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The Purge: Character Reactions

So, I was wondering. How would both canon and non canon (Forum) characters on both sides react to the results of the purge?


My character personally would have fallen orders from the Grand Paladin a bit reluctantly. Upon hearing the news of Lance being lost and that the purge was a general failure he would have become a bit more affirmed with his support for the order so that the light does not fail. He wouldn't think everything is right, but sacrifices must be made to protect the living and ensure the safety of the realm.


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    @CaptainDeston firstly i don't think the purge was a failure,just one squadron was defeated during the purge

    Suki_Sunsword - Heartless Persona
    Hana_Sunsword - Lovable Persona

    These sisters are descendants of the Sunswords. With Suki wielding a Frost Splitter Prototype and Hana Wielding a Pyro-Launcher Prototype, they are a formidable duo to encounter as they can clear hordes of ageless on their own. After their parents were killed by the Cult of Bones, they stand firmly against all rogue ageless factions seeing them as enemies.

    Their standpoint would actually be dependent on whether they know anything we don't. i.e whether the purge of ageless is intended to weaken Bopen, etc.

    If not then they would be conflicted with following the orders of the Grand Paladin since they lack respect for authority and aren't inclined to just slaughter civilians. Should a rogue faction be created that wants to protect the ageless civilians they may join with them.

    However, they are notorious for their effectiveness in combat, and they are elves who have been alive for longer than other races, so their possible rank may let them in on knowledge about why this purge was deemed necessary. This would be a situation where they can side with the Grand Paladin.
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    @CaptainDeston ;

    I also like this, let's see how my character fits into this!

    Emorious - Leader of the Emorian Dwarven Clan

    Emorious, hearing that a fellow Dwarven Leader has been slain in battle (he was given conflicting reports about Lance's status), he'd call for a full mobilization of the levies he controls, and will give aid to the Grand Paladin Order. Being a devout follower of Ouro'ras, he'd also probably actively fight on the Battlefield, but he wouldn't command his troops to actively raid Ageless towns like Gwyneth commanded.
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    Im pretty sure my character wouldn't know the exact details of what went down as he is a bystander that is not affiliated with either side. 

    Giles Tehran

    But as a deformed, diplomatic researcher he would more than likely try to find a peaceful as possible solution for those that do not wish to fight for either side, and who would be victims of this never ending conflict.
  • My character, who is an Ageless reaper in Deadlantis, would be very excited at the news of Lance's death, and would be ecstatic to meet the Mayor Morton who killed Lance, and who would likely be joining the Reaper party since he came with Bopen.

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    custom card
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    My character would have very little positive reaction to the Purge itself (as he is more poised to hunting ageless thralls and overtly hostile ageless), but since he likes to act outside the general workings of the Grand Paladin Order, he does little about it. 

    He would however be interested in the fact that Lance Willakers had been turned ageless, and would go out of his way to find him and speak with him, with the idea of having Lance work with him outside the Grand Paladin Order.
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    Nimoar is the bother to the sunsword we all know and love, Virgo. Hearing of his brothers death really caught him off guard. Nimoar would totally follow the Grand Paladin Order in their conquest to eradicate the ageless of the realm. Hearing that Lance himself fell to the Ageless, he would do what is right, which is to kill all ageless regardless of who they were, as after all, good soldiers follow orders.
    yes Nimoar is Roamin backwards

    Btw Nimoar was both a character of mine (in season 2 as a fully realized wizard) a boss i made for a campaign, here is his legendary he had lol. 

    custom card

  • @Fera Yeah, I guess we have yet to see really whether it was a success or not. However, I would note for my character at least hearing of the deaths of notable paladins in the order he would be concerned to a degree as the ageless they're fighting against are more capable than he himself would have predicted.

    He did serve under Virgo and maintain a branch order so he would remain loyal even under Gwenyth. A soldier's job isn't to question the integrity of the leader, but to follow orders when times are dark.
  • I would imagine too him sighing with a bit of worry as he bids his wife and soon to be child a goodbye as he suited up in his plate armor to go enact the killing of men, women, and children in the purge. He isn't too bothered by them being ageless, but it's more so his family he had built after losing everything that he is worried about. He would follow the Grand Paladin through with anything if it meant his family got to live on with or without him.
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    @Caprikel you should add in a summoningwand and a bonesummonercommander who knows summonbonearmyex. Since its passive is spellechodark you can summon 7 ageless thralls at once using summonbonearmy. Then just use grandravensgift :wink:
  • @Fera Then Signeos immediately afterward  ;)
  • @Fera
    That's a really cool combination, it would be a great way to spam minions. Though for Grand Raven's Gift, I realized that it would actually not work well at all with the lucky attribute, since any critical causes it to stop working.
  • @Caprikel XD that is true
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