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What project of Rob's do you miss the most?



  • i miss Divinity 2 the most...
  • LOM, if only for the fact that it was the only server of Rawb's that I was ever truly active in until urealms
  • @Jliv50
    I didn't even think about that. I didn't think of it as a project, but I get why. PKMN Rob was fun. 
  • to me its pkmn rob and probs dvz dont get me wrong i love urealms live but i kinda miss the other stuff ya know? especially nuzlocke runs
  • Played it for the Plot. It was just silly and fun. 

    Also had great *plot*
  • DVZ and now Sintour and Douglass  :(
  • The podcast he did with Gaary and Roamin, God they were good.
  • DVZ, PKMN Nuzlockes, And Divinity 2 personally. When im working i generally listen too one of these three  
  • DVZ I still love to play sadly the servers empty almost all the time :(
  • edited August 2018
    The go-to answer for me is ths original urealms cartoon BUT a more original answer is 2player with roamin or the garry roamin rob podcast. I understand why they can all never be, but.... i think roamin, rob and garry have a chemistry better than anyone. All the guys and girls are great though.
  • DvZ is too empty to play normally, but it was the thing that introduced me to the rest of Rob's content. It holds a special place in my heart.
  • The Original (or 2nd) Unforgotten Realms Cartoon. The Classic (or 1st) Newgrounds Cartoons are what made me follow Rob in the first place.
  • Original tuna fish bandits.
  • I miss DvZ, TTT and LoM the most.
    but you can't forget about Guude Willies :frown: 
  • I am rebinge watching the DvZ playlist right now.
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