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The Sunless Forest

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Aaaah, the peaceful tribal settlement of... (lemme think-) Synola! Coincidentally also named after the elementalist tribe, Sybiole! It's a fairly well-populated tribe of a hundred or two, complete with huts and sheds of grass (think Primitive Technology + magic, though not nearly as primitive as I've described). The whole place could look better, but in the Sunless there really is no need for anything else.

For the elementalists, today is the most important day of the year, for this is the day they hold their annual ceremony honoring Rokesh - one of the Dragon Aspects, and the only real one in existence as far as the tribe has been concerned for thousands of years now. They honor the earthen gifts and life the Aspect has brought upon the Sunless year after year. Along with the usual festivities and celebrations, there is one special event in particular that makes this day stand out from all the others.

During the annual ceremony, one highly gifted person will find themselves ascending to adulthood: a Keen by the name of Vivien. With her natural talent and all the knowledge passed down from her mother, no one was surprised to hear that she would be the one stepping forward to receive her induction into the world of adulthood.

It's still an hour or two before Vivien's official induction, and a certain group of friends are looking for some ways to kill time before it happens. They're currently hanging around by one of those overgrown lean-tos, and while there are still a few people around most of the action is going to be at the main gathering a few minutes away.

There's a bench and a couple hammocks set up. Why not chat about things before your favorite Shaman arrives in a minute or two?

Side Notes
You've heard a lot about the supposed world outside the forest, but that's something you'll worry about after the ceremony. It's not exactly something you can just walk out on.

Bart already completed his ceremony a year ago, while Larissa and Azazel are a year or two behind for this one. Meanwhile, Nathair was supposed to join Vivien in ascension of age, but for unknown reasons that's getting pushed to a later date.
If you think this would bother your character at all, @Toruk, the only way you will suspect this is if you roll a die now and it is either a 1 or higher than a 10. If you don't succeed this roll then carry on.
Player Characters
@Razgrey - Bart Barry, Porcish Runemaster
@Toruk - Nathair, Black Boar Monk
@Firelie - Larissa Vanes, Keen Lumberjack
@xxthatguy11xx - Azazel, Kobold Lumberjack
@Knifu_Waifu - Vivien, Keen Shaman
OOC Thread (complete with all the informations)


  • Bart Barry, the porc, was relaxing in a hammock, though he wasn't relaxing that much. He was hastily writing notes in a notebook using a thin piece of charcoal. It's not sure what he was writing, but it probably had something to do with his research, as he was uttering random things about magical creatures under his breath.

    He snorted, and then adjusted his glasses. Still waiting for that ceremony to start, featuring that... whoever it was. Not particularly good with names, despite the fact that social interactions were useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but ah well.
  • @Razgrey ;
    are you ok with being good friends with my character?
  • @Firelie (Call it... acquaintances. Maybe we hang out a little, but not that much.)
  • @Razgrey ;
    (ill take it) Larissa walks up with her dog, Dana, and says "Morning (Or whatever time of day it is) How have you been?"
  • Vivien is just going to meditate, surrounded by a circle of glyphs half Rokesh, half Quentara Lotus 
  • @Firelie "Not very different compared to the last morning." Bart replies quickly. Yesterday, people were talking about the Annual Ceremony for Rokesh. Today, people were talking about the Annual Ceremony for Rokesh.
    But to answer her question, he was doing what he usually did: Researching, even though there shouldn't be much to research, as it seemed like the intelligent porc had researched everything that could be researched.
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    @Razgrey ;
    She starts scratching Dana behind the ears. Dana lays down on the ground and accepts the petting. She looks up at Bart and says "What did you get Rokesh for this ceremony?"
  • @Firelie The porc fished through one of his coat pockets and pulls out a small stone statuette of Rokesh, with a small, glowing, lime green rune of a lotus flower on the bottom of the pedestal. "Nothing too special; it's just an idol I had for a while now. But with my own special touch."

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    @Razgrey ;
    She gets on her tippy toes and examines it "Wow, thats cool, may I examine it closer?"
  • @Firelie "Sure." He gingerly handed over the idol to the gnome. "Although it won't break if you drop it, it might crack a little, so try not to let it slip."
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    @knguy Yeahhhh let me roll that die 

    (darn it)
  • @Razgrey ;
    She grabs it and carefully and delicately examines it "it's beautiful, a work of art"
  • (i'm in and out tonight guys... but)
    It's a pretty calm day today. You can't really tell if it's morning or not, as the forest is always dim, except for all the brightly lit magical torches within the tribe and the gathering area. Fortunately, living here for generations means seeing in the dark has never been a problem for any of you.

    It's about an hour until everyone actually has to be at the gathering itself, but you can already hear most of what's going on over there. Flute music. An Earth spell or two. Lots of chatter and commotion. And of course, the sweet sweet smell of freshly made food. It's clear they've finished setting up the whole thing at this point, so it might be time to get going soon, or you could hang around a while longer.

    The party can already see the last of the tribe heading over. A few Porcs pass by, and a couple Keens follow a minute after. As usual, they all smile or wave as they pass you guys, and it sounded like the Keens were talking about Vivien at some point.

    @Toruk - Nathair doesn't really know when his own induction will be, just that it'll happen within the next couple years probably. Clearly, Vivien will be the only one taking the spotlight this year.
  • Nathair sits on a bench alone, watching everything going on around him, thinking about his own ascension one day and about how much he hates shamans* 
  • (Cause shamans are biased to other shamans)
  • @Knifu_Waifu (anyways shaman want to try and talk to the rebellious monk?)
  • @Toruk (sure I'm meditating) 
  • (@knifu_waifu Yeah.. but I am sitting on a bench waiting for people.)
  • @Toruk (Wait I don't think there is a beach, its a forest town)
  • @Knifu_Waifu Bench. Not beach
  • @Toruk ; (Oh well I'm heading to bed soon sorry)
  • @Toruk (Or not Screw sleep) Vivien walks up to the bench, "Hey why the long face?"
  • @Toruk Bart turns his head towards the black boar and keen gnome nearby, without moving from his hammock. He's got a good memory; those two are named Nathair and Vivien respectively. "So," he asks Nathair. "You haven't had your induction yet, huh? Think you'll get it next year?"
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    Void misclick and double pist
  • "Shamans won't tell me when mine is. Typical shamans." Nathair spits on the ground after saying shamans* "But eh, congrats Viven on your induction" (Playing it out he does not know you are a shaman) @Razgrey @Knifu_Waifu ;
  • "Oh umm thank you, and sorry about that" avoids the fact she is a shaman
  • @Knifu_Waifu "It is fine, those dirty shamans want to see me give up, but nope! I refuse to, and my one tusk proves it!" He points to his only tusk, which is chipped* "And so do my fist wraps" He opens up his palms to show handmade, fiber fist wraps*
  • "Yea just don't do anything stupid ok?"  @Toruk
  • @Knifu_Waifu "Have I in the past leaf cycle?" (Aka year. The answer is yes. Usually twice a month)
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