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Come on Robert....

I can't speak for all of the Urealms fanbase but I know that the majority is still awaiting for the Urealms Maps and Tiles to be released. Is it really that hard to release and update these fundamental aspects of your show so that we, the proud and loyal supporters of your show, can continue to enjoy Urealms on our own spare time with our friends and family? I really don't understand why it is so difficult to update the steam workshop to have the tiles or make individual posts on these forums of the maps. You have shared a limited amount these supplies with us however they have not been updated at all since! I completely understand that you are running a show and you need to spend your time wisely in order to enact it with the best of your abilities but the argument that you don't have time is completely invalid since there happens to be enough time to stream "Salazar the Art Thief" and say your snide remarks on twitter. 
Please continue to make and release helpful resources that make our playing experience much more impactful instead of teasing us by not making them available. 


  • Remember that Rob, like everyone, needs free time in his life too. URealms is his job, and he may spend a lot of time on it, but sometimes, like everyone, he needs time to relax and do other stuff.
  • Not having the supplies can be stressful but there's no need to spread all this hate. I understand that you have your opinion but you must remember that if updating the maps and tiles would make the show better, than Rawb would have done it by now. No need to spread negativity, bro. 
  • You realise you're breaking the "don't be a burden" rule right? He's a busy man who needs some breaks every now and then. The less you waste it with threads like these, the more likely he will eventually get around to it. For now there are plenty of custom fan made tiles. Use those. I'd also like to remind you that he released the game for free. 
  • Their are better ways to persuade people other than being passive aggressive like this.
  • @Domokl I'm not going to dick ride like the rest of Rob's fanbase. He needs to know what we truly feel without praising him just because we're afraid to get a sarcastic and rude response back from him. If he's going to be rude to his fans and expect us not to be a slight bit rude to point out flaws then I guess Rob's a hypocrite. 
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    What on earth made you so salty, that you get the impression that he's being intentionally rude? 
  • @FrodoTheBaggin I think you'll need to stop saying 'we' because you seem to be in the minority here.

    You also claim to be a 'proud and loyal supporter' but nothing you have said so far has been supportive, it's all just disguised or even plain undisguised insults.
  • @FrodoTheBaggin ; The community and robs live doesn't revolve around you, tiles and maps will come out when they come out, same with campaigns, and Nader's unforgotten tales. I've been hypes for Naders tales, but I know it will come out avenually so just be patient like everyone else. 
  • @FrodoTheBaggin I think you're forgetting that Rob owes you nothing. I think you need to be a least a little bit respectful to the guy who made the game, made the show, and made these forums for you to complain on.
  • @FrodoTheBaggin ;
    I think for right now, you just need to take a few steps back, and really think about how grateful you should be for having an official mod for this Tabletop Game in the first place.

    Like seriously my dude, if you need to find maps to play URealms on, there is a forum section devoted ENTIRELY to maps, and other custom assets, and honestly, if they don't meet your standards, you can just commission your own tiles and maps right? Why should Rob have to release tiles that HE payed for to the public?  
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    @FrodoTheBaggin I think your disrespecting this community, the show, and Rob immensely dude. There are no problems, you're just creating your own.
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    @FrodoTheBaggin ;
    Rob is providing content for free, no charge, no paywall and no subscription, everything people give him has been out of the kindness of their hearths. He already gave the game out to the public plus more than enough resources so you and your friends can play the game.

    Next to that have community members like me been spending time making and sharing assets on the forums or the steam workshop for people like you to enjoy.

    I can understand it can be frustrating you can't play on a specific map you like because it hasen't been released yet but do you really think complaining about it will solve it? Making a post worded closer to "rob i really like your work and i was wondering if The Grant Paladin Order map could be released, i have been a big fan of DvZ and i would like to host a DvZ themed campaign on this map" would have a far more positive impact than rambling on the forums with most likely a higher chance on success.

    PS. feel free to donate to the show to support map and tile development.
  • huh, my first glance at the OP I thought this was sarcasm. Guess not.
  • I think you, and to be fair neither do we, have ANY idea how much work Rob puts into this, so we have no right to tell him how to run his passion/business. And Don't call him by his full name as if he you are his mother scolding him, I'm sure he tries and is currently doing his best to put up with our BS while creating something amazing like Urealms.
  • @FrodoTheBaggin "dick ride like the rest of Rob's fanbase"

    not a great way to make your first post my dude
  • Why do you think you are entitled to all my old maps again? I don't release them all now, because I would like to take my time and release them with pre-written campaigns. This entire project is free and funded by fans, but just because you throw some money at me doesn't mean you get to dictate my life. Complaining I don't take time to release maps when I have time to stream Sallazhar? Are you serious? You think my fanbase wants me spending time to release old maps instead of make content? I strongly disagree. I don't WANT  to stream this weekend, but I also know that I have no content until the next URealms.

    These are maps I paid to have made for a show I have created. This year I invested MONTHS of work so that the community could have this giant place to play the game and the community could have a TTS mod that was more accessible. Most of the community doesn't play URealms, they are just watch it. Of the people that make cards and characters, most still don't even play it, they just like investing themselves a bit more in the fandom and fantasting characters in the world like we do. I do this extra work not because it makes more wealthy or builds a bigger show, but because I just like doing it. You are not entitled to anything I create, including being welcomed here which you no longer are. 

    I have not released any maps or worked on the community aspect of URealms lately because I am burnt out and exhausted. I went right from ending S2 to working none stop to get S3 out and you have no idea how much time any of this stuff takes. The worst thing about this is I was just talking to my girlfriend how I feel like it's so hard to ever take a break because there is just so much to do and every day I am not working on URealms is just another day longer for all this stuff to come out. Fuck dude if people like YOU were my fan base. I'm done. I have no interest creating anything for entitled brats like you.
  • I have locked this thread as I have banned FrodoTheBaggin. If you want to know the reason why, because he was a dick. No it is not okay to make a thread in general discussions complaining about how I choose to spend my time working.

    I'm sure I could take an afternoon releasing all my old maps here on the forums, but I don't want too. I would like to re-write my old campaigns when I have the time and energy and release them. You already see some fans have done this with my past campaigns and I would rather keep that pleasure to myself. I think this is a perfectly reasonable thing to do as I released a handful of maps for the mod and also created an entire community for people to submit their maps too even going so far as to make it so people who release those maps do so in a way you can freely use and edit them for your own games or fan projects. But none of this matters because you aren't entitled to this stuff and you don't get to shame me for not spending more times on URealms.
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