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Zeeboon's Collection Of Scribbly Scrawlings



  • Wow dude these are so amazing!
  • My god where is a lime when you need one...  @Coconut  Where is your brother Lime?
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    Little WIP sketchedoodle of M̸͘A̸͘͜E҉̧͘͢L̨̛͡S͏҉̀͘͟Ţ̴͠҉̸R̨͢O̸͜M̀͘'s new look. Done by memory cause the VOD doesn't work, so the details are probably inaccurate. 

  • I'd say you did pretty well with drawing his new Dragon self there
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    Here's the finished thing. Spent a few days on this bad boy. My interpretation of Maelstrom is a bit different from the design used in the show, but oh well. :drunk:
    Atleast I've started to get the hang of drawing fur..
    High definition can be found here:
  • @Zeeboon :wow: well done, my dude!
  • @Zeeboon holy crap, that is gnarly af!! :D
  • oh my god he's beautiful :D
  • This is soo cool,  :D :wow: amazing
  • Oh my goodness, this is AWESOME!
  • Sixelona hosted a Drawpile server, so we had some fun sketching. The theme was Waifus/Husbandos ;)
    You can see the whole drawing here

  • Deadbones is best girl :heart: 
  • These are pretty neat. Love Quiset & Blood Queen :drunk: 
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    Since I'm gonna be working on a little something for a while, I probably won't be posting much. :o
    So I thought this might be a good opportunity to post some stuff I still got laying around from a while ago.

    Here's my interpretation of Cloudpelts moonbold, done while Sixelona was drawing hers on stream. (To be honest I didn't really know what the character was about beside being savage and a hydromancer)

    And since the campaign I was GM'ing with a couple of friends will most likely never be finished cause conflicting time schedules are a bitch, might as well post the last character I had prepared. Too bad Aline will probably never get to show her watery prowess.

    I'm gonna hold off on posting the map for a while longer, because it was meant as a 2 parter, but I haven't made the second one yet.

  • Great work, my guy! Loving the moonbold's pose
  • Did a couple of doodledydoos during the campaign livestream.

    Spiff's character Charley with the Crime Puppy

    Deadbones' character (however the hell you pronounce that one)

    And drunk fang lady in the casino :drunk: 

    Overall very happy with this campaign. :smilebold:  Wasn't really sure about the direction it took in the end but ultimately I was still satisfied.
  • And here's our special guest, done during Sixelona's stream.

  • Great work! Anybody else get Blues Clues flashbacks from Sintours powers? Blue skidoo, we can too...
  • @NeoReaperXIII ; I'll confess that I've never seen Blues Clues, do they also have painting-travel magic?
  • It's a really intense detective show,
  • @Zeeboon the magic cartoon dog named blue could jump into paintings and so could the host once he recited the "incantation" lol
  • Good work! I think you really captured Maelstrom perfectly anyway keep up the good work  >:)
  • Thanks awesome dude! :dank: 
  • So I finally played a Urealms campaign again, the first time in a long while. :smile: 
    So this is Skadi, a Frostborn Dwelf Templar. She's basically a park ranger taking care of the environment with the help of her arctic pot puppies. The campaign isn't over yet since we had to make it a two-parter
    This was an NPC, kinda the head butler, that the GM asked me to quickly make.

  • Beautiful.
  • Really pleasant.
  • Awesome! Have you made your Frostborn into a token yet for the second part? :peace: 
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    @MasterDJV I'm not really sure what you mean by that, to be honest. :P
    Also, here's a sketch of Roamin's character Miles "Stitches", from the last campaign. Forgot to post him.

  • @Zeeboon I meant you should create a custom token using that art to use in the continuation of your campaign (you said it wasn't over yet)
  • @MasterDJV I already did, I just cropped the image around her head, and also around the puppy for my pot puppy minion tiles.
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