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Discord group establishing Dms, Players. we pride ourself on ourfriendly community. all are welcome!

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 This Community will hopefully be always welcome to newcomers and veterans. We currently have 3 Dms, but may have more depending on peoples personal lifes. Dms, including myself currently have a Canon which is still in the midst of being made, anyone wanting to contribute is fully welcome. Anyone who wants to play is also welcome and those who want to Dm are fine to join in as a player in the free time :)


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    i'm newish to playing the game. i would love to join to learn how to become a Dm by playing with experienced Dms. my steam username is robertgoparty and my discord is FourZ#6481
  • HappyKirby#1568 is my dcord and im willing to join almost any community

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    I'm experienced in Dming and would be willing to join and help out with either Dming or playing.
    My discord is: Wolf_With_Sword#0378
  • I've never played in the community, however I am thrilled to participate.
    Discord: ShadowEgo (Shade)#5433
  • Discord: AT_Alpha #5637
  • I only have experience DM'ing ive never been a player myself but really want to
    Ive been looking for a party for over a month so I hope I can play too 

  • Okay,I sorry I have been a little busy so i wasn't expecting anything on here for a while - glad so many people are interested- I think I have now added everyone who has sent me there Discord and will be putting them in the discord urealms group after, thank you  :)
  • sweet. glad to see a thread that isn't forgone by the creator

  • Would love to join in have a decent amount of experience in dming and playing and looking for a group of people to play with. Discord is StoneGlow#4363
  • I'd like to join in as well. I would prefer to be a player.
  • Shoot, I didn't get mine or either accidentally ignored it. If you could send it to me again that would be great.
    Discord is: Wolf_With_Sword#0378
    Sorry for the hassle
  • I've been a DM for a good few campaigns, though they haven't 100% been full Urealms. Tossed a little self flare in with it as well, nothing like a 1-5 death roll from a lich that grabs you  :3

    Never actually been a player, though I can do either or.

    Discord : Fhernandou#0512
  • Gotten into URealms as a whole recently (after a bit of time away from the series), so I'd love to get to playing some campaigns!

    Discord is Truth#0661
  • I would love to be a part of your community! I never really have played an actual game so I'd be happy to play.

    Discord is Diminished#3442
  • DM'd a couple of homebaked campaigns with mates, wouldn't say I'm very good at it though. I'd love to get involved more with others though!
    discord is qbone#6467
  • sooo ive noticed i was added on discord but never invited to the server.
  • Okay, I believe I have added every new person once again- please message me on discord if you need me to add you to the server- useful if you tell me on there as well as a reminder if you want to be a dm
  • I never got an invite 
  • mine is BMM (トーマス)#8478
  • @xandat i saw you put your discord into another post so i added you id love to join you guys for some awesome adventures

  • My discord is Larry#7180 I'd gladly join as a player

  • I am new as a player but old as a viewer, so I know pretty well how the mechanics of the game works. I am working on figuring out my mic configuration as of right now but currently, it's not working. I'd love to be able to play sometime with others.

    Discord: TheDefectiveGamer#7480
    Steam: Herr Doktor
  • Okay, I now believe I have caught up with adding everyone- apart from BMm - you may need to add me i will pm my discord. Sill yet to give all the very new players urealms discord links, just message me with anythign and i will be sure to add you :)
  • I would be interested in playing if you'd have me. Would also be willing to DM after I get a few games under my belt so I know what to do.
    Discord: Warpickle#3016
  • Discord: Denis#5781

    Would love to join your lil' group.
    Rolling for starter gold:
  • I uuh.. may have deleted the wrong channel in my list  :( 
    @xandat ;
    Discord : Fhernandou#0512 
  • I really should start playing this game more.

    Discord: onefinegent#0646

  • Would be keen to join as a player and am learning to DM.

    Discord: macd4066#7028
  • Wow... this has really caught a fair amount of attention and I am glad- I am happy to keep adding people to the party to a degree- but I am certain if people are going afk for long periods of time (and don't worry I mean like 5-6 months at a time wihout mentioning to me first )then i will kick them to allow space and reliability to the discord :)
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