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URealms Shower Thoughts



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    @Kingedyou ; OH I GOT IT
  • rebirth doesn't say any limitations on the card.
  • sometimes I wonder where NASA gets the dice
  • All of the cards that say 'may cause unexpected consequences' are lying, we know the consequences are a Sin.
  • Roamin from the original unforgotten realms probably has quite a few Sins, since he read a strategy guide in one of the episodes, and did a bunch of other meta-level stuff, I want to see that explored in Coe's Quest.
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    @KaeawynShifter maybe roamin the palladin never existed and he was possesed by roamin the player because he had the five sins necessary for it
  • @Wooliedoolie But Roamin (the player) wasn't ever in Unforgotten Realms, he had nothing to do with the project, I'm thinking Coe's Quest Roamin is both Roamin the player manifesting in the realm, and Roamin from Unforgotten Realms continuing on with Maelstrom because of his Sins and entering URealms. And for the life of me I can't stop myself from putting a G at the end of Roamin every time I type his name.
  • If the event to kill Gwen's baby hadn't gone off, she might not have accepted the role of grand paladin, leaving it only to lance or someone else, so things like the purge might never have happened.
  • How long can a Porc survive off it's own puke yogurt?
  • @StealthInel ;
    It's kind of like drinking your own piss, right? Or, depending on what kind of animal (like a rabbit), eating your own shit.

    Speaking of which, there are no rabbits in the Realms. This better change soon!
  • I just realized that Gwyneth's pain in Grand Paladin Order wasn't because she gained a sin, or her baby healed... It was her womb that healed! Without that Greater Lay On Hands, she would've been permanently sterile. So she can now have kids again in the future!
  • @friskyBrisky
    Oh wow. I didn't think about that
  • @friskyBrisky interesting idea.
    Never thought about it like that either
  • if you write a book and it either a) some in the is a believer or b) in the book they says they are not a believer and becomes one what happens? 
  • Can the Beanu be resurrected?
  • Are harpies related to Beenu?
  • If beenu had computers does that mean there is wifi in urealms? 

    Do they have wifi puns like us?
  • If Bopen is killed by an ageless, and takes their skull, would the skull still be alive?
  • @friskyBrisky was she ever sterile though? :\
  • @Fera kife to the womb probably has a chance of doing that. scars and breaks it up in such a way that it won't work properly anymore.
  • @Fera She was stabbed in the Womb by Rufio, and then only saved by a Bolster Spirits (which, at the time, I'm not sure was magical or not). It is true we don't know what happened between The Sunswords and The Silvermine Mountains, but a lot of time probably didn't pass as Kallark wanted to get Gunter and Unter (and they were still about the same age). And we never saw her heal in either Woodcarvers or Grand Paladin Order.
  • Do the divines know how the gnomes came to be? Are they in with the joke? 
  • Karazzim Kobold monks, and abracadab magicians, both have Russian ascents
  • Ouch__damage    30 + 75(25 x 3 = 75) 105 x 10  1050
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    @helperbot0613 I dunno if that works, from what I interpreted is that the Bloody Bulwak's ability to deal extra damage happens after the original damage happens (after the x10 already happened). Let me know if I'm wrong though because I could be.
  • Do Characters in the world who can use the Magical Forums have a similar thread like this one just called 'Shower Thoughts'?

    Actually, do showers even exist? We didn't see any in Silvermine or on any maps at all, not even the ones in the towns and cities.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Well, I assume it's just magic, like basic pretidigitation spell to 'clean self'

    custom card

    Kinda like that one.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; the magical forums are actually just the urlems forums. magical / technological censors just edit all the posts to make it look more / less meta depending on wich side you are on.

    For example, i say "I am an Old God", but to you it reads like "I am an Old God" instead of what it's supposed to say. Get it?
  • @TamTroll So you're saying that to people on the inside the Cachecol the Woven One thread is an actual place for a real cult to talk stuff out... seems great!
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    Michael langstrom had the ability to eat his slime walls, which means I'd assume they taste alright or are atleast edible.
    Essentially michael langstrom conjured walls made of green jello. He was a like dessert-o-mancer.
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