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Zeeboon's Collection Of Scribbly Scrawlings

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Hello, I'm Zeeboon, professional procrastinator and occasional artist.  ~_~

And welcome to my garbage dump deposit of artwork.
Warning: I tend to ramble quite a bit, you can just skip the text and look at the pictures if you want to.

I've recently told myself I should start drawing atleast a couple of times a week again, and to help with inspiration I've gotten to drawing some URL fanart although I normally rarely draw that anymore.

To start with here's everyone's favourite yandere waifu, decided it was the right campaign to practice some animu style. I was watching Sixelona's stream and thought that if I had some good reference on stream anyway might as well make use of it. (If Six is reading this by some small chance, it's Nutimik here)

And a Percy sketch from the latest campaign, after he had to grow up too much in a short amount of time. I also tried drawing Ida but I'm still no good at furries rockies :frownbold: 

And a couple of other doodles I made a few weeks ago, my first URL fanarts.
Every thread needs a Bopen. King Skellington demands it.
And Lunk (best character) with Susurflame.

I started playing UR with a group of friends a few weeks ago, although only me and the GM actually know of the show.
Here's my 1st character, Daria, a Cursed Gnome (ex)Magician. Back when she was still a practicing magician she accidentally incinerated her assistant during a show, who has taken the form of a Flame Spooky and has haunted her ever since (I know this isn't how Spookys work, but muh headcanon).
And a little sketch showing some moments I thought were funny during the campaign. Me rolling a 20 and doing a frontflip landing on the shoulders of our narcoleptic dwarf spellslinger standing in a swamp. Our dwarf paladin almost bashing in the head of an old lady who didn't understand what we were saying. And our elf sharpswordsman throwing aways his sword (twice) while fighting a couple of goblins.

And my character for the currently running campaign.
My Eccentric Kobold Rouge, Valentin. Unlike what his appearance would lead you to believe, he's actually a hedonistic sadist. Territorial, manipulative and a bit unstable. Not a character I'm used to playing, but it's fun to try new things. :wink:
Yes he has 3 belts. He tells people it's to hold up all the weight in his pants.

And my companion Doormat, an Elf Cabalist, and his personal slave. Valentin gets to be as cruel as he wants to them. Doormat almost never talks so it's not very hard to roleplay both. :evilsmile: 

And that's it for now! Thank you for reading if you somehow managed to get to the bottom of this gargantuan post. :kawaii: Constructive feedback is appreciated.


  • These are so cool! you can definitely see all the personality in each drawing. I love these! :)
  • These are amazing.
  • Wow! Loads of awesome drawlings/ sketchs! I really like your Percy ~_~
  • This is GREAT
  • you have made a great job. this are really good
  • That spooky is really good
  • Excellent work, my friend 
  • Aw shucks thanks for the kind words, guys.
    I almost never post any of my stuff online, makes me nervous.
  • I love this style! Keep up the good work!
  • hey this is a nice thread i like it thank you for showing me pictures of things friend
  • Oh these are awesome~ I love your style, and I love Yandere Waifu's crazed look. Good work!
  • These are great hope to see more! :D
  • A small spooky Maelstrom doodle I did some time ago, figured I'd post it before Halloween is over.
    I think "Creepy eye + evil grin" is a trope I'm falling back on too often.

  • Noice, you are very good at capturing creepiness. I like it :drunk: 
  • These are super cool!! I'm bookmarking this thread immediatly. 
    I especially like your design of Daria, seems like a fun character to play too. 
  • edited November 2017
    Harlen (Harlon? Harlin?) is now one of my favourite URealms characters so far.
    I actually started drawing this right when the show ended, during Sixelona's stream, but didn't have any time to finish it until today. He's good practice for drawing hair, that's for sure. :smilebold: 

  • Oh wow, he's so huge and fuzzy but look at that face. So pure. So Manly.
  • Wow this looks awesome dude
  • Hot damn! Your depiction of Harlin is so dang hunky, dude. I love it
  • And here is DB's character, Quiset (What's with the weird names this campaign?)

  • DeadBones is consistently cranking out more unique sounding names. Imagine what the rest of them are going to end up being this season!

    Season 1 had some good ones with a similar theme, and Season 2 managed to get more interesting.

    Then in Season 3 you have the Vemtari family (Wolster, Indria, & Quinn), Zanaria, Kuroyami (The Black Wind), Ida (+Stella I think?), and Quiset.
    I mean, fucking WOLSTER. Just say that name out loud.

    Anyway, DB's puppet was pretty awesome this campaign and you've managed to represent it pretty damn well through your art here. Man, that's good.
  • Here's the main baddies from the campaign I GM'ed yesterday (it's still running and probably will for quite a while), was my first time GM'ing too.
    First is Berric, a collosal elf, war veteran and currently right-hand man
    And this is Cellica, a world famous gnome actress and unbeknownst to anyone also the psychic leader of an underground cult striving to unleash something horrible upon the world. :angrybold: 
    I'll probably post the other baddies I've got when the players encounter them, I might change some stuff in the meantime.
    I'm gonna post the maps I've made in the Custom Map section when I'm done with them, still need to make the second one.
  • Your art is awesome @Zeeboon, I really like Maelstroms Halloween special. :angrybold: 
  • edited December 2017
    @VaguelyElectric Thanks, I always thought he was an interesting character. Hope we get to see him return, maybe in the upcoming Sandbolds campaign.
  • @Zeeboon Cellica is pretty cute, also Harlin looks massive
  • @CasualCow Harlin IS massive ;)
  • @Zeeboon, I couldn't agree more! Definitely looking forward to that Sandbolds campaign.

    Also looking forward to seeing you next art updates of course. :)
  • How have I not seen this thread before? This is amazing! Bookmarked, I'd like it if I could.

    And I'm not going to be that guy who asks if you'll draw stuff for me, but...
  • @KaeawynShifter Haha I'd love to if I had more free time, but I'm pretty busy with juggling the current running campaign and my graduation work at the moment. :smileporc:
    Next semester I should have some more time, might make a request thread then.
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