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Roll20 template curiosity

so I started looking into how roll20 works out of curiosity because I got interested in pathfinder and because I don't know anything about it really I am curious how much work it would take to make a template for Urealms on roll20. and has anyone else also looked into this before?


  • i have attempted this and it is impossible to get a grid to work for everything in character creation, plus add in the fact that you HAVE to have a large map so zooming in and out take a while to load the little details such as the text on cards, but all this pales in comparison to downloading each and every card, which i did. Roll20 has no mass upload card system and i would love it if they took the name of the png file of the card, but they dont, so i have to individually upload every single card, and name each of them, again individually. Once thats done, you have to make several decks, and theres no way to combine decks. Like, you know how the spell deck involves all the element decks? You can't combine those, you have to go and find each individual card of the deck that you have probably already uploaded then find it, and put it in the deck. Keep in mind during all of this you have to be paying at least 10 dollars a month because you EASILY go over the data limit of how much you have uploaded , so you need roll20 premium, i havent even finished and im not sure if i want to, but i may have to go up to 20 bucks a month depending on how much i have to upload. Theres a lot more to it than this, but at the end of the day, if youre looking for a way to play urealms for free, im not sure thats possible buckaroo. I have invested probably 30+ dollars and 30+ hours into trying to do it, and im now realizing it wouldve been cheaper to buy TTS for my friends that didnt own it (which is why i tried making it in roll20 in the first place).
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