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  • @KaeawynShifter ;But can they physically? Like not having a magic source in them that cuts there ability for casting magic.
  • @Konpaatre
    I don't know, man. Magic.
  • @Konpaatre (Well soulreap if there is no body you get seperated from the dragon aspects which are basicly their magic source)
  • @Radarian  I mean... it didn't happen on screen so it's not cannon right?
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    @Rein Do ageless just store their soul in their skulls? If that's the case then Bopen just put it in his sword and paladins are dicks(we already kinda knew the last one), so when you become ageless your soul just goes somewhere else when you die, but it's still there while you're living.
    so your soul is the connection to the dragon aspects. ... what happens when your soul is reaped ... do you just put back in enough to continue living?
    What's gonna happen to Patches? (unrelated)
  • If we hadn't chosen the Cult of Bones donation event, the lore for the show would be vastly different
  • Someone should try throwing a Greater Pyroblast at the sun.
  • Bopens an ageless god but like a third of the legendary spell scrolls could kill him
  • The one time Bruce appeared he was in a glorified advertisement for a T-shirt
  • I know that if you crit-fail theforbiddenspell you have to deathroll for casting it on yourself, but what happens if you're ageless? Nothing?
  • Any character may secretly be:

    A believer
    Trandon Barringster
  • Are Kobold noses wet?
  • We're all fans of a spin-off show featuring a spin-off game of a web series based off a parody role playing game.
  • Some people make RP groups of a spin-off show featuring a spin-off game of a web series based off a parody role playing game. 
    God I'm a nerd
  • Galen could've also died before the start of season 3, Gwyneth could be way more screwed up.
  • If Kobolds from the north are Snowbolds and Kobolds from the dessert are Sandbolds... why are Kobolds from mountains not called Rockbolds?
  • If the dragons made the realm then who made them?
  • @flamingrubys old god rob made the the dragons

    but who made rob??
  • @kreeperkiller63 Mr. and Mrs. Moran did.

    @flamingrubys My headcanon is that the Dragons came from a different 'realm' (aka, World), found the Primordial URealms, and made their home there. I'd bet, had Phanto not died, the 6 major Dragon Aspects would've eventually done the same thing...
  • @Maris ; Did you just crack bopen's Identity?  He is Trandon?  My god it all makes sense now.

  • What happens if you use an object of holding while inside the realm of holding?
  • Will all the Jimmies eventually be named and then there will no longer be any Jimmies? What if you named a Jimmy, Jimmy? Then what would happen? 
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    If the Sun is a Dragon, and the Moon is a Dragon, what does it make the stars? Are they just a ton of distant dragons?
    If so, when Phanto Died, could one of the star-dragons fly to the realms to replace Phanto so there's eternal day again? Would such an action revert the Birth of Magic potentially?
    Would these Star-Dragons have anything special to them, or are they just there?
    Can these Star-Dragons move on their own accord rather than always staying in the same place all the time? How would Constellations work if so?

    Are the stars just a giant glowing carpet over the realms an infinite distance away yet still manages to have stars show in the sky like a hologram instead of star-dragons?

    What are the stars in general?
  • Magic is just asking a dragon aspect to do something you're too lazy to do.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ I like to think that WE are the stars. All of our eyes, watching over the realm. We've always been here, but thanks to night now being a thing, people can notice us more. People like Nader or Chimera.
  • We've jumped to conclusions about whether Gwyneth is a good person so many times since the start of this show.
  • Believer plays. Think about it. You just write like 10 sets of dialogue and actions and then brutally murder some believers to force them to migrate to the scripts. Bam! You have a perfectly acted out play with perfect actors. This method would probably work in other medias too.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded
    Wait till you find out that they will repeat every sentence that appears in the script. One just starts describing itself.
  • If you have Fluent in Kobold, you cannot roll a 2.
  • How many people in urealms are also furry trash? (does this count?)
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