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URealms Shower Thoughts

I thought this would be a fun post. There's lots of things I've thought of that could go in this post, but I haven't seen it before.

I guess I'll start it off:
Porcs have hardly anything in common with Orcs.


  • How extreme were Yvander's daddy issues?
  • How many genocides have the elves been a part of?
  • If the kobolds have lived since the birth of magic (maybe not modern kobolds but still kobolds). How are there any mountains left if they keep eating rocks?
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    There are six more Templeton Barringsters.
  • @Wolf_With_Sword well there's rock creatures like gemlings/lords that reproduce, and also maybe there used to be a LOT more mountains than there are now
  • How do gemling/lords reproduce? do we need a gemling/lord dick thread?
  • What is maelstroms motivation?

  • Why is over fifty percent of this thread people with Kobold avatars?
  • @KaeawynShifter More importantly, why are they all part of the Cult of the Woven?
  • If Porcs can only come from pigs being thrown into Porc pits, and Porc pits come from Porcs spitting up, where did the first Porc come from?

    My money is Kohai Chan and Lynn Azveltara's child...
  • @RaHuHe I think Rob's mentioned this in a BTS before. Thor was drunk, threw up on a pig and it became a Porc, then he granted it the ability to do the same to create a new race? It's something along those lines.
  • I still want Lynn to have a half pig child.
  • If a Kobold dies do they become a part of the Realms and return to the rock of the land?
  • When will it not be 77?
  • If Rob has said that kobold genitalia is not what we think then why is there the title "Gem Licker"
  • Gwyneth could've died in Band of Thieves.
  • Virgo could've died in The Death of Virgo
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    Lance could've died in the Pur- oh shit

  • Douglas Argo, the Great Pupper Doggo, would have had a really easy climb up the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.

    He only had to enter one portal on the base level...
  • All of Coe's characters have joke names, does this mean countless parents decided to give their child a joke name?
  • Philhipe was never intended to exist, does this mean that one of the fan favorites is something that was never meant to happen?

  • If Goblins are psychic and able to communicate with eachother mentally in the span of a second, do they have a sort of psychic-internet with all other goblins? could that be why some of them see themselves as so expendable? ("Gobbo wanna boom!") Because they know their mind will live on in an "afterlife" of psychic links between other goblins? 

    Could this mean a goblin hive-mind could potentially exist?
  • @KaeawynShifter Yeah, it's the furries.
  • Your favorite character may be a book
  • Since Jakelad has seen a ytt that shapeshifted into McCoy in the sunswords, does he recognise him when he joins the Bocoe?
  • @Radarian that's a real mind-blow :\
  • Phineas (an insane child) is used as a lovable mascot. This show actually sells shirts through cute pictures of an elf kid who could very easily become Urealms' biggest 'villain',  :(
  • T. Neconni never once used any of his class abilities.
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