spells in the Realms, the Elf views the battlefield like a grandiose dance on a chessboard, taking his moves carefully and saving his interrupts for when they'll be most valuable. He has enough courage and conviction to fight to the death, something most of his opponents tend to lack.

    Physical Description: Genteel looks the same as before, except paler and with a head of well-kept black hair. This time he wears a well-tailored white dress suit, with black dress pants, raven shoes, and a ragged, blood-red cloak on top of it all.
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