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Over 80 Fun Class Legendary Cards for all Classes!

         These cards I plan on using in my upcoming campaign and expansion pack called "Venture Town" (which should be released about the time season 3 of the show is over for the holiday season) and in it will be these "stock" legendary cards for all the different and current classes, sub-classes and skilled mages.

(The mod will not be released and has been canceled due to the main project being canceled.)

But until I release that mod, feel free to use these in the mean time if you need some quick legendaries for a game.

        These solely exist to make it easier for Game Masters to run games and give players legendaries for quick and fun games. These are all prototypes and are designed to not be completely overpowered but be more so generic and not personal. Granted some of them are not as good as the others, but that's the idea behind some of them. Alot of them have weird qualities that will require some effort on both the players part and the gm's part to make super fun.

        You can tell which legendary can/should be used by what class or kind of character based on the artwork and the first sentence. Which subclass each card belongs too will depend on the player's load-out, which is why most classes have multiple legendaries that will do drastically different things, or upgraded things of what certain abilities/weapons already do. Also some gms may not want specific legendaries in their campaigns as I can completely see that some of these would ruin some kinds of campaigns, again why there are multiple generic ones.

I tried to make them fun/interesting/new for not only the game but for the players and gm to have fun with, such as new and interesting card mechanics and different ways to interact with your inventory.

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


Currently one of the strongest legendaries, this allows you to basically never critically fail and maybe always critically succeed if you want to be greedy at the expense of your maximum stamina. Originally was going to be a deathknight exclusive but found that to be a bit too strong. 

One of my favorites for roleplay reasons. "Hmm, this lotion disintegrates things, ILL USE IT ON THE BOSS!" I have no idea what`ll happen if it sits in direct sunlight.
The better support of the alchemist legendaries. One of the better support legendaries overall This basically lets you have an extra action so long as you have a healing/ poisoning consumable to use. for those who dont know how to multiple numbers by %, just multiple the healing amount from your consumable by 1.5 on a calculator. thats 150%.


Easily one of my Favorite legendaries that ive made. Its super fun for both combat and roleplay as it basically changes your character forever. Can be extremely broken if the player multiclassed with other limiteds like absolute zero @_@
A very fun roleplay one. Had lots of fun testing it out in campaigns. Its useful as it can buy the party some time from hordes of enemies so long as they dont get charmed themselves, otherwise they will end up joining the flashmob and become subject to the wrath of a spicy mixtape.


Felt that bards on their own was kinda useless and really weak. This lets the bard fight on their own a bit more and be less reliant on the party. Tonal Ring is ready, its just a targeting spell that can charm targets and destroy certain types of enemies. Its not in here because of the flavor text.
A semi support/selfish legendary that I find can be very useful as it gives your party members an extra turn. The reason why this is a weapon is because well again, I see bards as kinda weak. Also saves inventory space.


Dont you hate it when your enemies are just constantly dodging your attacks and you keep rolling low? Well now guess what! now your foes will have significantly harder time dodging you. Very good when fighting hordes of enemies, especially when comboed with cleave.
A bit of a support legendary. Berserker doesnt really do much for the team except kill. This changes it up a tiny bit where you can buff the rest of the party. The reason why it doesnt buff the caster or gets effected by multipliers is mainly because berserkers do enough damage already, especially if they get giants blood.

Bone Dancer

Arguably the most useful roleplay legendary here. You can make ladders, barricades, All sorts of useful props! Even though its not said on the card, I know that some people would see it as a completely useless card, so all this really does outside of roleplay is make treasure weapons that cannot be broken after a crit fail.
Going with a bone commander build? Then ive got some good news for yah buddy! Your bone commander just got some huge gains! Its Tankier, it heals you, and can still fight back!

Booty Raider
Tired of coin of providence yet? yes? TOO BAD! UNLIMITED POWER! Except it cant be used as an anytime/interrupt.
Lets you help your party by getting rid of their bad treasures and replace them with hopefully something better!


If it wasnt for the Ageless legendary, this could be the most disgusting legendary right now. A chance to have a power of 100 damage as a regular that can kill multiple targets! Draw 10 cards, look at them, count how many are dark spells stack em up and next time around throw away the none dark ones and draw to replace those till you have a pile a of 10. This entire legendary is a raw gamble that can only increase in raw damage, but requires time and turns to draw out its full potential.
Very good if you are going to be making lots of blankets of darkness and the like, especially if you have a strong weapon.

Companion legendary

(Insert gif of those two dragon ball guys fusing to make a new super saiyen... I dont watch that show...)

Alright who has played "shadow of mordor" or the new one (shadow of war)? (not I) Basically that axe of malice with its limitations kinda kills the mood, WELL NO MORE! 50 or 75 basic attack damage for everybody! until the Gm gets sick and tired of your blood spree then they can just break it.
Buffed version of the bane of ice. not gonna be able to use both because it turns into this. Granted both this and the severed great sword are designed to replace the Deathknight weapons, so if a death knight gets neither they may or may not get the ageless legendary.

Dream weaver

A good emergency mass stun that basically turns off the dream world. "Leaving them in a trance/sleep like state where they dream of nothing" Basically forcing everybody to fall asleep in the dream world. I know it doesnt say "everyone in the dream world now wakes up" on the card, and its not supposed to. If that was in the semi-colons, thats all people would use it for.
Okay, so I can see some of you getting a bit confused with this one. This legendary is basically a hail marry with a lot of specifications for the player. They need to know about every single legendary spell in the game, have spells that match the element of the legendary spell scrolls and have two other limited abilities.
        Now, the two other limited abilities, when you use this, you cant cast those anymore if you want to use this. Its the cheapest way to get a legendary spell that isnt from an attribute. For example Empowered dreams, and reverso memorino, thats 200 gold! and almost every other way to get a legendary spell scroll costs upto 500.


Thought itd be cute/hilarious if the battlefield suddenly got swarmed with toy highbears. Enchanter is kinda a hard one to make legendaries for, purely off only their class card combos.
Flame Dancer

A fairly simple limited with two different effects. Healing or damage. Pretty straight forward. Lots of combat utility.
A very supportive passive that can replace the flamedanseur shoes and help your allies if they dont have something that makes them immune to all the dangerous terrain you make. Also, its a lava surf board, Case Closed.


A very special Legendary that can be lots of fun and can throw a gm for a whirl as basically another character will have joined the fight.

You are basically now a single amplifying crystal, that is weak to towels.
Glaciate buff and trident buff. Lots of damage with the minions and opportunities for stamina reduction with glaciate ex.


Basically a buff for mend friends and gives you extra stamina.
For those of you who want to ride your companion and gain somesort of benefits. It has the passive gem to remind you that its an ongoing effect. Probably will get changed at a later date.


Free deathroll dodge, which can be very useful if you pull a random spell that would kill you or freeze you.
For those of you who just want to fish for the best possible spell for your current combat situation.


Now, going to clarify on something here. SINGLE FREE INTERRUPT to counter an enemy in range. It does not mean that you counter every single attack coming at you and you dodge all of them!
Your move action can now be used like a single use anytime.
better fist wraps.


Its a get of jail free card for you or an ally with some cute roleplay mixed in.
A limited that can be used twice per combat? but its a dark limited so not all paladins can use it. (the only reason there is a blank space is because spoilers for a character in the Venture Town Campaign Pack.)


A slightly complicated ability that can force death rolls. Now say that an oppenent is at 100% and you use this on them, they will die on a 1. now if another target is at 1% health, they die if they roll anything lower than a 19. Thats basically how this works. It all depends on how much damage the target has taken, making death rolls with this more reliable and predictable. Also gives you information. Use it on a target the gm has to roll, if they live you may be able to figure out how much stamina they have left based on the roll. A very valuable legendary.
Good for roleplay and combat with few but strong enemies. A target hit with this basically gets taken out of the fight and will not be a problem until they take damage or the charm is broken.


A very useful ability to have. This basically gives you the ability to give your allies a double turn. unfortunatly its hard to use offensively. if it didnt have the last semicolon, you would just stun lock players and targets which would get VERY annoying.
A very fun spell that basically gets rid of most spells for 3 turns, forcing everyone on the battlefield to use almost only melee abilities. Also allows you to basically go ham with shadow puppet and twilight ray.

Now this is a bit of a roleplay legendary. Basically its a more roleplay focused love potion. generally not a very good legendary when compared to other things you could get.


A longbow, except you cant crit fail and guarantees you cant hit allies.
A very special weapon. Now ignoring armor and shield stamina? how do you do that? simple, take the target's max stamina, remove the armor and shield stamina, that is now their max stamina when this weapon hits them which means that you dont have to do lots of damage to kill a target anymore. Its a short cut.


Fun roleplay one for the table. Shout out to Snarky.
Now, I know what your thinking, but trust me when I say this legendary is SUPER FUN! xD roleplay and combat wise its very fun as you get a beast companion, without the companion part. (im cracking up as I type this) I know it looks absolutly ridiculous but thats kinda the point. Its a ridiculous ability thats hilarious and potentially powerful. 


All spells can be turned into runes, go have fun placing runes of pyroblast or glaciate ex.
Significant buff for runemasters. Now runes can be placed far away but they cant directly be used to attack. Like you cant shoot a mark of explosion at a target, you have to aim at the space infront of them or between their legs or maybe at a wall.

Sand Benders

Sand benders are now op! They can basically teleport all over the battlefield now, at the expense of potentially screwing over their allies. This spell requires some timing and planning with your rough terrain placement because as soon as you use this, that all turns into walled.
Basically a get out of jail free card with some flair. If you fail a death roll, you give off the idea that you died and shattered into pieces. Very fun if you fail a death roll to an ice spell. Then you come back after combat is over.


Forced diplomacy!.....? Huh? HUH? come on you know wanna try it! have a couple mugs of ale with the enemy, talk to them, get to know em a little bit while everyone is having a blast.
Okay, so this basically just heals the party to full. Could be used for a quick roleplay break if the players need it. Players need to go do something the player character have a quick snack. Everything is hunky dory. 


Kinda forces you to keep track of your tome spells, I know but its worth it in the end. A very powerful legendary, especially if you already roll multiple dice.
An over all good utility legendary that is most beneficial if the player has a solid understanding about most spells in the game and what certain element spells do. For instance, if you need a heal you might go X Tome. If you need a movement spell, you might be more likely to get it from Tome Y.


Heal shaman is best shaman.
Now there is an earth shaman legendary but right now its just the regular armor and its significantly buffed. Its not in here because of its name and flavor text as they would be spoilers.

A fun utility weapon that is a little complicated. It has a potential max range of 11 or max damage of 11. Cant have both. The total of the range and damage will always be a total of 12. I mean you could have 12 range and 0 damage, but its a laser sword, there would be no mass or laser. ( I welcome emcuttsy to correct me on laser swords having mass) Also for those of you who dont know what an arming sword is, its basically a small, casual sword/weapon.
Very useful if you have a weapon that does lots of base damage or has effects that occur when used.


Sheriff buff for those players who only ever want to diplomacy all encounters.
Fun roleplay one that challenges a player's wordplay skills. Had lots of fun games with this, lots of tongue twisters.


(insert track of King of the golden monocle) If you have been here since playmindcrack, well hopefully it has been worth the wait. Wanted to bring the other weapons from that into here but found trouble transitioning them in here with some of the other classes. Since the sorc art is an homage to the og urealms, it felt right as a sorc ability. Plus lots of synergy with the sorcerer abilities.
You know why this exists... Found it to be very fun when combined with the refreshments ability as you can just set up a lemonade stand and switch bodies with everybody who drinks from the barrel!

Needs great timing and keeping track of the turn count to use this efficiently.
"Hmm! WAHOO!"- Buckeroos Good roleplay legendary that combines that one donation event with johnny feo's broken ability.


Fun legendary that does require the players to have TTS permissions if the gm is up for a quick game of pictionary. Now this legendary does require that the user has to know what the companion they want looks like and be able to draw it with a mouse in TTS. now to help clarify the timer situation, its always a minimum of 20 seconds to draw, plus the number rolled on the die, if you get a 1 thats 1 more second for 21 total seconds. if you roll a 20 thats 20 more seconds to the clock for a total of 40.
Buffed spellthief sword that gets stronger the more spellscrolls you have.


Better version of the suncleric shield, allows you to recast a limited you already used by sacrificing the use of another limited. can be pretty overpowered but only if you have lots of limited abilities to sacrifice.
Another limited refresher but this time its a one time use for either you or a party member. Generally should mainly be used on a party member who just used everything they had which involved lots of limiteds.


Buckle buddies, but its annoyingly worse for the gm.
Fun little ability that requires some positioning and team work to get off effectively.


Templar Templar Templar TEMPLAR! Really dont like the templar class...  Its a legendary spell scroll that can and summon a Huge A** Gun, that will screw over you and your team if you use this. Thats, right you too buddy! You arent the one pulling the trigger and the gunner does not discriminate.
If I could have my way with the Templar class I would make its class purchases much more active and better than what they are now.
Anyways, the magical checkbook. You know those old shops back in season 1? Well now you can do that but with this. The bottom semi-colon refers to Venture Town's campaigns which the majority of them will be mercenary quests and there are rewards, what ever you buy from the shop comes out of your reward money at the end of the campaign, so there is effectively no limit on what you can buy, but there is a fine line of how much and if you cross that line your character would basically be in debt and might go to jail or some other consequence for over spending. Its all up to the gm how they want to handle this legendary and its shop.

Upgraded Siffiran silver hammer that lets you cast spells that you may or may not have already. Bonus stamina never hurts.
Fun little limited that can deal out lots of damage if you have the siffiran silver shield. where you can counter an enemy for 45 damage. Considered making it a regular but felt that a limited would have been easier to use during times when you need to block something but you are out of anytimes.


Can be really useful if you need that extra bit of ice wall or more minions overall.
Now its a somewhat slightly buffed version of Wall of ice but it doesnt replace it because Wall of ice can be more useful as a limited and is more durable than the walls made with this. But this can be casted with anytimes and allows you to be a bit more free with placing ice walls.


Similarly to the ranger mini-ballista, this pierces armor and ignores their stamina added to a character's max. Give this thing to a warrior with giants blood and heads will roll. Both this and the mini-ballista are great player killer weapons because they ignore armor and shield stamina.
Originally True guardian forced you to die on another party member's behalf and force you to block with your bonus action from this, but now it doesn't and can be used more offensively so if you are in ranged to another target you can instead hit them or use another ability. The 1 stamina is there to help you survive those even numbered attacks which is what will more than likely what you will encounter. Plus, who doesn't love living on 1 hp?


(insert king of the golden monocle track) its another one! Not quiet how it used to be but its certainly more useful as a cooperative legendary as you could save allies from death or put targets into range which can be life saving as positioning can be very crucial.
A fun and very useful legendary that requires the player to have some knowledge about the base game passives in order to be used effectively. 


Now, there is supposed to be another mage legendary here, but its got some flavor text that shouldn't be there. Basically it lets you get information about an encounter or situation which is very useful. Information in these sorts of games, can be life saving. It would also refresh all of your anytime actions.
Gimmicky little legendary but also fun. Spin the wheel for a random status effect plus 20 damage! what a deal! just dont critically fail otherwise... ahem, anti-party which would be very bad because you would still have this.

Skilled mages and misc legendaries
Now here is where we delve into the generic not specific legendary items for things like skilled mages or legendaries that are good on their own.

The enchanted singing sword. GFD its awesome as a roleplay item because its so ridiculous. Now it has 200 stamina, it aggros with its bad singing, and its alive. I wonder how it should be used? HMMMM.
Very fun legendary for a game master, arguably one of the worst legendaries but can be helpful in a pinch. Fortunatly it doesnt force you to teleport a single target, "You may teleport a single target".

Tome of Nosferatu, a legendary that has gone through many, many changes. I dont even remember how I originally made it. so, all your targetting dark spells heal you based on how much damage you output so if you use mind burn, thats 20 damage done to a target and then you heal for 20. but you can only heal with this once per round so its not likely you will be able to use this during an interrupt.

Basically gives you a free successful spirit rush and may or may not give you a better weapon than what you currently have on you already.

The tome of lightning, for those fire mages who dont believe that lightning doesnt strike the same place twice. Great when combo-ed with items that give you bonuses for casting spells like the fire elemental mage gauntlet, youd get two free move actions with this because it gets cast twice.

Hands down, my favorite legendary Item. UNLIMITED AGGRO AND SNOWBALLS! Generally best used at the start of your turn or at the end of your turn so you dont forget it as its very useful for kiting certain enemies. It also isnt magic based so it can be used while you are silenced. Also can give some of your allies bonuses if they have an item that procs after an ally uses a limited ability such as this!

Helps you regain anytime actions but cannot be used as an anytime, otherwise, you could spend an hour spamming it on yourself.

A fairly powerful legendary weapon that requires some luck to be able to use. kinda useless if you have giant's blood already unfortunately. This was nerfed to the ground after a while because it used to crit on high rolls.


  • Finally added the Thane Legendaries. Kinda forgot, whoops. lol
  • These are sick! I really like the wizard and bandito ones. You do know bards don't have a range on using allies abilities though right?
  • Most of these are pretty cool though the first berserker legendary is pretty weak considering unstoppable and doublefrost both have easily obtainable 2 card combos that do the same thing. As well as the first ringmaster since they can already make any spell they have a rune and while harder it's very doable to make others spells into runes
  • @Ozoner Ah, I completely forgot about that. Thank you.

    @Doubleupomega I know, tried make one where it wasn't overwhelmingly powerful, but still make life for a berserker easier especially if a they are having a really bad time with their dice.
    The first runemaster one lets you use your ally's spells, greatly amplifying you own kit. Nothing in the current runemaster class lets you do that. I said your own incase someone didnt get the passive that let them do that and they had spells from things like their racial.
  • Killing edge, astra, and dragon veins... huh Fire emblem?
  • edited October 2017
    @Gterra2 Personally I see legendaries as a way to do things that only you and a couple others to have ever lived could do. And both are possible berserker I think is 1 and 5(less then technically with certain cornerstones/attributed/treasures) odds with double frost and the heighten senses supply passive. Runemaster I'll admit is much much lower with only a few possible ways to get it as strong as that legendary(robust/refugee with a bard in party, multiclass from bard and random draw runemaster, or broken cornerstone)

    Edit: Alternate Berserker legendary Can't personally think of better runemaster legendary
  • edited October 2017
    Or, you know, the runemaster could buY a netherberrybranch
  • @Phendrix good call I take back the much harder part that's in weapon shop, treasure shop, random weapon deck, random item deck and random treasure deck
  • edited October 2017
    @Lukestar *shrugs* The names worked with what I wanted to make, so why not just turn them into references?  :drunk: 

    @Doubleupomega ; Okay, look dude, paragraph three, first two sentences.
    "These solely exist to make it easier for Game Masters to run games and give players legendaries for quick and fun games. These are all prototypes and are designed to not be completely overpowered but be more so generic and not personal."
           The Idea for these legendaries that are currently presented, are things that game masters dont have to make to save time. They are generic legendaries and are not specifically designed to go with any other cards than what is in their class that they belong to, or they function well on their own.
            I would go so far as to call them epic quality like in hearthstone or World of Warcraft because they are not supposed to be personal legendary cards like you would see in the show.
            Again with the Runemaster? Im trying not to be a broken record here, but you dont seem to get that these were not designed to have combos with other cards outside of the class cards. Its all supposed to be generic stuff/spells that players can have fun with and randomly get during almost any part of a URealms campaign. The only thing that ive taken into account for these outside of the natural classes, are damage multipliers and racials.

           Not all of them are gems, because if you will notice, the skilled dark mage legendary, is worse than the vampire treasure passive, which is not limited to once to per turn unlike what I made.
            This is why there are multiple legendaries for even skilled mages and those who dont have an particularly good load out because I know eventually someone is gonna make a loadout that does overlap with one of the legendary cards I made. 

            Your views for Legendaries and how they should be done are your own, but these are not at all supposed to be those kinds of Legendaries, at all. If I wanted to go for that I would have given them more specific and outstanding names like "Taytunn" Or something else instead of "Conductors Wand" or "Lemonade".
           Not ranting, just giving you and everyone else reading information to remedy confusion.

    I already have a third berserker legendary that gives a berserker a second regular action during combat. I left it out like with a couple others, the flavor text and consequences would lead to the berserker's life span ending in a weird way that wouldn't make sense in regular URealms, so I left it out to avoid confusion.

    @Phendrix Thank you! Exactly why most classes have multiple Legendaries, things could overlap and thats perfectly fine, because there are back ups. Exactly why I made the skilled mage legendary cards (and the stupid singing sword).
  • @Gterra2 you know what Im sorry and im just going to leave it at that. I'm sorry you were right these are just to make gms life easier and im being overly nitpicky on something that doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things
  • edited October 2017
    @Doubleupomega You dont have to be sorry and you werent being overly nitpicky. Sorry to overwhelm you.
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