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URealms Shower Thoughts



  • If your attribute is Peasant, then Peasant Rags isn't that useful on you
  • If you have wizardlovers, does that mean you also climbed the tower of ultimate wizardry?
  • @Radarian
    Well, you were born in it. But just because you were born in it, doesn't mean you Finished it

    You might have finished it, or maybe you might have quit climbing and went down to the very bottom
  • Coe has like 4 characters that have something to do with snakes.
  • @Xapdos
    Gwyneth could've died in the Purge if Lance became Grand Paladin! :o 
  • Two of the choices at the end of season 1 were:
    1. Cult of Bones / Ageless storyline
    2. Philhipe / Order of Chaos storyline

    We chose the Ageless storyline, and we figured out later that if we went with the Order of Chaos, Philhipe would have died! We know now from the the last few campaigns that we're transitioning into the Order of Chaos storyline anyway.

    Does this mean that in the end, all that ending choice was was whether Philhipe dies or not?
  • @Maris The Philipé choice wasn't linked to the Order of Chaos, we have no proof of that. It could have been linked to the murder bros, but we don't know if Rob had the idea of these two organisation at that point.
  • @Maris
    On his character page ( ) it says he was killed by Gwyneth at the end of Band of Thieves... so I guess he died anyway
  • do kobold bodies feel sharp and rough, or soft and squishable.
  • Goblins were almost going to be stronger than elves for a while.
  • So the fact that Nader is telling us these stories means that he is essentially unkillable/immortal as long as he is the one narrating the stories, or else no more stories would be told by him.
  • The fact that the first episode of Nader's Tales is being delayed may have something to do with revealing Philhippe's story, one way or the other...
  • If pushing pigs into the goo makes them porcs what if we use cows will they be corcs? If that would be true what if elfs would go in the goo, what would we name that? Eorcs doesn't slide off the tounge.
  • @LuckyLOO I thought that things other than pigs that were put into the pits was just burned because it's acidic
  • Inside the head of Robert Moran is the end of URealms.

    sorry for the rr martin meme

  • As an ageless, Phineas will never grow up. He'll always be our sweat little ball of ebil insanity.
  • Why is that bot's algorythm this bad? ^ Also, has anyone reported it yet, I'd hate to flood Rawb with reports.
  • If people didn't finance Lance Willakers and the Lightbears in The Fall of Dundinborough, would Bopen have also not happened in URealms?
  • @AlternateWraph ;
    Saying sweat ball of ebil makes me read that with an accent that's funny to me thanks for typos :P
  • Nisovin basically told us he was a believer, does that mean he isn't a believer?
  • Do Ageless wash their Bones?
  • The 1st donation event was only $50
  • Gwenyth is semi-possessed by an ancient ghost with dark secrets and knowledge about the shady sides of the Grand Paladin Order. 
  • Gwenyth probably has memories of her conception.
  • @Ninjathis I imagine that when the tower was first made there were a bunch of default floors that got replaced as people climbed or something like that
  • @Maris there was also a plotline where Porbo would siege the prison.
  • All the ogres we've sen other than Dalfgan had serious mental problems, first a seizure, then it turns out one of Krungor's heads is mentally handicapped more than usual.
  • Are there people who can't cast magic in the world even if they know how?
  • @Konpaatre
    Yes. blasphemous on anyone with a spell.
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