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Need name ideas for a Graspers from the Depths Card(s)

Hello there, I am the "Graspers Dude" (got that once or twice in random games so far:P). In my latest update, I added a new name I named "Antromorph" which is based on playing as a Companion race. This is how the card looks currently; 
There's a problem with it thou', more than it showing my limited drawing skills doesn't cover humanoid rats xD, and that is "Antromorph" works for beasts, but not really for Beastkin and other Humanoids like Goblins. I want it to be all from being "Oh, I guess I am a Monkeyfish in this campaign" to "WOW, I am a Bloodsnake Queen!"
I am currently thinking of renaming it to "Enlightened" or "Sophisticated", but wanted to check if anyone else have a good name. Mark that part of the name also would go into the connected Legendary; 
"Enlightened Witchstone" sounds weird, but "Sophisticated Witchstone" could work. And for you that play in games using Graspers from the Depths with a cruel GM, or are one yourself; mark the "Enforced" part. At a 1, you can make them teleport out a Gemling Minion and next time around HAVE to be a Gemling Antromorph. Recommended not to be used in salty groups~.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Change it to 'Wolverine', because Antromorph is essentially Wolverine (A card that only Pombo in Unexpected Discovery ever got).

    Although they're an entire race, so they're closer to Azveltarian Elves then pure Wolverines...
  • @friskyBrisky ; Nah, Wolverine is different since it's basically a Werewolf form, while this is just whom you are, and same with the Azveltarians. as long we talking Beasts, this would be more of a Chopper from One Piece, an animal that can speak and act like humans. But the main problem I have is to include Companion creatures that aren't Beasts.
    + Already got a Wolverine thing... and a lot of things that gives people abilities from Beast Companions, I need to make some other twist in the future<.<
  • How about Destiny Bound for the race and Destiny Binding for the legendary since we as the players/oldgods alter the destiny of said beast/humanoid by deciding "hey, I wanna be that"
  • @NeoReaperXIII I like the idea of that! Uncertain of the name, but the Old God theme. "Puppet of the Old God" or something with less letters. Thank ya!
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