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  • Rob
    edited October 2017
    In general, I don't think choosing to become anti party is a good mechanique. When you are charmed by a monster, it's fun because you beat on your allies because it's "out of your control" but if you can choose when to be charmed, it can feel like that person is just being a dick. This is basically a card/ability that people already have.
  • Some of the cards require you to remember too much stuff, and the card Megalomaniac is a strictly worse lucky, which while it isn't a bad thing since cards like unlucky exist, having a card with the same effect plus something else seems kinda weird. 

    That being said, I like legendary potential as it's a very flavorful card, and determined is really cool!
  • The main problem I have with these is the legendary attribute part- there aren't any legendary attributes? You could make some, but you didn't put any in this post.

    Okay I'm wrong, there is one legendary attribute, the Love Struck attribute from Murder Bros. But I mean...
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