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Card text resolution?

What is the resolution of the cards, that Rob has already made? as I have imported some custom cards, and they don't seem to be the correct resolution?


  • What programs do you use? Im useing "Tabletop Simulator Deck Builder - v.2.2.1" and having no big problems with the reolustion. 

    :\Steam\steamapps\common\Tabletop Simulator\Modding\Deck Builder 
    You can find one Deck Builder havn't tried it yet, but it might work for you.

  • I've been using the last one and also having the resolution problems. @Rukuri did you search online to get that deckbuilder? 
  • Yes @Dart can't remember exactly where but I could send it to you, when i get home
  • @Rukuri I use that deck builder and use the default resolution.
  • well looks like we found the problem
  • @CaptainThorn  ;The one in the steam foler or the one i have used? I have use the 2k ram one as I don't have more ram
  • @Rukuri I used it again and now, unless I use ALT to zoom in fully it seems to work.
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    @CaptainThorn ;Can you take a screanshot how it look when you ALT at the card? 

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    @CaptainThorn Is't good enough, I have another metod to make the deck but Im not sure it will be better, but if you have some kind of image editing program
    1. Open the image there 
    2. Size up the image X00% and Y00% depending on how many card you need (see example ;"2x2" or "2x4") And add the rest of the card.
    And then upload and see if i look better or worse

    Edit: Width and Height is how many card in each row and collum when you import into Tabletop, so the example link should have Width 2 and heigt 2 and the second should have width 4 and height 2 

    Good luck 

  • Just a heads up, all the standard cards (besides race and class) are scaled to 0.69 size using the TTS Scale tool, so be sure to scale any cards you import yourself as they'll be too big. Not sure if this is the problem you're having, but here's hoping it is because it's an easy fix. 
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