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Which person's persona would win?

Who do you think would win, in a fight or even just in general: Rob the DM, or Rawb?
Roam1n or Loremaster Deadbones?
Teddy Bear Justin (why would you fight this kind man) or Coe: Is Here Too I Guess?
Any other pairings?
Personally i think Rawb would beat DM Rob just by drowning him out but would probably lose to Loremaster Deadbones. Roam1n would probably beat out Coe: Is Here Too and DM Rob but would probably trainwreck against anyone else.


  • Also if I missed any other common portrayals of the guys go ahead and throw them into the fight pit too
  • Roam1n would guaranteed, if he was on the same team as everyone else, his bad luck would spread and infect the others resulting in their deaths, while Roam1n while still having shitty rolls, would never die.
  • What about Coe(played by Rob in ToUW) vs Coe
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    @Isoarcree Coe (played by Rob) vs Coe (of URealms Coe's Quest) vs Coe: Is Here Too
  • Shoot i forgot to seperate Roam1n and purposefully exageratedly loud and dumb Roamin. We'll just call that one Romain
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